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ancient history

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 The Gaisford Lecture 2017: Was Anacreon more inclined to lust or drunkenness? Professor Hans Bernsdorff gives the 2017 Gaisford Lecture. Hans Bernsdorff 13 Jun 2017
2 Problems of Chronology in Gandharan Art (Session 3, 23rd March 2017) Problems of Chronology in Gandharan Art (Session 3, 23rd March 2017) with Ciro Lo Muzio. Ciro Lo Muzio 05 Jun 2017
3 Macedonian Lawgiver Kings and the Young: ΝΕΟΤΗΣ ΓΕΓΥΜΝΑΣΜΕΝΗ: The David Lewis Lecture 2016 The 2016 David Lewis Memorial Lecture, delivered by Professor Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos of the International Hellenic University. Introduced by Robert Parker. Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos, Robert Parker 31 Oct 2016
4 Creative Commons Refugees and the Roman Empire Seminar given on 21 January 2015 by Professor Peter Heather (King's College London), part of the RSC Hilary term 2015 Public Seminar Series Peter Heather 26 Jan 2015
5 Helen of Troy – myth or reality? Dr Bettany Hughes delivers her lecture - "Helen of Troy – myth or reality?" as part of the Classics Alumni Day - "Classics from Helen to the Hijaz" Bettany Hughes 09 Jun 2014
6 Creative Commons The Roman Empire's New Place in the World - Classics Alumni Day 15th March 2014 Prof Nicholas Purcell delivers his lecture "The Roman Empire's New Place in the World" as part of the Alumni day - "Classics from Helen to the Hijaz" Nicholas Purcell 09 Jun 2014
7 The First Fall of the Roman Empire Walter Scheidel, Professor of Classics & History at Stanford University, gave the 2013 annual lecture held in memory of eminent Roman historian Sir Ronald Syme Lecture. The lecture was introduced by College President, Hermione Lee. walter scheidel 28 May 2014
8 Ancient Astronomies - 7000 years in the Kennett Valley Charles Barclay gives a brief overview of the history of Astronomies and some of the fascinating insights that can be gained from these Ancient practices. Charles Barclay 29 Jan 2014
9 Adventures with Hercules Dr Llewelyn Morgan gives a talk for the Classics Open Day, held on 16th March 2013. Llewelyn Morgan 10 Apr 2013
10 How to be Augustus: Escaping one's past Professor Chris Pelling give s a talk for the Classics Open Day, helpd on 16th March 2013. Chris Pelling 10 Apr 2013
11 To boldly go: Greek exploration from wife-eaters to counting cows Dr Katherine Clarke gives a talk for the Classics Open Day, held on 15th March 2013. Katherine Clarke 10 Apr 2013
12 The Vindolanda Tablets Professor Alan Bowman gives a talk on the Roman fort of Vindolanda. Using the famous Vindolanda tablets and other written sources found at the site, he paints a vivid picture of life at the Roman fort and in Roman Britain during the reign of Hadrian. Alan Bowman 12 Jun 2009
13 Cradle of Western Civilization Professor Griffin from the Oxford University Society Travel Programme gives a humourous talk about the ancient Aegean Islands; the founding Minoan and Greek civilizations where philosophy, science, and literature were born and first flourished. Jasper Griffin 12 Jun 2009