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planet formation

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 What Can We Learn from Planetary Surveys? In the fourth part of their discussion, Suzanne Aigrain and Michael Meyer discuss how we move from observations of exoplanets to conclusions about their types and formation. This discussion was conducted at Trinity College, Oxford, on February 12, 2016. Suzanne Aigrain, Michael Meyer 20 Apr 2016
2 Creative Commons The Formation of Terrestrial Planets - the 2nd Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology Prof Alessandro Morbidelli of the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur in Nice gives the 2nd Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology. He talks about the formation of planets in the universe. Alessandro Morbidelli 22 May 2015
3 Building Earth-like Planets: from gas and dust to ocean worlds. The first Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture in Planetary Geology delivered by Professor Linda T. Elkins-Tanton. Linda T. Elkins-Tanton 06 Nov 2013