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ancient history

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Ancient Astronomies - 7000 years in the Kennett Valley Charles Barclay gives a brief overview of the history of Astronomies and some of the fascinating insights that can be gained from these Ancient practices. Charles Barclay 29 Jan 2014
2 Adventures with Hercules Dr Llewelyn Morgan gives a talk for the Classics Open Day, held on 16th March 2013. Llewelyn Morgan 10 Apr 2013
3 How to be Augustus: Escaping one's past Professor Chris Pelling give s a talk for the Classics Open Day, helpd on 16th March 2013. Chris Pelling 10 Apr 2013
4 To boldly go: Greek exploration from wife-eaters to counting cows Dr Katherine Clarke gives a talk for the Classics Open Day, held on 15th March 2013. Katherine Clarke 10 Apr 2013
5 The Vindolanda Tablets Professor Alan Bowman gives a talk on the Roman fort of Vindolanda. Using the famous Vindolanda tablets and other written sources found at the site, he paints a vivid picture of life at the Roman fort and in Roman Britain during the reign of Hadrian. Alan Bowman 12 Jun 2009
6 Cradle of Western Civilization Professor Griffin from the Oxford University Society Travel Programme gives a humourous talk about the ancient Aegean Islands; the founding Minoan and Greek civilizations where philosophy, science, and literature were born and first flourished. Jasper Griffin 12 Jun 2009