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German Politics: An Introduction

Podcast of lectures on "The Politics and Government of Germany" at the University of Oxford, held in Hilary Term 2007

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 The Constitutional Founding of the Federal Republic (1945-1949) Germany after 1945 - Domestic and international situation - Towards the founding of the Federal Republic - The Parliamentary Council - The "Basic Law" and its main institutions. Andreas Busch 31 Jan 2007
2 Executive-Legislative Relations "Chancellor Democracy" — The Powers and Constraints on a Chancellor — The Rise of the Bundestag — The Bundesrat and Regional Administration — The Federal Constitutional Court — Parapublic Institutions. Andreas Busch 07 Feb 2007
3 Federalism and Policy-Making Federalism as a concept — Roots of German federalism — The Länder and their constitutional responsibilities — Developments of German federalism — The influence of European integration — The Bundesrat and policy-making. Andreas Busch 14 Feb 2007
4 Elections, Parties, and the Party System Parties after 1945: continuities and change — Parties and the German State — The main parties: SPD — CDU — FDP — Greens — Party system and cleavage change — The 2005 Bundestag election. Andreas Busch 21 Feb 2007
5 The Social Market Economy Changing assessments over time — Characteristics in brief — Historical experiences — The concept — The institutions — Economic performance. Andreas Busch 28 Feb 2007
6 Process and Effects of Unification The history of the Wall — Developments up to 1989 — The international handling of German unification — The domestic politics of unification — Enduring divisions in Germany — Conclusion. Andreas Busch 07 Mar 2007