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Green Templeton College

Podcasts from Green Templeton College, the University of Oxford’s newest college.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Why is it so difficult to implement Evidence Based Healthcare? Richard Gleave, Public Health England and Professor Sue Dopson, Said Business School give a talk for the Green Templeton Lectures 2017: Delivering Health: Clinical, Management and Policy Challenges. Richard Gleave, Sue Dopson 07 Mar 2017
2 Creative Commons Emerging Market Multinationals in the 21st Century Professor Avinash Dixit, the Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor 2016, leads a panel discussion reviewing and explaining the rapid growth of emerging market multinationals over the last three decades. Avinash Dixit, Richard Peto, Tim Besley, Robert Wade 26 May 2016
3 Twitter and Social Life: Tales from the Frontline of Social Media Research Professor Susan Halford, Director Web Science Institute, University of Southampton, gives a talk on using social social media for research. Susan Halford 28 Jul 2016
4 Politics by Numbers: How Social Media Shape Collective Action Professor Helen Margetts, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute and Professor of Society and the Internet, University of Oxford gives a talk on social media and how it can shape collective action. Helen Margetts 28 Jul 2016
5 Big Data, Food Consumption and Food Policy Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University London gives a talk on significance of the emergence of big data in the world of food. Tim Lang 28 Jul 2016
6 Big Data and Biomedical Research: Developments and Implications Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford, gives a talk for the Green Templeton College 2016 lecture series on big data and biomedical research. Sir John Bell 28 Jul 2016
7 Passion or Procrastination: How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and thier Teams Take Big Bet Decisions or Don't. 2015 Richard Normann Lecture Larry Hirschhorn, Principal CFAR, gives the 2015 Richard Normann Memorial lecture. Larry Hirschhorn 24 Nov 2015
8 Archie Cochrane Lecture 2015 : Malaria control; past, present and future Professor Nicholas John White, Professor of Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford and Mahidol University, Physician, John Radcliffe Hospital gives the Archie Cochrane 2015 lecture. Nicholas John White 16 Jun 2015
9 Sanjaya Lall lecture 2015 Professor Abhijit Banerjee (Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor) delivers the 2015 Sajaya Lall Lecture. Abhijit Banerjee, Ingrid Lunt, John Vickers, Vincent Crawford 08 Jun 2015
10 Creative Commons Children's Worlds through Children's Literature - Lecture 4 Fourth lecture in the Green Templeton College lecture 2015. David Rudd 30 Mar 2015
11 Global Childhoods - Lecture 3 Third lecture in the Green Templeton Colege 2015 lecture series. Karen Wells 30 Mar 2015
12 Creative Commons Children and the Internet- Lecture 2 Second lecture in the Green Templeton College 2015 lecture series. Sonia Livingstone 30 Mar 2015
13 Children, War, Insecurity and Conflict - Lecture 1 Dr Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights 2008-2014 gives the first Green Templeton College Lecture in 2015 on war and human rights. Navi Pillay 27 Mar 2015
14 New Patterns of Innovation: Barclay Lecture 2014 Professor David Gann, Vice-President and Chair in Innovation and Technology Management, Imperial College, London, gives the 2014 Barclay Lecture at Green Templeton College David Gann 13 Nov 2014
15 McGovern Lecture 2014: John P McGovern and his Oxford Connection: A Biographer's Perspective Dr Bryant Boutwell, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston gives the 2014 McGovern Lecture at Green Templeton College Bryant Boutwell 12 Nov 2014
16 Do We Face Secular Stagnation? Panel Discussion Professor Paul Krugman, Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor, leads a panel discussion on whether the world's economy is facing 'secular stagnation' 5 years after the credit crunch. Paul Krugman, Lord Adair Turner, Lord Robert Skidelsky, David Watson 14 May 2014
17 Creative Commons In real life the tortoise loses: Leading an international media business in the twenty first century: GTC Barclay Lecture 2013 Dame Helen Alexander, Chairman of UBM plc, the Port of London Authority (PLA) and Incisive Media gives the 2013 Barclay Lecture Dame Helen Alexander 10 Dec 2013
18 Creative Commons A spirit of scientific rigour: Koch's postulates and 20th century medicine: GTC McGovern Lecture 2013 Professor Christoph Gradmann, Department of Community Medicine, Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo gives the 2013 McGovern Lecture in the history of medicine Christoph Gradmann 10 Dec 2013
19 Creative Commons Can kindness save the NHS? Mr John Ballatt, Director of The Openings Consultancy gives a talk for the HEXI/MiM Speaker Series John Ballatt 27 Nov 2013
20 Creative Commons Cochrane Lecture 2013: Trials In Emergency Care Ian Roberts, lecturer in Clinical Trials Unit, LSHTM, gives the 2013 Cochrane lecture on Trials in Emergency Care. He discusses the need for clinical trials in emergency situations and explains how such trials can and should be conducted. Ian Roberts 18 Jun 2013
21 Creative Commons Can stories change the world? Promises and challenges of web-based patient feedback for improving care Health Experiences Institute/Management in Medicine (HEXI/MiM) speaker event. James Munro, Malte Ziewitz, Louise Locock 22 Nov 2012
22 Creative Commons McGovern Lecture 2012: Halving Premature Death Sir Richard Peto, GTC Fellow, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, gives the annual McGovern Lecture. Sir Richard Peto 13 Nov 2012
23 Creative Commons The Leaders We Need for Healthcare Podcast from Green Templeton College recorded on Thursday 13th July 2012. With Dr Michael Maccoby, Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School President of the Maccoby Group in Washington. Michael Maccoby 15 Jul 2012
24 Creative Commons Living with the Coalition - The Health System Sir John Tooke gives a lecture at Green Templeton College on 17th January 2011 entitled 'Living with the Coalition - The Health System. Sir John Tooke 08 Feb 2011
25 Creative Commons Imagination in Management Professor Per Olof Berg, Head of Marketing Section, Stockholm University School of Business, gives the 2012 Richard Normann lecture for Green Templeton College. Olaf Berg 18 Jun 2012
26 Towards a new professionalism - the changing face of medicine in the UK Niall Dickson, Chief Executive at the GMC, discusses professionalism and patient care in Medicine with Dame Fiona Caldicott, Chairman of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS trust and former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Niall Dickson 27 May 2010
27 Creative Commons The Doctor-Patient Relationship in Art From Ancient Greece to the Present Day Podcast from Green Templeton College recorded on Thursday 7th June 2012. With Professor Alan Emery, GTC Honorary Fellow. Alan Emery 18 Jun 2012
28 Empowering Theories in Management Studies Professor Gagliardi will analyse the relationship between thinking and experiencing in the production of knowledge before going on to hypothesise the distinctive traits of an 'empowering theory'. Pasquale Gagliardi 29 Mar 2010
29 Moral Leadership in Healthcare Organisations Green Templeton College Health Experiences Institute/Management in Medicine (HEXI/MiM) Lecture on 30th April 2012. Suzanne Shale, Murray Anderson-Wallace, Paul Brankin 18 Jun 2012
30 Trusting the News This lecture series seeks to explore and explain the sources and forms of uncertainty in key aspects of contemporary life. Stephen Coleman 24 Mar 2010
31 Patient Experience in a Cold Climate: Putting Patients First at a Time of Recession. Panel discussion form Green Templeton College. Joanna Foster, Bruce Laurie, Afl Troughton, Karen Luxford 23 Mar 2012
32 Creative Commons Biting More Than Can Be Chewed: How the US State Became a Prisoner of Its Own Rhetoric about Evil In the aftermath of September 11, US foreign policy makers adopted an understanding of the nature of the enemy they were facing by adopting ideas of radical evil associated with the totalitarian regimes of Hitler and Stalin. Alan Wolfe 07 Mar 2012
33 What's all the fuss about? When individual risks meet policy uncertainties in health This lecture series seeks to explore and explain the sources and forms of uncertainty in key aspects of contemporary life. David Spiegelhalter 24 Mar 2010
34 Creative Commons The World As I See It This lecture will take a personal global perspective of states in crisis, focusing broadly on threats and opportunities. Shaukat Aziz 07 Mar 2012
35 Patient experience - how can we do better? This is the first in a series of events sponsored by Green Templeton College in association with the Health Experiences Research Group. Cynthia Bower 24 Feb 2010
36 Creative Commons Success in Spite of Crisis: The Story of South Korea Professor Ringen will establish the success story, show that it was not 'plain sailing' but a backdrop of continuous crisis and explain why the end result was still success. Stein Ringen 07 Mar 2012
37 Is there a healthy future for Big Pharma? Dr Patterson will review the background to the pharmaceutical crisis and the different ways that companies are approaching the issues. The lecture will review both the research and development and business issues facing the industry and its investors. John Patterson, Sophia Tickell 04 Feb 2010
38 Creative Commons Behind the Arab Awakening: Dynamics of Civil Resistance Far more important than poverty or deprivation is prolonged sharing of knowledge and skills from other movements, translated publications, and distillation of researchers' insights. Mary Elizabeth King 07 Mar 2012
39 A Pharma perspective on healthcare needs and innovation in drug discovery The third Green Templeton Lecture 2009 explores how, by harnessing innovation to meet unmet medical needs, pharma companies can deliver significant value to patients, payers and shareholders. Patrick Vallance, Philip Bloomer 09 Jun 2009
40 What Will Happen to African States? Africa's vast commodity reserves, young populations and nascent economies all indicate great potential for the continent in the future. But will Africa's governments and state institutions be able to make the most of these opportunities? Paul Collier 07 Mar 2012
41 Pharmaceutical Companies, Government and Society This lecture will explore, from a historical perspective, the relationship between an emerging pharmaceutical industry, the establishment of drug regulatory authorities, and - most recently - the development of health technology assessment. Sir Michael Rawlins 04 Jun 2009
42 Creative Commons A body of fluids? Physiology in pre-modern western medicine Professor Helen King (Professor of Classical Studies, The Open University) delivers the 2011 McGovern Lecture. Helen King 25 Nov 2011
43 Pharmaceutical Industry: Origin and Evolution Tilli Tansey, Professor of History of Modern Medical Sciences, University College London traces the evolution of the modern pharmaceutical industry from the mid nineteenth century to the final decades of the twentieth century. Tilli Tansey 19 May 2009
44 Creative Commons Health economics in the policy fray: insights from US healthcare reform Professor Richard G Frank, Margaret T Morris Professor of Health Economics, Harvard Medical School gives a lecture on health policy in the US. Richard G Frank 23 Nov 2011
45 A Myologist in the House Lord Walton of Detchant gave the 12th annual Alan Emery Lecture at Green Templeton College, Oxford on 5 June 2008. His lecture was entitled "A Myologist in the House". Lord Walton of Detchant 03 Jul 2008
46 A bit of time travel: Social change for adolescents in the UK since the 1970s and some thoughts about adolescent welfare Keynote address from the Human Welfare Conference at Green Templeton College. Dr Ann Hagell runs a Nuffield Foundation initiative on time trends in adolescent mental health and has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Adolescence since 2000. Ann Hagell 07 Jun 2011
47 Creative Commons Lowering Cholesterol Significantly: Archie Cochrane Lecture 2011 Colin Baigent leads the CTSU's Vascular Overviews Group, which recently reported a meta-analysis of the findings among 170,000 participants in 26 randomised trials of cholesterol-lowering drugs in The Lancet. Colin Baigent 24 May 2011
48 Creative Commons In Defence of Management Barbara Czarniawska, professor of Management Studies, University of Gothenburg, gives the 2011 Richard Normann lecture at Green Templeton College. Barbara Czarniawska 21 Mar 2011
49 Creative Commons Living with the Coalition - 2 Schools Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of Education, University of London, gives a talk examining how the policies and practice of the new Coalition government affect the schools system. Chris Husbands 28 Feb 2011
50 Creative Commons How will the new coalition government affect Universities in the UK? Professor David Eastwood (Vice Chancellor, University of Birmingham) gives a talk for Green Templeton College Lecture series on how the Coalition government's policies will affect UK Universities. David Eastwood 23 Feb 2011