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Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Oral Histories

In 2017, as part of the '75 Years of Penicillin in People' project funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Bodleian Libraries commissioned a series of oral history interviews with scientists, administrators, and technicians who work, or formerly worked, at the University of Oxford's Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. The interviews were conducted by Georgina Ferry.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Siamon Gordon Georgina Ferry interviews Siamon Gordon. Siamon Gordon FRS is Professor Emeritus of Cellular Pathology in the Dunn School. Siamon Gordon 04 Jun 2018
2 Neil Barclay Georgina Ferry interviews Neil Barclay. Georgina Ferry, Neil Barclay 06 Mar 2018
3 George Brownlee Georgina Ferry interviews George Brownlee. Georgina Ferry, George Brownlee 06 Mar 2018
4 Herman Waldmann Georgina Ferry interviews Herman Waldmann. Georgina Ferry, Herman Waldmann 06 Mar 2018
5 Pete Stroud Georgina Ferry interviews Pete Stroud. Georgina Ferry, Pete Stroud 06 Mar 2018
6 Eric Sidebottom Georgina Ferry interviews Eric Sidebottom. Georgina Ferry, Eric Sidebottom 06 Mar 2018
7 Elizabeth Robertson Georgina Ferry interviews Elizabeth Robertson. Georgina Ferry, Elizabeth Robertson 06 Mar 2018
8 Fiona Powrie Georgina Ferry interviews Fiona Powrie. Georgina Ferry, Fiona Powrie 06 Mar 2018
9 Gordon MacPherson Georgina Ferry interviews Gordon MacPherson. Georgina Ferry, Gordon Macpherson 06 Mar 2018
10 Keith Gull Georgina Ferry interviews Keith Gull. Georgina Ferry, Keith Gull 06 Mar 2018
11 Gillian Griffiths Georgina Ferry interviews Gillian Griffiths. Georgina Ferry, Gillian Griffiths 06 Mar 2018
12 David Greaves Georgina Ferry interviews David Greaves. Georgina Ferry, David Greaves 06 Mar 2018
13 Matthew Freeman Georgina Ferry interviews Matthew Freeman. Georgina Ferry, Matthew Freeman 06 Mar 2018
14 Paul Fairchild Georgina Ferry interviews Paul Fairchild. Georgina Ferry, Paul Fairchild 06 Mar 2018
15 Peter Cook Georgina Ferry interviews Peter Cook as part of the Georgina Ferry, Peter Cook 06 Mar 2018