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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Medea - A Mirror for the 21st Century Avery Willis Hoffman, Fran Amewudah and Shivaike Shah talk about the BAME Medea project Avery Willis Hoffman, Fran Amewudah, Shivaike Shah 09 Dec 2020
2 Reading Greek Tragedy Online A podcast with Paul O'Mahony, Joel Christensen, and Lanah Koelle Paul O'Mahony, Joel Christensen, Lanah Koelle 09 Dec 2020
3 Live Event: In Conversation with Jamelia, Multi-Award Winning Artist TORCH Goes Digital! presents a series of weekly live events Big Tent - Live Events! Performance Week​. Jamelia, Priya Atwal, Yvonne Liao 07 Oct 2020
4 Performance and Power in Delhi The passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in December 2019 has ushered in a new form of politics in India. Akash Bhattacharya, Harsh Mander, Abhik Chimni, Neha Dixit 02 Oct 2020
5 Diversity in the arts: why languages need to be part of the conversation Many languages and dialects spoken in British homes rarely make it onto the stage. In this episode of LinguaMania, we explore why linguistic diversity in the arts matters. Rajinder Dudrah, Mojisola Adebayo, Philip Bullock, Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo 29 May 2020
6 The Multilingual Performance Project: celebrating languages through drama The Multilingual Performance Project (MPP) showcases and celebrates the multilingual nature of schools and demonstrates how multilingualism can interact creatively with teaching in the classroom, promoting both taught languages and community languages. Daniel Tyler-McTighe, Holly Bateman, Ann Poole, Eneida Garcia Villanueva 15 May 2020
7 Performance and Adolescence This podcast explores the relationship between performance and selfhood in adolescent lives. Elleke Boehmer, Alude Mahali, Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Kopano Ratele 06 Feb 2020
8 Creative Commons APGRD/TORCH panel discussion of 'We Are Not Princesses' Nur Laiq (TORCH Global South Visiting Fellow), Hal Scardino (producer) and Fiona Macintosh (APGRD) discuss We Are Not Princesses, a documentary about Syrian women living as refugees in Beirut telling their stories through the ancient Greek play, Antigone. Fiona Macintosh, Nur Laiq, Hal Scardino 18 Jun 2019
9 Creative Commons The Dancer and the Ubermarionette: Duncan, Craig and Modernist Performance An APGRD / DANSOX public lecture given in February 2019: Olga Taxidou (Edinburgh) discusses the work of Isadora Duncan and Edward Gordon Craig. Olga Taxidou 25 Mar 2019
10 Tragedy's Endurance An APGRD public lecture from March 2018: Erika Fischer-Lichte (Freie Universität Berlin) speaks on the subject of her recent book, Tragedy's Endurance. Erika Fischer-Lichte 19 Mar 2019
11 Josephine Balmer: A Reading Poet, classical translator, research scholar and literary critic, Josephine Balmer reads from her latest collection, The Paths of Survival - inspired by the surviving fragments of Aeschylus's lost tragedy, Myrmidons. Josephine Balmer 13 Mar 2019
12 Creative Commons Likely Terpsichore? (Fragments), a solo durational dance work Created by APGRD Artist in Residence Marie-Louise Crawley Marie-Louise Crawley 04 Dec 2018
13 Creative Commons Jon Stainsby speaks to Johana Muskalova Jon Stainsby talks to Johana Muskalova about the relationship between music and commemoration and his experience as a performer. Jon Stainsby, Johana Musalkova 31 Jul 2018
14 Creative Commons Anna Leese speaks to Niall Munro Anna Leese speaks to Niall Munro about her personal connections to commemorations of war and the performance of commemorative music. Anna Leese, Niall Munro 31 Jul 2018
15 Creative Commons Simon Over speaks to Rita Phillips Conductor Simon Over talks to Rita Phillips about the performance of commemorative musical works. Simon Over, Rita Phillips 31 Jul 2018
16 M. NourbeSe Philip on the haunting of history M. NourbeSe Philip reads from She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks (1988) and Zong! (2008) as she describes her poetic development. M NourbeSe Philip, Marina Warner, Matthew Reynolds, Elleke Boehmer 25 Aug 2017
17 D-Empress Dianne Regisford presents ‘Hersto-rhetoric? Na so today!!!’ D-Empress Dianne Regisford presents a performance installation that explores the notion of the liberated woman from an African feminist perspective. D-Empress Dianne Regisford, Rev J, Erica Lombard 25 Aug 2017
18 Performance of 'Night Dance (Fantasy)' Musicians Dan Hulme and Nick Fowler perform Night Dance (Fantasy) at a recent Live Friday event, held at the Ashmolean Museum on March 3rd 2017. Dan Hulme, Nick Fowler 13 Jun 2017
19 Making a Contemporary Opera: in conversation with Michael Burden In this episode Katie talks in depth about her experiences of creating new and contemporary opera. Katie Mitchell, Michael Burden 10 May 2017
20 Euthydemus English Text The Euthydemus of Plato. To read this document, please see 'Download Media' section Christopher Kirwan 15 Feb 2017
21 Performing Shakespeare: then and now Jonathan Lloyd and Tiffany Stern, discuss performing Shakespeare in the past and now Jonathan Lloyd, Tiffany Stern 02 Nov 2016
22 Les Liaisons dangereuses in 5x5 - From Page to Stage A conversation about about stage and screen adaptations of Les Liaisons dangereuses Catriona Seth, Christopher Hampton 29 Sep 2016
23 Creative Commons Director Jonathan Kent in conversation with Fiona Macintosh Theatre director Jonathan Kent discusses his work with Greek tragedies, including Medea with Diana Rigg in 1992-1994; Hecuba with Clare Higgins in 2004; and Oedipus with Ralph Fiennes in 2008 at the National Theatre. Jonathan Kent, Fiona Macintosh 11 Aug 2016
24 The Oresteia at the Globe Theatre (2015) Director, Adele Thomas, and playwright / translator, Rory Mullarkey, talk about their production of Aeschylus' Oresteia at the Globe Theatre, London in 2015 Adele Thomas, Rory Mullarkey 11 Aug 2016
25 Playwright Marina Carr in conversation with Fiona Macintosh Playwright Marina Carr discusses her adaptation of Euripides' Hecuba, which premiered at the RSC in 2015, and her long-standing relationship with Greek Tragedy Marina Carr, Fiona Macintosh 09 Aug 2016
26 Poet and Playwright Gwyneth Lewis on writing Clytemnestra Poet and playwright, Gwyneth Lewis discusses her relationship with Greek tragedy and her play Clytemnestra. Gwyneth Lewis 09 Aug 2016
27 Actor Helen McCrory discusses Medea with Edith Hall Helen McCrory talks about her title role in the acclaimed 2014 production of Euripides' Medea at the National Theatre Helen McCrory, Edith Hall 09 Aug 2016
28 Performing Opera Part of the Christian Thielemann Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Opera Studies 2015-2016 Christian Thielemann, Roger Allen, Matthew Reese, Peter Franklin 23 Feb 2016
29 Theatre and Evolution from Ibsen to Beckett An interdisciplinary discussion of Kirsten Shepherd-Barr's book Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Michael Billington, Morten Kringlebach, Laura Marcus 20 May 2015
30 Creative Commons Stephen Fry- "Put on Your Red Shoes: Performance and Destiny" Stephen Fry, the 23rd holder of the Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professorship in Contemporary Theatre gives his first lecture at the University followed by Q&A with Roger Ainsworth. (Contains strong language). Stephen Fry, Roger Ainsworth 21 Feb 2014
31 Creative Commons Exploring the meanings of standards in language testing Public Seminar delivered by Professor Barry O'Sullivan from the British Council on 11/02/2013. Barry O'Sullivan 12 Feb 2013
32 Creative Commons The language of Shakespeare Actors and the director talk about how they have approached and worked with their student production of the Shakespeare play - Two Gentlemen of Verona. They discuss some of the challenges of the text and what they have done to overcome these. Kate O'Connor 23 Aug 2012
33 Creative Commons Understanding Shakespeare The actor Nick Lyons talks about the challenge of the language barrier and how he dealt with it for his role in the student production of the Shakespeare play Two Gentlemen of Verona. Nick Lyons 23 Aug 2012
34 Creative Commons Two Gentlemen of Verona: The view from the Director The director talks about how she adapted the script and directed the student Shakespeare production of Two Gentlemen of Verona. She describes what makes the play great, and discusses issues related to editing and direction. Kate O'Connor 23 Aug 2012
35 Creative Commons The Tempest: For you am I this patient log-man The director and actors talk about the log-scene in The Tempest and how they interpret and perform it. Includes scenes from rehearsals and performance. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
36 Creative Commons The Tempest: Our revels now are ended The famous Shakespeare scene from The Tempest, performed by actors from an Oxford student drama society. Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
37 Creative Commons The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Conveying Shakespeare's meaning The actor Dylan Townley talks about the language of Shakespeare. He describes how understanding and using the meter can help an actor or reader to bring out the poetry in a text. Includes a scene from The Tempest. Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
38 Creative Commons The Tempest: Prospero Actor Dylan Townley talks with director Archie Cornish about the character Prospero. They describe how they have chosen to portray him in this Oxford student performance of The Tempest, and discuss on what they base their interpretation. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
39 Creative Commons The Tempest: Direction and interpretation Director Archie Cornish and actor Dylan Townley - Prospero - talk about adapting, directing and performing a student Shakespeare production of The Tempest. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 23 Aug 2012
40 Creative Commons Teaching Shakespeare in Schools A teacher talks about how she teaches Shakespeare in school, using video clips and references from contemporary culture to get the students to understand, relate to, and engage with the text. Joyti Chandegra 23 Aug 2012
41 Creative Commons The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Bringing a scene to Life The director Archie Cornish, and actor Dylan Townley, introduce the Revel speech in The Tempest. They also discuss the context in which it appears. Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley 22 Aug 2012
42 Creative Commons Shakespeare and the Stage Professor Tiffany Stern gives a short talk on William Shakespeare and how his plays were performed in Elizabethan England. Tiffany Stern 22 Aug 2012
43 Creative Commons Distributed Creativity in Musical Performance Professor Eric F. Clarke gives a talk for the Keble College Creativity series on creativity in musical performances. Eric F Clarke 17 May 2012
44 Creative Commons Shakespeare and the Stage Professor Tiffany Stern gives a talk on William Shakespeare and how his plays were performed in Elizabethan England. Tiffany Stern 07 Feb 2012
45 Euthydemus part 12 - 304b 6 - end Track 12 - 304b 6 - end - Hempel comments to Pratt. Christopher Kirwan 21 Jun 2011
46 Euthydemus part 11 - 300e 1 - 304b 5 Track 11 - 300e 1 - 304b 5 - Hempel is enmeshed. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
47 Euthydemus part 10 - 296e 4 - 300d 9 Track 10 - 296e 4 - 300d 9 - The same: Identity and predication. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
48 Euthydemus part 9 - 293b 1- 296e 3 Track 9 - 293b 1- 296e 3 - Hempel, the sophists, Clemons: Being competent (epistemon; have ability=epistasthai). Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
49 Euthydemus part 8 - 290e 1-293a 9 Track 8 - 290e1-293a9 - Hempel reports to Pratt, and then the encounter resumes. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
50 Euthydemus part 7 - 288b 3 - 290d 8 Track 7 288b 3 - 290d 8 - Hempel resumes with Valerie: Which mastery (episteme) is best? Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
51 Euthydemus part 6 - 285a 2-288b 2 Track 6 - 285a2-288 b2 - More with Clemons: Falsehood is impossible. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
52 Euthydemus part 5 - 282d 4 - 285a 1 Track 5 - 282d 4 - 285a 1 - the sophists tackle Hempel; Clemons is nettled. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
53 Euthydemus part 4 - 278e2-282d3 Track 4 - 278e2-282d3 - Hempel questions Valerie: Intelligence (sophia) alone is really good. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
54 Euthydemus part 3 - 275b 5 - 278e 1 Track 3 - 275b 5 - 278e 1 The sophists set to work on Valerie: Is learning possible? Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
55 Euthydemus part 2 - 272d 7 - 275b 4 Track 2 272d 7 - 275b 4 - Hempel inquires into the sophists' profession. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
56 Euthydemus part 1 - 271a 1 - 272d. 6 Track 1 -271a 1 - 272d. 6 - Pratt asks Hempel about the sophists. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
57 Euthydemus introduction (PDF) Introductory document on the Euthydemus dialogue series. Christopher Kirwan 24 May 2011
58 Correspondence: Performance, Visual Art and the Senses Recently appointed Creative Arts Fellow at Wolfson College, artist Mark Rowan-Hull, gives a talk on his work, in particular, the collaborative works between him and musicians. Mark Rowan-Hull 27 Jan 2010
59 Oliver Taplin on Classics Professor Oliver Taplin, an authority on classics and the performance of ancient drama, talks about the subject and his research. Oliver Taplin, Oliver Lewis 22 Apr 2009
60 Creative Commons Oliver Taplin on Classics Professor Oliver Taplin, an authority on classics and the performance of ancient drama, talks about the subject and his research. Oliver Taplin, Oliver Lewis 12 Sep 2008