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Begbroke Directorate

Series associated with Begbroke Directorate

Begbroke Science Park, Site Activities
Begbroke Transfer, Financing Technology Start-Ups
Building a Business: Moving Your Product to the Market
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Professor Peter Dobson - Development and Site Activities Professor Peter Dobson discusses his current activities and the future developments of Begbroke Science Park this March 2013. Peter Dobson 11 Mar 2013
2 Creative Commons Financing Technology Start-Ups: Open and Closed Innovation Professor Peter Dobson discusses Open and Closed Innovation at Begbroke Science Park. Peter Dobson 05 Dec 2012
3 Creative Commons Financing Technology Start-Ups - Grant Funding Sam Stephens from TBAT Innovation discusses Grant Funding and gives project examples at Begbroke Science Park. Sam Stephens 05 Dec 2012
4 Creative Commons Financing Technology Start-Ups: Mergers and Acquisitions Peter Moran from VorteQ Consulting discusses Mergers and Acquisitions at Begbroke Science Park. Peter Moran 05 Dec 2012
5 Creative Commons Internet Marketing for Hi-Tech firms PDF slides covering 'An Introduction to Internet Marketing'. Paul Bhangal 20 Dec 2011
6 Social Media What is social-media, and how can I use it to benefit my business? Anna Storrs 14 Nov 2011
7 Creative Commons Networking for Business Growth Oxford knows you're here - how about the rest of the world? Learn how to expand your networking, using national organisations. Ian Wenman 14 Nov 2011
8 Creative Commons Getting Connected, Finding Partners or Investors A local support network is one of the most important tools for managing your business and personal interactions. In this session, we'll help you get connected. Placi O'Neill-Espejo 14 Nov 2011
9 Creative Commons Making the Most of Your Website Your website is the public face of your business - does yours need a face lift? We'll show you how to keep your site fresh using all the latest analytical tools available. Jeremy Anderson 14 Nov 2011
10 Creative Commons Problem Solving: Issue Analysis and Formulating Strategy PDFs to accompany 'Problem Solving: Issue Analysis and Formulating Strategy'.Using simple management tools to help you define your strategy, it's time to learn the solution to your real problems. Loren Griffiths 14 Nov 2011
11 Creative Commons Marketing and Business Planning This session looks at business planning and market intelligence, understanding your market size and your competitors, and determining your USP. Marc Ventresca 14 Nov 2011
12 Creative Commons Introduction to Building a Business: Moving your Product to the Market Professor Peter Dobson, Academic Director of Begbroke Science Park, gives an introduction to the Building a Business: Moving your Product to the market conference. Peter Dobson 14 Nov 2011