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Captioned Podcast Series

List of series with Closed Captions (CC)

This is a list of podcast series which have had captions generated for all or most of the video episodes. The captions vary in accuracy due to how they were created, which includes computer-generated, human transcription, and corrections with subject-specific knowledge. The list is manually updated and as such may be out of date; for more up-to-date results please also use the captioned episode search.

Captions for audio-only podcast episodes can be downloaded, but there is no current facility to show the captions alongside in real-time when listening.

Series title (link to series) What captioned Number of episodes captioned Date captioned
TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities 2020 and 2019 58 01/09/2020
Fantasy Literature All episodes 11 12/08/2020
Back Garden Biology All episodes 17 11/08/2020
The Elements of Drawing All episodes 9
A Splash of Colour All episodes 4
Faculty of English - Introductions All episodes 13
Study Skills All episodes 1 01/02/2020
Great Writers Inspire Some episodes 9 14/01/2020
Oxford LGBT History Month Lectures Some episodes 5 01/02/2020
The Secrets of Mathematics Some episodes 11 12/08/2020
The Disability Lectures Some episodes 4 01/02/2020
Orientation for new students at Oxford All episodes 3 01/02/2020
History of Art All episodes 53 06/10/2020
Nietzsche on Mind and Nature All episodes 14 07/10/2020
Approaching Shakespeare All episodes 37 07/10/2020
The Nature of Causation All episodes 7 12/10/2020
Philosophy for Beginners All episodes 5 12/10/2020
General Philosophy All episodes 33 12/10/2020
Critical Reasoning for Beginners All episodes 12 21/10/2020
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art lectures All episodes 8 28/10/2020
The New Psychology of Depression All episodes 10 28/10/2020
Ethics in AI Some episodes 6 2020-21

Page last updated: 15.07.2021