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aid effectiveness

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Does AI have a gender? Join our host, philosopher Peter Millican, as he explores the topics of gender and AI. Peter Millican, Gina Neff, Carissa Véliz, Sian Brooke 12 Nov 2018
2 2017 Annual Uehiro Lecture (3/3) Obligations to the Needy: Some Empirical Worries and Uncomfortable Philosophical Possibilities In this final lecture, Professor Temkin considers possible negative impacts of global efforts to aid the needy, and reviews the main claims and arguments of all three Lectures Larry Temkin 13 Nov 2017
3 2017 Annual Uehiro Lecture (2/3) Obligations to the Needy: Singer’s Pond Example versus Supporting International Aid Organizations—Some Disanalogies and Their Normative Significance In this second lecture, Professor Temkin considers some disanalogies between saving a drowning child and giving to an aid organization, and discusses the issues of corruption and poor governance. Larry Temkin 13 Nov 2017
4 2017 Annual Uehiro Lecture (1/3) Obligations to the Needy: Effective Altruism, Pluralism, and Singer’s Pond Example In this first lecture, Larry Temkin explores different philosophical approaches to aiding the needy, and how they may fit with Peter Singer's famous Pond Example thought experiment. Larry Temkin 13 Nov 2017
5 Creative Commons FMR 43 'Everyone for themselves' in DRC's North Kivu While the international donor community has been trying to engage with DRC by partnering with the government to implement the New Deal for Aid Effectiveness for Fragile States, communities in DRC. Luisa Ryan, Dominic Keyzer 09 Aug 2013