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Engage: Social Media Talks

Lunchtime talks delivered during the social media term at Oxford University covering a wide variety of social media topics.

# Episode Title Description People Date Media Files
1 Blogging and Twitter Elizabeth Eva Leach, Tutorial Fellow in Music at Oxford, disseminates her research through her blog as well as using Twitter to encourage succinct scholarly exchange. Elizabeth Eva Leach 26 Nov 2012
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2 Creative Commons Social Media and your Career How can social media become career tools? In this talk Lucy Hawkins, Careers Adviser at the University of Oxford, reveals the techniques of how to use social media for information gathering, active self-marketing and networking. Lucy Hawkins 26 Nov 2012
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3 Creative Commons Copyright in the Digital Age Emily Goodhand is the Copyright and Compliance Officer at the University of Reading. She has a strong Twitter presence as @copyrightgirl and is Vice-Chairman of the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance (LACA). Emily Goodhand 26 Nov 2012
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4 Creative Commons Rethinking impact with social media Oxford-based researcher Nando Sigona started his blog "Postcards from..." in 2008. Since then his use of social media has expanded into Twitter and Podcasting to engage wider communities in his research on migration, asylum and minority issues. Nando Sigona 26 Nov 2012
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5 Creative Commons Which technologies do Oxford University students use? Melissa Highton, University of Oxford, presents the findings of the DIGE Project which investigated the use of technology by students from Oxford. Melissa Highton 26 Nov 2012
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6 Creative Commons Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it? Does using social media have an impact on disseminating your research papers? Dr Melissa Terras, UCL, gives her experiences and opinions on this question through her own personal findings. Melissa Terras 21 Nov 2012
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7 Creative Commons Some people visit the Web. Other people live there. Using his own research on what motivates individuals to become more 'Resident' online, David White will explore the pros and cons of developing a professional online persona and what it takes to get started. David White 18 Oct 2012
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8 Creative Commons Would you blog the truth? Peter Gill discusses the power of the blog for knowledge exchange and communicating the truth behind health research findings to wider audiences. Peter Gill 18 Oct 2012
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9 Creative Commons What does Marcus du Sautoy do with Social Media? At the launch of the 'Engage' programme, Professor Marcus du Sautoy discusses the role that digital technologies play in his work as the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. Marcus du Sautoy 18 Oct 2012
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