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The Oxford/Berlin Creative Collaborations

The Oxford/Berlin Creative Collaborations showcase ideas and research across the arts and humanities. We are drawing on expertise from the University of Oxford and Berlin University of the Arts, to combine established methodologies from the Humanities with new and exciting forms of artistic expression.
Our encounters between researchers and artists from the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) and the University of Oxford open up new fields of engagement between the arts, humanities and sciences. We anticipate that this new exchange of methodologies, modes of representation, language and other qualities will lead to innovative contributions in the arts and sciences alike. We embrace a worldview that purposely goes beyond preconceived disciplinary borders and integrates speculative, subjective and positivistic approaches to problem-solving and creation. Launching these encounters alongside the current shift to digital communication requires also a critical assessment of the impact that any given media has on the execution of its dependent activities. It is our desire to develop a balanced interaction between content and media, which can support, inform and structure each part positively and grant new experimental spaces of shared exploration between the members of both universities. The encounters are intended to provide a novel emphatic perspective on how we can work, think and communicate.


# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Animal Eyes on the Planet (1/3) First in a trilogy, this podcast introduces the creative collaboration on Climate Crisis Thinking. Amanda Power, Nina Fischer, Eiko Soga, Lisa Maria Steppacher 11 Jan 2021
2 Behind The Scenes of The Sound of Contagion The “Sound of Contagion” explores what a society of contagion can sound like and how technology can illuminate 2020 pandemic and others throughout history. Rob Laidlow, Wenzel Mehnert, Chelsea Haith 18 Dec 2020