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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Introducing CBT for low mood and depression 1: doing more of what matters to you This first episode on CBT looks at some of the ways in which low mood and depression can manifest in students, and introduces a central cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) strategy known as "behavioural activation". Jonathan Totman, Oxford University Counselling Service 15 Oct 2020
2 Integrating and AugmentingTertiary Education Students' Experiences in Workplace Settings Drawing upon three large studies in Australian higher education, this presentation sets out a case for the kinds of curriculum practices, as well as a range of pedagogic practices that can be enacted prior to, during and after students’ work placements. Stephen Billett 12 Nov 2019
3 Defying Hitler: The White Rose Resistance Group Dr Alexandra Lloyd, Lecturer in German, Magdalen College and St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, gives a talk on the White Rose Resistance Group. Alexandra Lloyd 25 Jun 2019
4 Access and Participation in English HE: A Fair and Equal Opportunity for All? The seminar will identify how universities and government have sought to make progress in this area during the last two decades and the patterns of participation arising from this. Simon Marginson, Chris Millward, Martin Williams 11 Feb 2019
5 Admissions Testing Preparation Effects This seminar is the first of a five-part seminar series on 'Student Access to University'. This seminar discusses the relationships between student characteristics and test performances with Oxford University admissions tests data. Jo-Anne Baird, Karen O'Brien, Samina Khan, Rebecca Surender 15 Jan 2019
6 Steve Sheard, tutorial fellow at Trinity College, and Dept of Engineering Steve Sheard chats with Steve, talking technology for 5 minutes about tutorial, lecture, project and laboratory teaching. "We use a concept design for a gearbox of a small buggy, 3D printed. They can produce this only once they have modelled it". Steve Sheard, Steve Burholt 04 May 2018
7 Janet Smart, Reader in Operations Management, Said Business School Janet Smart chats with Steve, talking technology for 5 minutes about using videos. 'The beauty of the video is that you see the dynamics, you see things moving - you can never capture that in prose.' Janet Smart, Steve Burholt 21 Mar 2018
8 5 years of the EEF Findings, challenges and future priorities Matthew van Poortvliet, Grants Manager, Education Endowment Foundation, gives a talk for the Department of Education public seminar on 21st November 2016. Matthew van Poortvliet 22 Nov 2016
9 What do undergraduate students really think about money? With Dr Neil Harrison University of the West of England. This seminar will synthesise the findings of four recent research projects focused on contemporary students’ opinions and behaviours around money. Neil Harrison 15 Nov 2016
10 Oxford University Department of Computer Science: Second Year Group Design Practicals Students undertaking undergraduate (first) degrees in Computer Science, Computer Science & Philosophy and Maths & Computer Science undertake a Group Design Practical as a compulsory part of the course. Computer Science Students 08 Nov 2016
11 The Pressure to be Perfect: Ways of Responding Some ideas to help students respond differently to their anxiety about needing to be perfect. Oxford University Counselling Service 07 Jan 2016
12 International Students This podcast explores some of the emotional challenges faced by international students. Oxford University Counselling Service 07 Jan 2016
13 Steinar Halldorsson Every year, about 60 DPhil students start a life changing experience in the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford. Steinar Halldorsson 02 Dec 2015
14 Sophie Andrews Every year, about 60 DPhil students start a life changing experience in the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford. Sophie Andrews 02 Dec 2015
15 The scare tactic: Does it work? Motivating students for test and examinations Professor David Putwain (Edge Hill University) gives a talk for the Department of Education public seminar series. David Putwain 20 Nov 2015
16 Exam Preparation and Revision Part 3: The exam itself, before during and after This podcast focuses on the exam itself, just prior to it, and what might help you to feel prepared. Oxford University Counselling Service 03 Nov 2015
17 Exam Preparation and Revision Part 2: Planning and Revision In this section there are some useful reminders of how to start planning for revision by taking stock of knowledge to date , choices of topic and starting to plan and timetable your revision. Oxford University Counselling Service 03 Nov 2015
18 Exam Preparation and Revision Part 1: Getting into the right mind set This is for any student who is preparing for taking exams at any point in their course. The podcast aims to start to identify ways of achieving a balanced approach to thinking about exams. Oxford University Counselling Service 03 Nov 2015
19 Self Compassion Part 2 This second podcast invites you to engage in two brief, meditative and compassionate exercises to further develop your inner resource of self-compassion. Oxford University Counselling Service 03 Nov 2015
20 Self Compassion Part 1 This introductory podcast explores the concept of developing your inner resource of self-compassion and the skills required for this. Oxford University Counselling Service 03 Nov 2015
21 Daydreaming about ‘rustication’? Thoughts for students considering suspending their studies, but unable to decide. This podcast offers food for thought to students who are feeling torn between suspending their studies in response to a setback - for example a period of mental or physical illness - or carrying on with their studies. By Maureen Freed. Oxford University Counselling Service 03 Nov 2015
22 Predictability in High-Stakes Assessment: Students’ Approach to Learning This study investigated the predictability of the Leaving Certificate examination in Ireland, where public accusations of predictable exams are of serious concern. Jo-Anne Baird, Therese Hopfenbeck, Daniel Caro 22 May 2015
23 Creative Commons Exploring the Learning Benefits of Lecture Capture Jill Fresen and Debra Garretson discuss the Lecture Capture project led at Oxford and the how the software can be used to offer students various benefits. Jill Fresen, Debra Garretson 16 Feb 2015
24 Modalities and mechanisms of effective school inspections A public seminar from the Department of Education, given by Dr Melanie Ehren, senior lecturer at the London Centre for Leadership and Learning. Melanie Ehren, Pamela Sammons 06 Feb 2015
25 Hilary Martin We've asked Hilary Martin from Australia why she decided to do a DPhil project in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. Hilary Martin 28 Oct 2014
26 Conclusion - taking iPads and tablets into the classroom In this film, Adrian and Helen give their personal reflections on the apps and how iPads and tablets can be best integrated into classroom art teaching as well as museum visits. Helen Ward, Adrian Brooks 23 Jul 2014
27 Creative Commons Doing practical work: rationality and heuristics in teaching A public seminar given by Professor Walter Doyle, University of Arizona, at the Oxford University Department of Education. Walter Doyle 29 Oct 2013
28 NDM Internships Three of the interns from Summer 2012 tell us about their experience of working in NDM's laboratories and staying in an Oxford college. NDM Students 30 Apr 2013
29 Creative Commons Weblearn: Improving Admin Dr Claire Aland, Director of Anatomy at University of Oxford, talks about how the WebLearn Sign Up tool has galvanised the organisation of anatomy demonstration at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics. Claire Aland 24 Aug 2012
30 Assessment for Learning: Using Mobile Polls in the Classroom Dr Helen Christian describes her use of the audience response system via the WebLearn Polls Tool and Mobile Oxford supplied for free by Oxford University. Helen Christian 15 Feb 2012
31 Creative Commons What Could be the Impact of a cap on overseas Higher Education students? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Ursula Kelly, University of Strathclyde delivers a COMPAS Breakfast Briefing on 8th October 2010. Ursula Kelly 11 Mar 2011
32 Authentic Assessment in the era of Social Media: ideas and applications from Internet Communications The emergence of Web 2.0-enabled social media online provides a new opportunity to develop assessments that match with, and draw upon students' engagement with online knowledge networking, creating new possibilities for 'authenticity' in assessment. Matthew Allen 18 May 2010
33 The International Student Experience at Oxford Dr Heather Bell talks about Oxford’s growing international student population and what Oxford does to support and encourage them. Medical student Xin-Hui Chan also talks about her experience of being an international student at Oxford. Heather Bell, Xin-Hui Chan 19 Aug 2009
34 Parents' and Carers' Guide This guide provides information about Oxford for anyone who is encouraging a student to make an application to the University, and who will be supporting them through the application process and beyond. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
35 Graduate Finance Guide Graduate Finance Guide. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
36 Graduate Prospectus 2010 Graduate Prospectus 2010. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
37 Undergraduate Finance Guide This guide outlines the costs you should expect to meet when studying at Oxford and also the various forms of financial support that will be available to you. Includes details of the Oxford Opportunity Bursary. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
38 Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - Finding out more Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - Finding out more. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
39 Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - How to Apply and Colleges Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - How to Apply and Colleges. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
40 Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - Courses Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - Courses. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
41 Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - Introduction Undergraduate Prospectus 2010 - Introduction. University of Oxford 10 Jul 2009
42 Tony Blair: The Learning Habit UK Prime Minister Tony Blair delivers the 1999 Romanes lecture, explaining what the government is seeking to achieve in its programme of education reform, and how as a nation in the 21st century we can achieve a ‘learning habit’ across society. Tony Blair 13 Mar 2009
43 Students of St Cross Students of St Cross college discuss living and studying at the college. Laela Adamson, Shannon Keiley, Thad Parsons, Amy Yang 04 Dec 2008