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Natalja Deng: What Kind of Fine-Tuner?

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Duration: 0:33:59 | Added: 24 Apr 2018
Natalja Deng discusses whether the apparent fine-tuning of the universe for life can be evidence for a divine creator.

Natalja Deng (Yonsei University) comments on two responses to the fine-tuning argument for god, namely one based on dismissive priors , and one based on a ‘God-of-the-gaps’ style objection by theistic design theorists. She suggests that the latter response amounts to a practice-based constraint on theistic conceptions, and that often, theistic conceptions that meet this constraint are vulnerable to the former objection. This lecture was conducted at the Lindeman Lecture Theatre, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, on October 6, 2016.

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