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Asian Studies Centre

The Asian Studies Centre was founded in 1982 at St Antony's College and is primarily a co-ordinating organisation which exists to bring together specialists from a wide variety of different disciplines. Geographically, the Centre predominantly covers South, Southeast and East Asia. The Asian Studies Centre works closely with scholars in the Oriental Institute, the Oxford China Centre, the Contemporary Indian Studies Programme and the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies (in premises at St Antony's). The Asian Studies Centre is host to the Taiwan Studies Programme, Modern Burmese Studies Programme, the South Asian History Seminar Series and the Southeast Asian Studies Seminar Series.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons A Journey from Cambodia to America and Back! Sothy Tep speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar on 13 Februrary 2017 Sothy Tep 11 May 2017
2 Creative Commons Feeling Untouched: Space, Emotions and Untouchability Jesús Cháirez-Garza speaks at the South Asia Seminar Jesús Cháirez-Garza 21 Apr 2017
3 Creative Commons Pakistan and Ireland: Exploring Comparative Constitutional Perspectives on Decolonisation, Dominion Status, and Beyond Mara Malagodi and Luke McDonagh speak at the South Asia Seminar Mara Malagodi, Luke McDonagh 21 Apr 2017
4 Creative Commons The Bureaucratisation of Islam and its Socio-Legal Dimensions in Southeast Asia: Outlines of a Collaborative Research Project Dominik M. Müller speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar. Dominik M. Müller 21 Apr 2017
5 Creative Commons Pakistan and the Late Colonial Crisis of Sovereignty David Gilmartin speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 David Gilmartin 21 Apr 2017
6 Creative Commons Transforming Memory: Community Recollections of Inter-Religious Peace and Conflict in Myanmar Phyu Phyu Thi and Matthew J. Walton speak at the Southeast Asia Seminar on 1 March 2017. Phyu Phyu Thi, Matthew J. Walton 10 Apr 2017
7 Creative Commons Maulana Bhashani, Marxists and Murids, c. 1957-60s Layli Uddin speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 Layli Uddin 06 Jul 2016
8 Creative Commons Is the Taj Mahal Pakistani? Teaching Pakistani History - Teaching Pakistanis History Akbar Zaidi speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 Akbar Zaidi 06 Jul 2016
9 Creative Commons Identity Formation through National Calendar: The Politics of Commemoration in Pakistan Ali Usman Qasmi speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 Ali Usman Qasmi 06 Jul 2016
10 Creative Commons On the Concept of Heritage in Contemporary Pakistan Chris Moffat speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 Chris Moffat 06 Jul 2016
11 Creative Commons Intizar Husain: Literature and a Sense of Historical Difference Nauman Naqvi speaks at the Intellectual History for Pakistan workshop on March 1st, 2016 Nauman Naqvi 06 Jul 2016
12 Creative Commons Histories of the ephemeral: writing on music in the late Mughal world Dr Katherine Butler Schofield speaks at the South Asia Seminar on March 8th, 2016 Katherine Butler Schofield 28 Jun 2016
13 Creative Commons "On the Colonisation of India": Public Meetings, Debates and Disputes (Calcutta 1829) Professor Chaudhuri speaks at the South Asia Seminar on a public meeting held in Calcutta, on December 15th, 1829. Rosinka Chaudhuri 16 Jun 2016
14 Creative Commons Tagore and the theology of the global Professor Pradip Dutta speaks on Tagore at the South Asia Seminar Pradip Dutta 16 Jun 2016
15 Creative Commons The prospects for enhancing democracy and development in the Philippines: The 2016 elections and beyond David Timberman speaks at the Southeast Asia seminar. David Timberman 13 Jun 2016
16 Creative Commons Women and Conflict in India Dr Sanghamitra Choudhury speaks at the launch of her book on Women and Conflict in India Sanghamitra Choudhury 06 Jun 2016
17 Creative Commons Rediscovering the Primitive: Adivasi Histories in and after Subaltern Studies Uday Chandra speaks at the South Asia Seminar Uday Chandra 02 Jun 2016
18 Creative Commons Fighting Extremism Through Islamic Moderation Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir (Menteri Besar - Chief Minister - of Perak, Malaysia) speaks at St Antony's College Zambry Abdul Kadir 31 May 2016
19 Creative Commons The Traffic in Hierarchy: Precedence and Power in Burmese Social Life Dr Ward Keeler speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar. Ward Keeler 24 May 2016
20 Creative Commons Living in a Time of Deception: a Historical Memoir of Singapore 1945-65 Dr Poh Soo Kai speaks at the Southeast Asia seminar on May 4th, 2016. Poh Soo Kai 05 May 2016
21 Creative Commons The Gift of Education? Learning, migration and intergenerational relations among Karen refugees in Thailand and the United Kingdom Dr Pia Jolliffe speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar Pia Jolliffe 28 Apr 2016
22 Creative Commons The Development of Islamic Finance in Malaysia: Facts, Issues and Potential Arshad Mohamed Ismail speaks on Islamic Finance at the Southeast Asia seminar Arshad Mohamed Ismail 21 Apr 2016
23 Creative Commons Timor-Leste, Challenges in Post-Independence: From Dream to Reality José Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Former President of East Timor, speaks at St Antony's College. José Ramos-Horta 19 Apr 2016
24 Creative Commons Trading with the Enemy: the Making of US Export Control Policy toward the People's Republic of China Dr Hugo Meijer gives a talk at the International Political Economy of East Asia seminar. Hugo Meijer 28 Mar 2016
25 Creative Commons The Oxford India Lecture: An Undocumented Wonder - the Making of the Great Indian Election Dr S Y Quraishi gives the Oxford India lecture 2016. S.Y. Quraishi 24 Mar 2016
26 Creative Commons The Political Economy of the Indo-Myanmar Frontier: Exploring Historical Links and Current Challenges in Mizo-Chin Relations Dr Reshmi Banerjee speaks at the South Asia seminar. Reshmi Banerjee 24 Mar 2016
27 Creative Commons Is the 21st Century Asia's? NB: The first minutes of the presentation were not recorded. Professor Danny Quah speaks at the International Politics of East Asia Seminar Danny Quah 24 Mar 2016
28 Creative Commons Mechanism of oppression, Dalits and legal developments in India Dr Dag Erik Berg speaks at the South Asian seminar. Dag Erik Berg 24 Mar 2016
29 Creative Commons The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: a first step towards a sino-centric regional order? Drs Matteo Dian and Silvia Menegazzi give a talk on the AIIB at the International Political Economy of East Asia Seminar Matteo Dian, Silvia Menegazzi 11 Feb 2016
30 Creative Commons China's Economic Nationalists: from Bretton Woods to Bandung Dr Amy King, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, The Australian National University, gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre. Amy King 08 Feb 2016
31 Creative Commons The Making of a Constitution: Pakistan and the Question of Sovereignty Dr Yaqoob Khan Bangash gives a talk on Pakistan and it's constitutional sovereignty on 19th January 2016. Yaqoob Khan Bangash 01 Feb 2016
32 Creative Commons The Geopolitics of Change in Burma Bertil Lintner (Independent Journalist and Author) speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar on 20th January 2016. Bertil Lintner 27 Jan 2016
33 Intimate Rivals: Japanese Domestic Politics and a Rising China Sheila Smith (Council on Foreign Relations) gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre on 24th November 2015. Sheila A Smith 08 Dec 2015
34 A Vote for Authoritarianism? Reflections of Singapore's 2015 General Election Pingtjin Thum (Research Associate, Centre for Global History; Coordinator, Project Southeast Asia) speaks at the Southeast Asia seminar on 21st October 2015. Pingtjin Thum 08 Dec 2015
35 The Alchemist of Exile: Writing the Life of a Vietnamese Political Prisoner Dr Lorraine Paterson gives a talk at the Southeast Asia Seminar on June 10th, 2015. Lorraine Paterson 01 Jul 2015
36 Rumors, riots, and taxis: The politics of Myanmar's new media infrastructure Southeast Asia Seminar Trinity Term 2015 Matt Schissler 23 Jun 2015
37 The Diffusion of Islamic Laws Across Indonesia A talk as part of the Southeast Asia Seminar Series Michael Buehler 25 Feb 2015
38 Creative Commons Chinese Reform in Light of James Meade's Liberal Socialism. Zhiyuan Cui (Tsinghua University) gives the Chun-tu Hsueh Distinguished Lecture 2014. Zhiyuan Cui 17 Dec 2014
39 Creative Commons Dr. Ansari and the Indian Medical Mission to the Ottoman Empire, 1912-13 Dr Burak Akçapar talks on his book 'People's Mission: Dr. Ansari and the Indian Medical Mission to the Ottoman Empire, 1912-13' published by Oxford University Press. Burak Akcapar 04 Dec 2014
40 Creative Commons Changing Buddhist Identities in Contemporary Myanmar (Burma) As Burma (Myanmar) opens up to the world during a period of rapid change, Matthew J Walton, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, explores the effects on Buddhist identities. Matthew Walton 04 Dec 2014
41 Timor Leste Route to Democracy: a critical appraisal The first talk given as part of the Southeast Asia Seminar, St Antony's College during MT14 Rui Feijo 22 Oct 2014
42 Anti-Muslim Movements in Sri Lanka and Myanmar: Connections and Commonalities This talk examines the recent rise of violence perpetrated by Buddhist nationalists on Muslim and Christian residents in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Matthew Walton 08 Apr 2014
43 Creative Commons Closing Myanmar's Pandora Box: resolving the Buddhist-Muslim Conflict Public lecture and discussion organised by the Middle East and Asian Studies Centres, St Antony's College, in collaboration with Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and the Sultan Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam Matthew Walton, Tariq Ramadan 20 Jun 2014
44 Creative Commons Religion as a Motive for Exclusion in Contemporary Western Democracies A co-sponsored event from the Asian Studies Centre, the Dahrendorf programme for the Study of Freedom, the Middle East Centre and North American Studies Programme from the world renowned from the author of the award-winning book a Secular Age Charles Taylor 20 Jun 2014
45 Creative Commons The Emerging Agro-Industrial Complex in Burma: the Politicis of Land Reform, Land Grabs and Resistances, and the Chinese Presence This talk examines Land Politicis in Burma Kevin Woods 30 May 2014
46 Creative Commons Thailand and the Rule of No Law A talk given as part of the Southeast Asia Seminar Series Verapat Pariyawong 26 Jun 2014
47 Creative Commons Ethnicity and Experiences of Conflict in Burma: An Informal Rountable Discussion An Informal Rountable Discussion on Burma Matthew J. Walton, Nbyen Dan Hkung Awng, Paing Soe Hlaing, Karen Hargrave 30 May 2014
48 Creative Commons Burma: Towards 2015 and Beyond Roundtable Discussion on the future of Burma Andrew McLeod, Benedict Rogers, Herve Lemahieu 30 May 2014