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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Crafting a human rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS for women in the Middle East Dr Kamiar Alaei (Co-president, Institute for International Health and Education), gives a talk for the Middle East Studies Centre. Kamiar Alaei 26 Nov 2018
2 What does it mean to be LGBT+ today? 2018's annual lecture, organised by the LGBT+ Staff Network, will be delivered by Asad Dhunna, a London based marketing and communications director. Asad has written for various publications including the Guardian and the Huffington Post. Asad Dhunna 21 Feb 2018
3 Creative Commons Andy Warhol's Girls Eleri Watson explores Andy Warhol's relationships with women. Eleri Watson 07 Jun 2016
4 Queer Cosmopolitanism in the Expatriate Literature of Berlin Ben Robbins considers queer cosmopolitanism in the work of Anglophone writers who lived in Berlin during the era of the Weimar Republic. Ben Robbins 06 Apr 2016
5 Une Femme m’apparut: Lesbian Desire and “French” Identity Sarah Parker focuses on the love affair between the Decadent poets Olive Custance and Renée Vivien and the American writer Natalie Barney, arguing that affecting ‘Frenchness’ and writing in French allowed them to articulate their desire for one another. Sarah Parker 06 Apr 2016
6 Creative Commons Can you choose to be gay? Brian Earp discusses the ethics of sexual orientation. Brian Earp, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 14 Jul 2015
7 Fag Hags, Breeders and Idols: Women’s Representation in pre-Stonewall Homosexual Fiction. Eleri Anona Watson presents her Master's thesis entitled Fag Hags, Breeders and Idols: Women’s Representation in pre-Stonewall Homosexual Fiction. Eleri Anona Watson 22 Jun 2015
8 The ethics of sexuality Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards argues that homosexuality is natural, and that what is natural can be neither good nor bad. Janet Radcliffe Richards, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 04 Nov 2014
9 Creative Commons A Queer-Like Smell Best-selling author Val McDermid gives the 4th annual Oxford University lecture for LGBT History Month about her own experiences as a gay woman. Val McDermid 07 Feb 2013
10 Creative Commons Slade Lectures 2010: Week 5: Poetry, politics, and sexuality: Surrealism in Latin America Fifth lecture in the Slade lecture series given by Dawn Ades, Professor of Art History and Theory at Essex University in Surrealism and Art History on 17th February 2010. Dawn Ades 18 Apr 2011