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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Likely Terpsichore? (Fragments), a solo durational dance work Created by APGRD Artist in Residence Marie-Louise Crawley Marie-Louise Crawley 04 Dec 2018
2 Creative Commons What remains? Dancing archaeology This UBVO seminar was given by Marie-Louise Crawley (Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University) in May 2018 Marie-Louise Crawley 17 Sep 2018
3 Terra Foundation Lectures in American Art 2018: The Body of a Nation: (3) Modernism disfigured: cult and illicit ritual in New Mexico in the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and Martha Graham Professor Miguel de Baca gives his third Terra Foundation Lecture in American Art on the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and Martha Graham. Miguel De Baca 28 Jun 2018
4 Transformation through Ritual: Bodies as Sacred Space A seminar of the Anthropology Research Group at Oxford on Eastern Medicines and Religions. Dr Ann R. David (University of Roehampton) focuses on Tamil worshippers in the UK to discuss the role of ritual in religion and dance. 18 January 2017. Ann R. David 26 Jul 2017
5 Method in the Motion A unique evening combining a scientific talk with inspirational dance. Irina Pulyakhina, Flux 14 Jul 2016
6 The Poems were my Dance: Speaking Histories, Cultural Subjectivities, and the Embodies Writer in Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze’s? The Fifth Figure Emma Kelley presents her Master's thesis entitled 'The Poems were my Dance: Speaking Histories, Cultural Subjectivities, and the Embodies Writer in Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze’s ?The Fifth Figure' Emma Kelley 22 Jun 2015
7 Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, the Anthropology of Dance: Same Difference? Andrée Grau (University of Roehampton) discusses the anthropology of dance and its development as a discipline of anthropology. The talk also reflects on the discipline's neglected figures (27 February 2015) Andrée Grau 27 May 2015
8 Wayne McGregor: Neuroscience and Dance Wayne McGregor (Director, Random Dance) talks about his choreographic practice with Dr Phil Barnard, (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge) and Eckhard Thiemann (Arts Producer). Wayne McGregor, Phil Barnard, Eckhard Thiemann 16 Mar 2015
9 Creative Commons 5 SOLDIERS – The Body is The Frontline: Choreographing 21st Century War Rosie Kay gives a talk for the Changing Character of War seminar series on dance and war Rosie Kay 12 Jan 2015
10 Creative Commons Choreographing lived experience: the stories that dancing bodies tell This Anthropology seminar looks at the role of dance and movement of the body as a theme in itself; using dance to understand embodied experience. 21 February 2014 Rosie Kay, Karin Eli 02 Oct 2014
11 Dance Circles An interdisciplinary discussion of Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach's book. Helene Neveu Kringlebach 09 Apr 2014
12 Interview with Hélène Neveu Kringelbach The author discusses her recent book on dance in urban Senegal. Helene Neveu Kringlebach 09 Apr 2014
13 Shaped by the Classics? Tania Demetriou on the non-existent classical epyllion; Helen Slaney on dilettante comparatists; Henriette Korthals Altes on dance and text; John McKeane on Sophocles, Holderlin and Lacoue-Labarthe. Tania Demetriou, Helen Slaney, Henriette Korthals Altes, John McKeane 22 Oct 2013
14 Creative Commons Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers Sophie Bocksberger, Berrow Scholar, Classics, talks about collaborative workshops involving classical historians, professionally-trained dancers, and anthropologists to create "reconstructive" performances of the Roman dance form tragoedia saltata. Sophie Bocksberger 24 May 2013
15 5 SOLDIERS - The Body Is The Frontline Embodying soldier's physicality through research and training and how this approach affected the final production and audience experience. Rosie Kay 05 Nov 2012
16 Creative Commons Between Collectivism and Individualism The Reflection of the Israeli-German Relationship in Israeli Dance from the 1970s till Nowadays. Dana Mills, DPhil candidate in Political Theory, University of Oxford gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series, introduced by Phil Clark. Dana Mills 29 Jun 2011
17 Nietzsche, Plato, Dance, Politics: Two interpretations of the relationship between politics and dance Part of the Politics in Strange Places conference held in Oxford in September 2010. Dana Mills 30 Mar 2011
18 Creative Commons Sonic Sources and the study of Bela Bartok's 'Romanian Folk Dances Eight presentation of the Research Approaches to Former Soviet States: A Practical Introduction conference. Introduction by Jon Waterlow. Joshua Waldon 22 Feb 2011
19 Dept Seminar: Dance culture and its dislocation In this Anthropology Dept seminar (3 December 2010) Dr Felicia Hughes-Freeland (University of Swansea) discusses the relationship between cyberspace and dance. Felicia Hughes-Freeland 21 Feb 2011
20 An Africanist's Legacy: Performing fragmentary movements - perspectives on the life-history of a Muslim dancer-choreographer Presented by Asst. prof. Zulfiker Hirji (University of York, Toronto) at 'An Africanist's Legacy - A Workship in Celebration of the Work of David Parkin', held at The School of Anthropology, Oxford, 8-9 July 2010. Zulfiker Hirji 24 Aug 2010
21 Physiological Demands of Dance Emma Redding of The Laban Contemporary Dance studio in London gives a talk for the UBVO seminar series. Emma Redding 20 Jul 2010