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Exploring Humanities - The Ertegun Scholarship Programme

Podcasts from the Ertegun House which provides the Ertegun Scholarship Programme with a high-profile presence at Oxford, serving as a resource for Ertegun Scholars and for visitors from around the world who will come to Oxford to participate in a programme of events arranged by the Scholar in Residence.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 A conversation with Stig Abell A conversation with Stig Abell (Editor, Times Literary Supplement) and the members of the Ertegun House community, led by Ertegun House Director, Professor Rhodri Lewis. Stig Abell 24 May 2017
2 Conversation with Quentin Skinner A wide-ranging conversation between historian Professor Quentin Skinner and the members of the Ertegun House community, led by Ertegun House Director, Professor Rhodri Lewis. Quentin Skinner 17 Mar 2017
3 Creative Commons Conversation with Wole Soyinka A wide-ranging conversation between Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka and members of the Ertegun House community. Topics include the status of African literature, the relationship between creativity and ideology, Brexit, and Bob Dylan. Wole Soyinka 27 Oct 2016
4 Creative Commons Clothing Eros: The Erotic Potentials of Dress Judith Clark and Adam Phillips in conversation with Frances Corner on The Concise Dictionary of Dress, erotic potentials of fashion, and the idiosyncratic collaboration between a costume curator and a psychoanalyst. Judith Clark, Adam Phillips, Frances Corner 04 Jul 2013
5 Picasso: Passions and Politics British Art Historian and Picasso Biographer Sir John Richardson in conversation with Gijs van Hensbergen. Sir John Richardson, Gijs van Hensbergen 04 Jul 2013