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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Marconi lecture 2018: Imperial Wave: how empire shaped the network of wireless in South Asia at the turn of the twentieth century Dr Medha Saxena (Delhi, and Byrne Bussey Marconi Fellow), gives the 2018 annual Marconi lecture. Medha Saxena 03 Dec 2018
2 Shashi Tharoor on Confronting the Colonial Present of the British Raj In conversation with Kira Huju from the Oxford Working Group on Colonialism, Indian Member of Parliament Dr Shashi Tharoor discusses the need to confront the living legacies of the British Raj in UK society and universities. Shashi Tharoor, Kira Huju 14 Nov 2018
3 Transactions: Revisiting how domination worked in colonial Africa ASC seminar by Florence Bernault (Sciences Po) Florence Bernault 05 Nov 2018
4 Literacy and Democracy: Transitional Justice in South Africa The paper explores the work of several intellectuals reflecting on South Africa’s transition to democracy, considering how the question of literacy precedes any discussion about literature and democracy. Carrol Clarkson 03 Sep 2018
5 Creative Commons An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India Shashi Tharoor speaks at St Antony's College on 1 March 2017 Shashi Tharoor 27 Mar 2018
6 Creative Commons A Zionist Passage to India? Arie Dubnov speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 18.10.2016 Arie Dubnov 01 Jun 2017
7 Creative Commons Pakistan and the Late Colonial Crisis of Sovereignty David Gilmartin speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 David Gilmartin 21 Apr 2017
8 Rethinking Easter Island’s Mysterious Past Professor Terry Hunt, University of Oregon, gives the ASC Annual Lecture on Easter Island. Terry Hunt 11 May 2016
9 Defamiliarizing India: Cosmopolitanism as a condition of aesthetic and political Survival Laetitia Zecchini discusses the cosmopolitanism of several post-independence Indian poets and artists. Laetitia Zecchini 05 Apr 2016
10 Cosmopolitanism and Empire Elleke Boehmer considers the cosmopolitan outlooks, experiences and values of Indian travellers to the west in the late 19th century. Elleke Boehmer 05 Apr 2016
11 Who are (or were) the Cosmopolitans? Thoughts from multilingual India Who are (or were) the Cosmopolitans? Thoughts from multilingual India Francesca Orsini 05 Apr 2016
12 Indian Arrivals, 1870-1915: Networks of British Empire Elleke Boehmer discusses her new book with Megan Robb, Faisal Devji and Santanu Das Elleke Boehmer, Faisal Devji, Megan Robb, Santanu Das 23 Nov 2015
13 'Political Theory at the Margins' Panel 1: Responses to (Post-)Colonialism Part of the Oxford Graduate Political Theory Conference, a conference that aims to explore themes and topics in political theory that resonate with contemporary political events and phenomena. Anna-Sophie Schönfelder, Simon Tabet, Puneet Dhaliwal, Ashwini Vasanthakumar 16 Sep 2015
14 Creative Commons Postsocialist subject as a new other: global coloniality, border thinking and decolonial option Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series Michaelmas 2013: Rebordering: reflections in relation to (post)socialism Madina Tlostanova 11 Mar 2014
15 Creative Commons What are friends for? Friendship and Public life in the post colony: African Studies Centre Annual Lecture 2013 Wale Adebanwi, Associate Professor, African American and African Studies, University of California-Davies, gives the 2013 African Studies Annual Lecture. Wale Adebanwi 13 Aug 2013
16 Creative Commons Achebe and the African Writers Series A special seminar held at the Postcolonial Writing and Theory Seminar at Wadham College on 2nd May 2013. James Currey, Becky Ayebia Clarke, Ruth Bush, Asha Rogers 10 Jul 2013
17 The Village in the Jungle as colonial memoir: Woolf writing home Victoria Glendinning (biographer of Leonard Woolf) Introduced by Hermione Lee (biographer of Virginia Woolf) gives the closing plenary for the The Leonard Woolf Symposium. Victoria Glendinning, Hermione Lee 24 Jun 2013
18 The Village in the Jungle Roundtable A discussion of key passages from Leonard (and possibly Virginia) Woolf, led by Hermione Lee (Oxford), Anna Snaith (KCL), Elleke Boehmer (Oxford), David Trotter (Cambridge), Susheila Nasta (OU), Nisha Manocha (Wolfson). Hermione Lee, Anna Snaith, Elleke Boehmer, David Trotter 24 Jun 2013
19 Indigenous Tradition and the Western Imagination: Leonard Woolf's The Village in the Jungle Chandani Lokuge (Monash University, Australia) gives the opening keynote talk for the Leonard Woolf's The Village in the Jungle symposium. Chandani Lokuge 24 Jun 2013
20 Creative Commons 'The Village in the Jungle' as colonial memoir: Woolf writing home Victoria Glendinning, biographer of Leonard Woolf, offers her insights from extensive archival research into the life of Woolf in Ceylon and Britain. Victoria Glendinning 18 Jun 2013
21 Creative Commons Kipling, the Elton John of his age? Professor Elleke Boehmer discusses why Kipling's writing, and his poetry of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in particular, launched him to international fame across the British Empire. Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Davies 08 Oct 2012
22 Creative Commons Colonial toleration and the practise of British state multiculturalism Zaki Nahaboo, DPhil student at the Open University, delivers a talk for the Inaugural Oxford Graduate Conference in Political Theory. The conference theme was Political Theory and the Liberal Tradition. Zaki Nahaboo 04 Oct 2012
23 Creative Commons The Constitutional Accommodation of National Pluralism in Post War Sri Lanka: The Lessons for the Present from Sri Lanka's Pre-Colonial Past Asanga!Weikala, PhD Candidate, School of Law, University of Edinburgh gives a talk for the OTJR trinity term 2012 seminar series. Asanga Weikala 06 Jun 2012
24 Creative Commons Civilization and the Poetics of Slavery Robbie Shilliam, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, gives a talk on 19th Jan 2012 for the Historical Materialism and International Relations seminar series. Robbie Shilliam 23 Feb 2012
25 Creative Commons Walcott and Naipaul: History and Myth Catherine Brown, Lecturer in English Literature, compares West Indian writers Derek Walcott and Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul on their attitudes towards history and myth. Catherine Brown 26 Oct 2011
26 Provisional Rights and Past Injustice Professor Anna Stilz (Princeton University) gives a paper for the Kant and Colonialism conference held at Nuffield College, Oxford. Introduced by Dr Reidar Maliks. Anna Stilz 04 Mar 2011
27 World trade as the guarantee for perpetual peace? On the value and consistency of Kant's theory of 'fair trade'. Liesbet Vanhaute (University of Antwerp) gives a talk for the Kant ad Colonialism Conferece held at Nuffield college, Oxford. Introduced by Dr. Isaac Nakhimovsky. Liesbet Vanhaute 04 Mar 2011
28 Kant on race and economic globalization: On just trade and free trade Dr Pauline Kleingeld (University of Leiden) gives a paper for the 2010 Kant and Colonialism Conference held at Nuffield College, Oxford. Introduced by Dr Tomothy Walingore. Pauline Kleingeld 04 Mar 2011
29 Creative Commons Provisional acquisition as 'true acquisition', Kant's argument against colonialism Fourth presentation from the Kant and Colonialism conference held in University of Oxford in October 2010. Alice Walla 22 Feb 2011
30 Creative Commons Colonialism in Kant's Political Philosophy Third presentation from the Kant and Colonialism conference held in University of Oxford in October 2010. Howard Williams 22 Feb 2011
31 Creative Commons Kant's Conceptions of Colonialism, Free Trade, and Cosmopolitical Providence Kant's Conceptions of Colonialism, Free Trade, and Cosmopolitical Providence from a Point of View of a History of Ideas: their Origins in Libanius, Francisco de Vitoria and Hugo Grotius: Part of the Kant and Colonialism Conference held in October 2010. Johannes Thumfart 22 Feb 2011
32 World citizenship and global connections in Enlightenment political thought First presentation from the Kant and Colonialism conference held in University of Oxford in October 2010. Sankar Muthu 22 Feb 2011
33 Islam, the ‘Originaires’ and the making of the public space in a colonial city: Saint Louis of Senegal Mamadou Diouf from the University of Columbia gives the 2009 African Studies Annual Lecture on the influence of Islam in Post-Colonial Africa, in particular, the public spaces of the former French Colonial City of St Louis in Senegal. Mamadou Diouf 16 Jun 2009