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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Technologies: love or hate them? The context of the Pitt Rivers Museum stimulates discussion about human-technology relations. Gemma Hughes, Joe Wherton, Laura van Broekhoven, Sara Shaw 12 Nov 2019
2 Decolonising African museums: the Africa perspective The debate on decolonising museums has been very lively across the gardens, libraries and museums in Oxford over the last few months. Fredrick Manthi 15 Apr 2019
3 Precolonial Microbiome: how microbiologists access anthropology museums to contribute to the debate on restitution Frederick Keck, Musée du quai Branly, presented this Anthropology Departmental Seminar on 26 October 2018 Frederick Keck 31 Jan 2019
4 Creative Commons Artist Talk: Made in Imagination Find out how Anne Griffiths’ work, Lost in Imagination, reimagines intriguing objects lost within the Pitt Rivers archive. Anne Griffiths 06 Jun 2018
5 Museums and National Identity: Panel-led Workshop 1 This workshop explored the role of museums and memorial sites, drawing cross-cultural comparisons and investigating the relationship between post-war commemoration and national identity. Mark Johnston, Emma Login, Christina Steenkamp, Gabriel Moshenska 02 Mar 2018
6 Hidden Beneath the Surface: Untold Tales of Neurodivergence and Mental Difference in Oxford World Mental Health Day 2017 Dan Holloway, Miranda Reilly, Sonia Boue, Marie Tidball 18 Oct 2017
7 Migration, Memory and Identity Part of the Humanities & Identities Lunchtime Seminar Series Laura van Broekhoven, Elleke Boehmer, Karma Nabulsi, Gayle Lonergan 07 Jul 2017
8 Creative Commons Humanities Knowledge Exchange Showcase Knowledge Exchange is the mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise, and involves collaboration between researchers and external organisations or the public. Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Toby Young, Kate McLoughlin 19 Jun 2017
9 Mobile in Museums Theodore Koterwas, Mobile Development Team Lead, IT Services, gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference Theodore Koterwas 31 Oct 2016
10 Celebrating Diversity: An LGBTQ+ Tour of Oxford University’s Museums and Collections Beth Asbury, Assistant to the Director and Administration Team, Pitt Rivers Museum, gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Beth Asbury 31 Oct 2016
11 Quantifying and Mitigating Human Generated Vibration in Museum Exhibits Daniel Bone, Deputy Head of Conservation, Ashmolean Museum, gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Daniel Bone 31 Oct 2016
12 Interacting with Artefacts, Oxfordshire Collections Project Stephen Barker, Oxfordshire County Council Museums Service, gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Stephen Barker 31 Oct 2016
13 A year in the Zoology Collection Mark Carnall, Collections Manager (Life Collections), Museum of Natural History gives a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Mark Carnall 21 Oct 2016
14 Memories under the microscope: collaborations between Oxford University Partnership Museums and University of Oxford research departments Helen Fountain, Reminiscence Officer, Oxford University Museums and Kate Hamblin, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford Institute for Population Ageing give a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Kate Hamblin, Helen Fountain 21 Oct 2016
15 VERVE: Connecting the public with displays at the Pitt Rivers Museum Beth McDougall and Madeleine Ding, VERVE Team, Pitt Rivers Museum give a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Beth McDougall, Madeleine Ding 21 Oct 2016
16 Joint Museums Youth Forum Project Sarah Lloyd and Carly Smith-Huggins, Education Officers, Museum of Natural History give a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Sarah Lloyd, Carly Smith-Huggins 21 Oct 2016
17 Cabinet: Integrating Text and Object in Oxford Teaching Giovanna Vitelli, Director, University Engagement Programme, Ashmolean Museum gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Giovanna Vitelli 21 Oct 2016
18 Why community groups work with museums Nicola Bird, Community Engagement Officer, Oxford University Museums gives a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Nicola Bird 21 Oct 2016
19 Discussing Penicillin Marie-Louise Kerr, Penicillin Exhibition Curator, Museum of the History of Science gives a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Marie-Louise Kerr 21 Oct 2016
20 Transportation Transformation Andrew Hughes, Move Project Team Leader, Pitt Rivers Museum, gives a short talk for the Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Andrew Hughes 21 Oct 2016
21 Dodo Roadshow Scott Billings, Digital Engagement Officer, Museum of Natural History gives a short talk for Oxford University Museums Staff Conference. Scott Billings 21 Oct 2016
22 Creative Commons Graphic Motifs as an Aid to Handwritten Archive Transcription and Searching Chris Powell, (The Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford) gives a talk for the 2016 Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School. Chris Powell 07 Jul 2016
23 Creative Commons Hidden Museum: Connecting Collections in Context Scott Billings, (Oxford University Museum of Natural History, University of Oxford), Theodore Koterwas, (IT Services, University of Oxford), Jessica Suess, (Oxford University Museums, University of Oxford), give a talk for the DHOXSS 2016. Scott Billings, Jessica Suess, Theodore Koterwas 06 Jul 2016
24 What Does it Mean to be Human in the Digital Age? A librarian, literary scholar, museum director and digital commentator explore how the digital age has shaped, and will continue to shape, the human experience and the humanities Lynne Brindley, Tom Chatfield, Chris Fletcher, Diane Lees 22 Jan 2016
25 Creative Commons Mapping Digital Pathways to Enhance Visitor Experience Jessica Suess, University of Oxford Museums and Anjanesh Babu, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, give a talk for the DHOXSS 2015. Jessica Suess, Anjanesh Babu 10 Aug 2015
26 Creative Commons Digital Image Corruption - Where It Comes From and How to Detect It Chris Powell, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, gives a talk for the 2015 DHOXSS. Chris Powell 10 Aug 2015
27 Creative Commons Open Data in the Humanities Jacob Dahl, Associate Professor of Assyriology at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, talks about his research with cuneiform tablets and his hopes for the future of Open Data in the Humanities. Jacob Dahl 15 Jul 2015
28 Oxford Cultural Leaders Lucy Shaw, Oxford University Museum Partnership Manager, gives a talk on the Oxford Cultural Leaders Programme Lucy Shaw 21 Oct 2014
29 Count me in - volunteers in museums Joy Todd, Oxford University Museums Outreach Manager, gives a talk on the successes of the Count me in project Joy Todd 21 Oct 2014
30 Invisible Digital in Museums Anjanesh Babu, Ashmolean museum, gives a talk on the different roles and uses IT has in museums Anjanesh Babu 21 Oct 2014
31 Funding Museums Heidi Kurtz and Hattie Warburton, Univesity of Oxford, give a talk on how Oxford museums get thier funding Heidi Kurtz, Hattie Warburton 21 Oct 2014
32 Working in partnership, community engagement at the Museum of Oxford Helen Fountain and Antonia Harland-Lang give a talk on the ways in which the Museum of Oxford reaches out to the local community Helen Fountain, Antonia Harland-Lang 21 Oct 2014
33 Collections and commercial enterprise Dec McCarthy, Ashmolean museum, gives a talk on the commercial aspects of the Ashmoelan Museum Dec McCarthy 21 Oct 2014
34 Managing a playing collection Andrew Lamb, Bate Collection of Musical Instruments, gives a talk on how to manage a collection of musical instruments which are fragile but need to be played to understand them. Andrew Lamb 21 Oct 2014
35 Working with source communities Chris Morton, Pitt Rivers Museum, gives a talk on working with first nations and source communities to enhance the museum's understanding of its collections Chris Morton 21 Oct 2014
36 From Museums to the Historic Environment Dan Hicks, Pitt Rivers Museum, gives a talk on object based research at the Pitt Rivers Museum Dan Hicks 21 Oct 2014
37 Digital Sketchbooks: using tablets to support a museum art trip Adrian Brooks and Helen Ward, Ashmolean Museum, give a talk on how using iPads and tablet device in museums have helped improved student engagement during museum visits Adrian Brooks, Helen Ward 21 Oct 2014
38 Museums and STEM Engagement: Objects of Invention Chris Parkin, Museum of the History of Science, gives a talk on engagment events at the Museum of the History of Science Chris Parkin 21 Oct 2014
39 Museums: a showcase for science Sarah Lloyd, Botanic Gardens, gives a talk on how scientists can engage with the public about thier research through innovative events and learning experiences Sarah Lloyd 21 Oct 2014
40 Once in a Whale Bethany Palumbo, Museum of Natural History, gives a talk on her work to restore the museum's collection of whale skeletons Bethany Palumbo 21 Oct 2014
41 Crowdsourcing and community groups Alison Roberts, Ashmolean museum, gives a talk on how the museums are crowdsourcing ideas from community groups to improve collections and exhibitions Alison Roberts 21 Oct 2014
42 Redeveloping the Ashmolean Greece Galleries Susan Walker, Ashmolean Museum, gives a talk on how the Ashmolean museum is redevloping thier Ancient Greece exhibitions Susan Walker 21 Oct 2014
43 Geek is Good - planning an exhibition programme Stephen Johnston, Museum of the History of Science, gives a short talk on the Geek is Good exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science Stephen Johnston 21 Oct 2014
44 Creative Commons Authenticity and commemoration: an analysis of Otto Weidt Worshop for the Blind and the Jewish Museum in Berlin This paper will analyse both spaces according to their scale, location in the city, authenticity, phenomenology and prosthetic memory, in order to determine whether design can enhance and protect our collective memory. Ana Souto 30 Sep 2014
45 Between the artist and the museum A symposium with Vik Muniz and Michael Govan (Chief Executive Officer and Wallis Annenberg Director, Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Chaired by Paul Hobson (Director, Modern Art Oxford) Vik Muniz, Michael Govan, Wallis Annenberg, Paul Hobson 11 Aug 2014
46 Museums in the digital age: development or conflict? Interview with Martin Roth – Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Martin Roth 30 Jul 2014
47 Michael Govan lecture - "A View from the Pacific: Re-envisioning the Art Museum" The Director of the Los Angeles County Museum gives a talk for the Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Museums, Galleries and Libraries. Chaired by Christopher Brown (Director, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford). Michael Govan, Christopher Brown 28 May 2014
48 Creative Commons The Oxford Philosophical Society and the Royal Society: a meeting of minds? Dr Anna Marie Roos gives a talk as part of the Museum's celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Royal Society. Anna Marie Roos 24 Jul 2013
49 Creative Commons Pictures and Texts A symposium with William Kentridge, Ivo Mesquita and Estrella de Diego Otero, chaired by Shearer West on Thursday 9 May 2013 in the Grove Auditorium, Magdalen College, Oxford. William Kentridge, Ivo Mesquita, Estrella de Diego Otero, Shearer West 28 May 2013
50 Creative Commons Thinking on one's feet and Museums: experience versus numbers Double inaugural lecture with William Kentridge and Ivo Mesquita, chaired by Seamus Perry. William Kentridge, Ivo Mesquita, Seamus Perry 28 May 2013
51 Digital Heritage Technologies and Issues of Community Engagement and Cultural Restitution in 'New Style' Ethnographic Museums This Anthropology Departmental Seminar (2 November 2012) is by Professor Mike Rowlands (University College London), in collaboration with Graeme Were (Brisbane). Its theme is material anthropology. Mike Rowlands 18 Apr 2013
52 The self-management of misfortune by use of amulets and charms. Ethnicity and Identity Seminar In this Ethnicity and Identity Seminar on 'Managing Disasters and Misfortune', Eric Edwards (Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford) discusses 'The self-management of misfortune by use of amulets and charms' (3 February 2012). Eric Edwards 10 May 2012
53 Re-Defining the Museal Object in Mao and post-Mao China. Anthropology Departmental Seminar In this Anthropology Departmental seminar Michael Rowlands (University College London) discusses 'Re-Defining the Museal Object in Mao and post-Mao China'. 13 May 2011. Michael Rowlands 10 May 2012
54 CLAROS - A virtual art collection Introducing the CLAROS project. The CLAROS project is a virtual art collection that links togther the online galleries of six museums from four different european countries. Donna Kurtz, Sebastian Rahtz 05 Jul 2011
55 CLAROS - A virtual Greek and Roman Art collection CLAROS is an international federation of European universities, museums and archives led by Oxford. 2,000,000 records and images of Greek and Roman art held at six sites in four European countries are linked virtually, using semantic web tools. Donna Kurtz, Sebastian Rahtz 29 Jun 2011
56 Creative Commons 2nd St Cross Special Ethics Seminar TT11: Museum Ethics Museum Ethics. Nick Mayhew 29 Jun 2011
57 The museums and the artist A symposium with Glenn D. Lowry, Thomas Struth (Artist), Neil MacGregor (Director, The British Museum) and Penelope Curtis (Director, Tate Britain) held at the Said Business School on 5th May 2011. Glenn D. Lowry, Thomas Struth, Neil MacGregor, Penelope Curtis 08 Jun 2011
58 The abodes of the muses: theorising the modern art museum Glenn D. Lowry, Director of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, gives a talk on Museums for the Humanitas - Visiting Professorships at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge series. Glenn D Lowry 06 Jun 2011
59 The Ashmolean Collection and the Formation of Ancient Egyptian Art Part of the 2010 Alumni Weekend. Professor john Baines gives a talk on the Ashmolean Museum and its collection of ancient Egyptian art. John Baines 02 Nov 2010
60 The Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Natural History An introduction to the Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Natural History. Oxford University 12 Sep 2008