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Eirik Bjorge on France's burqa ban

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Duration: 0:01:17 | Added: 04 Dec 2013
Dr Eirik Bjorge, Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College interviewed by Radio France about the ban in France against wearing a burqa in public spaces.

Eirik is a member of Oxford's PIL community, and was interviewed (07:00 on 27 November: http://www.franceinter.fr/player/reecouter) in connection with an ongoing case before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg. The European Court is tasked with interpreting the European Convention on Human Rights.

The case, in which Eirik appeared an an adviser to counsel for the applicant, concerns the ban in France against wearing a burqa in public spaces, with the applicant arguing, against the French Government, that the ban is disproprotionate and in breach of Article 9 of the European Convention, which guarantees the right to manifest one's religion. As Eirik explains in the interview, which was conducted in French, according to Article 9 everyone has the right to freedom of religion; this right includes freedom to manifest his or her religion or belief in public as well as privately.

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