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Performance and Adolescence

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Duration: 0:30:53 | Added: 06 Feb 2020
This podcast explores the relationship between performance and selfhood in adolescent lives.

Roaming from methodologies of writing and photography through questions of gender, social media and performativity, the participants share their experiences about the importance of story-telling and expression to adolescents in Africa and beyond. They reflect together on how image-making, performance, writing, film, dance and other forms of creative practice are both crucial to adolescent identity and highly productive methods for researching adolescence. Ultimately, the participants agree, any research on adolescence, and any intervention into their lives must begin in equal partnership adolescents themselves.

Elleke Boehmer is Professor of World Literatures in English at the University of Oxford, and a prize-winning novelist and short-story writer.
Alude Mahali is a post-doctoral fellow/research specialist in the Human and Social Development (HSD) programme.
Alexandra Georgakopoulou is Professor of Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics at King’s College London
Kopano Ratele is a Professor in the Institute of Social and Health Sciences (ISHS) at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

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