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public space

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 'David Miller’s Political Philosophy' Panel 2 This panel includes two talks: 'Religious Freedom, Public Space and Democratic Self-Determination' and 'Fertility, Mortality, and National Responsibility.' This conference was held to honour David Miller's contribution to political philosophy. Cécile Laborde, Andrew Williams, Simon Caney 14 Oct 2015
2 Panel 5: Competing Visions of Tahrir: Contesting Visions and Public Spaces in Cairo Aya Nassar examines the imagery and negotiation of place membership unfolding in public spaces such as Tahrir Square. Aya Nasar 25 May 2012
3 Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Internet Games, Social Inequality and Racist Talk as Griefing This talk recaps the history of racist griefing online and link the current crisis in racial discourse in the US with this practice, exploring the implications for digital games as a transnational public sphere. Lisa Nakamura 20 Jul 2010