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John Spalding

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Duration: 1:19:11 | Added: 15 Sep 2020
John Oxbury interviews John Spalding, former consultant and research neurologist for Oxford United Hospitals, 26 July 2011.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:13) experience of neurology in Oxford from mid 1940s, student houseman job and being a house surgeon for Hugh Cairns at Radcliffe infirmary during the war; (00:02:00) Hugh Cairns; (00:04:21) jobs after qualifying; (00:06:20) working in the military head injury hospital during second world war; (00:10:14) Spalding’s papers on pheochromocytoma and number forms; (00:21:56) Nuffield 3 being built, allocated space for neurology; (00:22:44) polio; (00:31:00) the East Radcliffe ventilator; (00:34:30) the Polio Fund; (00:43:50) treating patients with tetanus and Myasthenia gravis; (00:47:42) BBC 'Your life in their hands' television show; (00:50:21) investigating blood pressure when treating patients with tetanus and Guillain-Barre syndrome with Geoffrey George; (01:01:07) time with Honor Smith in Morocco investigating outbreak of paralysis; (01:09:14) balancing research and clinical work as a neurologist; (01:15:00) post retirement life.
The following sections of audio are redacted:
00:08:12-00:09:04; 00:17:16-00:18:12; 00:40:50-00:42:30; 01:11:40-01:12.00.

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