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The collegiate system is at the heart of the University’s success, giving students and academics the benefits of belonging to both a large, internationally renowned institution and to a smaller, interdisciplinary, academic college community. It enables leading academics and students across subjects and year groups, and from different cultures and countries to come together to share ideas.
All Colleges invest heavily in facilities for extensive library and IT provision, accommodation and welfare support, and sports and social events. The relatively small number of students at each college allows for close and supportive personal attention to be given to the induction, academic development and welfare of individuals.
Each college has its own Governing Body, comprising the Head of House and a number of Fellows, most of whom also hold University posts. There are also six Permanent Private Halls, which were founded by various Christian denominations and still retain their religious character.

Series associated with Colleges

A Corpus, Not a Canon
Almanac – The Oxford Middle East Podcast
Ancient Egyptian Poetry
Asian Studies Centre
Balliol Chapel
Brasenose College
Building Peace 2010 to 2019
Building Peace 2020
Bynum Tudor Annual Lectures at Kellogg College
Centenary celebration of the first modern Spanish endowment at Oxford
Changing Character of War
Christ Church
Conflict and Cultural Heritage Conference
Contemporary Islamic Studies
Cosmopolis and Beyond: Literary Cosmopolitanism after the Republic of Letters
David Nicholls Memorial Trust
Emden History Lectures
English Tutorials at Mansfield College
Environmental Governance and Resilience
Europe's Stories Project
European Studies Centre
Exeter College
Free Speech Debate
Global Economic Governance Programme
Global Economic Governance: Globalisation and the Financial Crisis
Green Templeton College
Green Templeton Lectures 2013 : Feeding a Better Future
Green Templeton Lectures 2014: The Tyranny of the Normal
Harmsworth Lecture series
Harris Manchester College
IDEAL Collaboration Conference 2016
In Our Spare Time
Isaiah Berlin Centenary
Israel Studies Seminar
Jesus College
Keble College
Kellogg College
Lady Margaret Hall
Latin American Centre
Law and Politics from St Antony's College
LIBcast - from The Queen's College
Lincoln College
Madness: Between Medieval Islamic and Modern Perspectives
Mansfield College
Manuscript and Text Cultures
McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics & Public Life
Merton College
Micrographia 350
Middle East Centre
Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies
Oh What a Lovely War? First World War Anniversary Lectures
Opera Studies
Oriel College
Oriel College Chapel Services
Oxford Centre for the Study of Corruption and Transparency
Oxford Chinese Economy Programme
Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (OCCT)
Oxford UIDP Summit
Pharmaceutical Industry: Past, Present and Future
Prime Ministers and Europe since Thatcher - The Hertford lectures
Shakespeare and the Brain
Social Mobility
Societies in Transition
Somerville College
St Anne's College
St Antony's looks at the World
St Catherine's College
St Cross College Lectures
St Cross College Shorts
St Cross Colloquia
St Edmund Hall
St Edmund Hall Research Expo 2015: Teddy Talks
St Edmund Hall Research Expo 2017: Teddy Talks
St Hilda's College Podcasts
St Hugh's College
St John's College
St Peter's College
St. Cross College
Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) 2019
Teddy Talks
The Body and Being Network
The Cameron Mackintosh Inaugural Lecture Series
The Facts Facing the UK's Future: A Colloquium at The Queen's College
The Geddes Memorial Lectures
The Isaiah Berlin Lecture
The Leonard Woolf Symposium
The Ockham Lecture - The Merton College Physics Lecture
The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing
The Tanner Lectures
The Tunisian Revolution: Origins, Course and Aftermath
The View from Above: Structure, Emergence, and Causation
Tower Poetry
Translating Illness
Trinity College Podcasts
Uncertainty as part of decision-relevant information
University College
Unlocking Late Schumann
Wadham College
Weidenfeld Debates
Wolfson College Podcasts
Worcester College
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 An van Camp in conversation with Stanley Ulijaszek at the Young Rembrandt exhibition As part of the St Cross College Shorts podcast series, Fellow and Ashmolean Museum Curator An van Camp discusses the Young Rembrandt exhibition with Stanley Ulijaszek, in October 2020. An Van Camp, Stanley Ulijaszek 16 Dec 2020
2 The logic of chaos: The pattern of dictatorships Ece Temelkuran, author of How to Lose a Country: the Seven Steps from Democracy to Dictatorship (2019) gives a talk for the Middle East Centre Friday Seminar series. Chaired by Dr Laurent Mignon (St Antony's College, Oxford). Ece Temelkuran, Laurent Mignon 09 Dec 2020
3 Child abuse and dancing boys in Afghanistan Piotr Schulkes, Rose Johnson, and Max Randall dive into the phenomenon of the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Piotr Schulkes, Rose Johnson, Max Randall 03 Dec 2020
4 Why Syria Still Matters and Why Assad is Still There Dr Lina Khatib, Director, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham, Jeremy Bowen (Middle East Editor, BBC News) give a talk on Syria and it's current political situation. Chaired by Professor Eugene Rogan (St Antony's College, Oxford). Lina Khatib, Jeremy Bowen 03 Dec 2020
5 Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalist Ideologies Seminar: Rose Stair (Oxford): Age and gender in German-language cultural Zionism The fourth lecture in the Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalist Ideologies seminar series. Rose Stair discusses cultural Zionism through a focus on age and gender. Rost Stair 01 Dec 2020
6 Creative Commons Jeko Khere So Khaye (He who tills has the right to eat); 'development' and the politics of agrarian reform in late 1940s and early 1950s in Sindh Sarah Ansari (Royal Holloway) gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre seminar series. Sarah Ansari 26 Nov 2020
7 Creative Commons Apocalymbo: Trickster Politics in the Age of the Pandemic (and Other Crises) Walter Armbrust (St Antony’s College, Oxford), author of Martyrs and Tricksters: An Ethnography of the Egyptian Revolution (2019), gives a talk for the Middle East Centre Friday Seminar Series on 20th November 2020. Walter Armbrust, Michael Willis 25 Nov 2020
8 Peter Bergamin (Oxford): Guns and Moses: Jewish anti-British Resistance during the Mandate for Palestine Peter Bergamin presents some findings and conclusions from his recent research on the British Mandate for Palestine, focusin on the phenomena of Jewish illegal immigration and anti-British terrorism, and their role in Britain’s eventual abandonment of the Peter Bergamin 24 Nov 2020
9 ‘God Does not Discriminate’: Inclusive Mosques Politics in France and the United Kingdom Benjamin Dubrulle (Maison Française d'Oxford), gives a seminar for the MEC Women's Rights Research Seminars. Chaired by Dr Soraya Tremayne (School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford) on 18th November 2020. Benjamin Dubrulle 24 Nov 2020
10 Avi Shlaim on Revisionist History and Israel Piotr Schulkes and Avi Shlaim, Fellow of the British Academy, sit down to discuss Israel’s New Historians; who they are, what they believe, and the popular reception to it. Avi Shlaim, Piotr Schulkes 20 Nov 2020
11 The Trajectory of the Tunisian Revolution: between Continuities and Disjunctures Professor Sami Zemni (Ghent) gives a talk on the Tunisian Revolution on its 10 year anniversary. Part of the Middle East Centre Friday Seminar Series, chaired by Dr Michael Willis (St Anthony's College). Sami Zemni 18 Nov 2020
12 Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalist Ideologies Seminar: Yuval Evri (KCL) - The Return to Al-Andalus: Disputes Over Sephardic Culture and Identity Between Arabic and Hebrew Yuval Evri discusses his new book, The Return to Al-Andalus, Disputes Over Sephardic Culture and Identity Between Arabic and Hebrew Yuval Evri 17 Nov 2020
13 The New Populist nationalism in Saudi Arabia Madawi Al-Rasheed (KCL and LSE), author of Salman’s Legacy: The Dilemmas of a New Era in Saudi Arabia (2018) and Ben Hubbard (The New York Times), author of MBS: The Rise to Power of MBS (2020) give a talk for the Middle East Centre Friday Seminar Series. Madawi al-Rasheed, Ben Hubbard 17 Nov 2020
14 David Beeson David Beeson, Professor in Molecular Neurosciences, talks with Stanley Ulijaszek David Beeson, Stanley Ulijaszek 13 Nov 2020
15 Adriana X Jacobs Adriana X Jacobs, Associate Professor and Cowley Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature in conversation with Stanley Ulijaszek Adriana X Jacobs, Stanley Ulijaszek 13 Nov 2020
16 Rajput loyalties in the Mughal age Cynthia Talbot (Texas at Austin) gives a talk for the Asian Studies Centre seminar series on Mughal India and the Rajput. Cynthia Talbot 12 Nov 2020
17 Global histories of hierarachy? Reflections from India on Caste, race and the Black Lives Matter movement Nayanika Mathur (Oxford) and Rosalind O'Hanlon (Oxford) give a talk for the Modern South Asian Studies seminars on the Black Lives Matter movement. Nayanika Mathur, Rosalind O'Hanlon 11 Nov 2020
18 Nahshon Perez (Bar-Ilan) and Yuval Jobani (Tel Aviv): Governing the Sacred: Political Toleration in Five Contested Sacred Sites Nachshon Perez discusses Perez and Jobani's co-authored book on the politics of contested sacred sites Nachshon Perez 10 Nov 2020
19 Illiberal Liberals and the Future of Dictatorship in Egypt Dalia Fahmy (Long Island University) editor of Egypt and the Contradictions of Liberalism: Illiberal Intelligentsia and the Future of Egyptian Democracy (2017), gives a talk for the Middle East Centre Friday Seminar Series. Dalia Fahmy, Daanish Faruqi, Usaama al-Azami 10 Nov 2020
20 Challenging the Limited View - The Case of the Women in Mosques Movement Part of the Middle East Centre Women's Rights Research Seminars. With Dr Mine Yildirim Chair: Dr Nazila Ghanea (Department for Continuing Education,University of Oxford). Mine Yildirim, Nazila Ghanea 06 Nov 2020
21 Creative Commons Looking back; Moving Forwards: The History of Black Lives Matter Wolfson College marks Black History Month 2020 with an engaging discussion with Britain's foremost experts on the history of black lives and communities in Britain. Olivette Otele, Hakim Adi 05 Nov 2020
22 Domestic audience costs and foreign policy making in India: recent shifts in the BJP's strategy Unlike ever before in India’s history, domestic political calculations and audience costs dictate the shaping of the country’s foreign and security policy. Happymon Jacob 05 Nov 2020
23 Pandemic as event: thinking modern Indian society through a crisis Conjunctures and crises reveal the fault lines of a society. Covid 19 and the resultant lockdown in India have brought back memories of the devastation wrought by the flu epidemic of 1918 and the political crackdown by the colonial government. Dilip Menon 05 Nov 2020
24 Authoritarian or Revolutionary? Reflections on the Nature of the State in the Islamic Republic of Iran Maryam Alemzadeh (Princeton) Siavush Randjbar-Daemi (St Andrews), author of The Quest for Authority in Iran: a history of the presidency from revolution to Rouhani (2017), give a talk for the Middle East Centre Friday Seminar Series. Maryam Alemzadeh, Siavush Randjbar-Daemi 04 Nov 2020
25 Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalist Ideologies Semina: Danielle Drori (Oxford): Yosef Klausner in Translation: Zionism and Christianity The second seminar in the Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalism Sereis. Danielle Drori discusses Zionism and translation, with a focus on Klausner's Life of Jesus Danielle Drori 03 Nov 2020
26 OxPeace 2020: Take-aways from the ‘Women, Peace and Security’ Conference Frances Guy and Liz Carmichael sum up the 2020 Oxpeace Conference. Frances Guy, Liz Carmichael 02 Nov 2020
27 OxPeace 2020: Combating Sexual and Gender-based Violence Dr Henri Myrttinen, Gender Associations, gives a talk for the 2020 Oxpeace Conference Henri Myrttinen 02 Nov 2020
28 Orientalism and the Language of the Middle East Lillie Sullivan, Piotr Schulkes, and Hajar Meddah discuss what the Middle East as a region is and how it is portrayed in academia and the media. Piotr Schulkes, Hajar Meddah, Lillie Sullivan 02 Nov 2020
29 Hadeel Abu Hussein (Oxford): Palestinian Arab Citizens in Israel, Equality Struggle Hadeel Abu Hussein discusses the historical stages of the Palestinian Arab citizens in Israel with respect to their political formation and social experience as individuals and a collective starting from 1948, until nowadays. Hadeel Abu Hussein 27 Oct 2020
30 The Dictatorship Syndrome Alaa Al Aswany, author of The Dictatorship Syndrome (2019), gives a talk for the Middle East Centre seminar series. Chaired by Professor Eugene Rogan (St Antony's College, Oxford) Alaa Al Aswany, Eugene Rogan 23 Oct 2020
31 Reconsidering Early Jewish Nationalist Ideologies Seminar: Yair Wallach, (SOAS): Language of Revival or Conquest? Hebrew in the Streets of early 20th century Jerusalem Yair Wallach discusses his book A City in Fragments: Urban Text in Modern Jerusalem (Stanford University Press, 2020). Yair Wallach 22 Oct 2020
32 Sandy Kedar: Emptied Lands - A Legal Geography of Bedouin Rights in the Negev. Prof. Sandy Kedar (Haifa) discusses his co-authored book on the legal rights of the Bedouin in the Negev. Sandy Kedar 14 Oct 2020
33 Female Entrepreneurship in the Middle East Frederike Brockhoven sits down with Rania Ayman of Entreprenelle, Yasmeen Mjalli of Babyfist, and Lina Khalifeh of Shefighter to discuss female entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Frederike Brockhoven, Rania Ayman, Lina Khalifeh 07 Oct 2020
34 In At The Deep End Alex Gunz (1994, PPE) on his novel, In At The Deep End Alex Gunz 02 Oct 2020
35 Exiles From Paris Brigitte Adès (1982) on her novel, Exiles From Paris Brigitte Ades 01 Oct 2020
36 The Cry of the Lake Charlie Tyler (1993) on her debut novel, The Cry of the Lake. Charlie Tyler 30 Sep 2020
37 The Kafala System Hajar Meddah, Felix Walker and Piotr Schulkes discuss the Middle East’s controversial Kafala system, that allows employers to exploit workers and undermine their rights without breaking the law. Hajar Meddah, Felix Walker, Piotr Schulkes 28 Sep 2020
38 St Antony's Looks At the World - Ep 7: Dr Thierry Malleret For Episode 7, we are joined by Dr Thierry Malleret (SAM 1991-2), founder and principal author of the Monthly Barometer - www.monthlybarometer.com/. Thierry Malleret 18 Sep 2020
39 The Leszek Kołakowski Lecture: Is Poland still a liberal democracy? Constitutional breakdown and potential revival Wojciech Sadurski (University of Sydney and University of Warsaw), gives the 2019 Leszek Kołakowski Lecture. Wojciech Sadurski 08 Sep 2020
40 30 Years after the Velvet Revolutions of 1989: Time for a New Liberation? In this lecture, Professor Timothy Garton Ash will explore the peculiar character of populism in post-communist Europe, and the considerable forces of resistance to it. Timothy Garton Ash 08 Sep 2020
41 Normalization, annexation, and the Palestinians Piotr Schulkes, Frederike Brockhoven, and Michael Memari discuss the impact of the normalization of the UAE-Israeli relationship on Netanyahu’s annexation plan, why it's yet more bad news for Palestinians, and American reticence to improve the situation. Michael Memari, Frederike Brockhoven, Piotr Schulkes 08 Sep 2020
42 OxPeace 2020: Opening and keynote address on 'Feminine Peace, Human Security' Dr Liz Carmichael MBE opens the OxPeace 2020 Conference; Teohna Williams gives keynote on “Feminine Peace, Human Security” Liz Carmichael, Teohna Williams 06 Sep 2020
43 OxPeace 2020: Twenty Years of UNSCR 1325 Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini MBE gives the keynote address on 'Twenty Years of UNSCR 1325' at the OxPeace 2020 conference. Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini 06 Sep 2020
44 OxPeace 2020: Using the PA-X Database to Understand Gender Perspectives in Peace Agreements Dr Kevin McNicholl presents 'Using the PA-X Database to Understand Gender Perspectives in Peace Agreements' at the OxPeace 2020 conference. Kevin McNicholl 06 Sep 2020
45 OxPeace 2020: Women's participation in peacebuilding and mediation Quhramaana Kakar presents 'Women's participation in peacebuilding and mediation' at the OxPeace 2020 conference. Quhramaana Kakar 06 Sep 2020
46 OxPeace 2020: UNSCR 1325 and the Experience of Women in Sudan Dr Suad Musa presents 'UNSCR 1325 and the Experience of Women in Sudan' at the OxPeace 2020 conference. suad musa 06 Sep 2020
47 OxPeace 2020: Uniformed Women in South Sudan Captain Sophie Piper presents 'Uniformed Women in South Sudan' at the 2020 OxPeace conference. Sophie Piper 06 Sep 2020
48 OxPeace 2020: Seeking Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence in Conflict Baroness Helić presents 'Seeking Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence in Conflict' at the 2020 OxPeace conference. Arminka Helic 06 Sep 2020
49 St Antony's Looks At the World - Ep 1: Professor Simukai Chigudu Professor Simukai Chigudu, Associate Professor of African Politics, joins us to discuss his book The Political Life of an Epidemic: Cholera, Crisis and Citizenship in Zimbabwe and the lessons for today. Simukai Chigudu 26 Aug 2020
50 Antony's Looks At the World - Ep 2: Professor Thomas Hale Professor Thomas Hale, Associate Professor in Global Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government; Fellow of St Antony's College discusses his recent pioneering work on the Covid-19 response tracker. Thomas Hale 26 Aug 2020
51 St Antony's Looks at the World - Ep. 3 Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis Professor of International Relations, Faculty Fellow, St Antonys College discusses her recent reflections on the Coronavirus pandemic and what it means for our story and myth. Kalypso Nicolaidis 26 Aug 2020
52 St Antony's Looks at the World - Ep. 4 - Professor Archie Brown For our fourth episode of St Antony's Looks at the World, we have Emeritus Fellow Professor Archie Brown discussing his latest book - 'The Human Factor: Gorbachev, Reagan, and Thatcher, and the End of the Cold War'. Archie Brown, Julie Newton 26 Aug 2020
53 Cinematic Translations: Visualising the Invisible Path of Contagion Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) talks with Kirsten Ostherr (Rice) in another episode of Translating Illness. Marta Arnaldi, Kirsten Ostherr 26 Aug 2020
54 St Antony's Looks at the World Ep 5: Adam Pourahmadi For our fifth edition of St Antony's Looks at the World we are delighted to be joined by Adam Pourahmadi (MPhil Modern Middle Eastern Studies, 2015), Digital Producer at CNN. Adam Pourahmadi 20 Aug 2020
55 St Antony's Looks at the World Ep 6: Professor Sir John Redwood MP with Dr Zachary Karabell For our sixth edition of St Antony’s Looks at the World, we present two of our most distinguished alumni: Professor the Rt Hon Sir John Redwood (History, 1971) interviewed by Dr Zachary Karabell (Middle Eastern Studies, 1988). Sir John Redwood, Zachary Karabell 20 Aug 2020
56 Masks, Vaccine and Cure: Translating Medical Evidence During and After the Pandemic Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) presents another Translating COVID-19 video conversation, with Eivind Engebretsen (Oslo). Marta Arnaldi, Eivind Engebretsen 02 Jul 2020
57 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture Europe's Story: Phoenix or Phantom? Timothy Snyder (Yale) gives the 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf lecture on Friday May 3rd 2019. Introduced by Manfred Lahnstein (ZEIT-Stiftung) and chaired by Timothy Garton Ash (Oxford). Timothy Synder, Timothy Garten-Ash, Manfred Lahnstein 18 Jun 2020
58 Global Healing: Towards a World Policy of Care The third Translating COVID-19 video conversation, with Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) and Karen Thornber (Harvard). Marta Arnaldi, Karen Thornber 17 Jun 2020
59 Germany, Europe and the West - 2020 Annual Ralf Dahrendorf Memorial Lecture The 2020 Dahrendorf Lecture, given by Dr Norbert Röttgen (Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag). The discussant is Gideon Rachman (Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times). Chaired by Professor Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's). Norbert Röttgen 15 Jun 2020
60 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 8. Concluding discussion:from cacophony to polyphony? What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. With Natalie Nougayrede (Guardian), Daniel Judt (Oxford) Chair: Timothy Garton Ash (Oxford). Natalie Nougayrède, Daniel Judt, Timothy Garton Ash 12 Jun 2020
61 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 7. Europe's stories seen from outside What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. With Pratap Bhanu Mehta (Ashoka University, Delhi), Sonia Lucarelli (University of Bologna), Khaled Fahmy (Cambridge) Chair: Faisal Devji (Oxford). Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Sonia Lucarelli, Khaled Fahmy, Faisal Devji 12 Jun 2020
62 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 6. Europe's insider outsiders What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. With Ayyam Sureau (Association Pierre Claver, Paris), Katalin Barsony (Romedia, Budapest), Ayse Kadioglu (Sabanci University, Istanbul), Chair: Ruth Harris (Oxford). Ayyam Sureau, Katalin Barsony, Ayse Kadioglu, Ruth Harris 11 Jun 2020
63 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 5. Europe's (his)story in schools, museums, theatre and foundations What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. Steffen Sammler, Constanze Itzel, Katie Ebner-Landy, Michael Schwarz 10 Jun 2020
64 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 4. Writing a history of Europe What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. Ian Kershaw, Andreas Wirsching, Margaret MacMillan, Paul Betts 10 Jun 2020
65 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 3. The power and perils of narrative What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. With Andrew Hurrell (Oxford), Kalypso Nicolaidis (Oxford), Carolin Duttlinger (Oxford) Chair: Rasmus Nielsen (Oxford). Andrew Hurrell, Kalypso Nicolaidis, Carolin Duttlinger, Rasmus Nielsen 10 Jun 2020
66 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 2.Contested narratives of today's Europe What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. Andras Lanczi, Slawomir Sierakowski, Damian Boeselager, Gisela Stuart 10 Jun 2020
67 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 1.What do Europeans know? What do they care? What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. With Isabell Hoffmann (eupinions, Bertelsmann Foundation), Katrin Bennhold (New York Times), Christian Rauh (WZB), Daniel Judt (Oxford). Isabell Hoffmann, Katrin Bennhold, Christian Rauh, Daniel Judt 10 Jun 2020
68 Looking forward to the next 100 years of the Osma Studentship Dr Mariam Rosser-Owen, Osma Student ‘99–00, head curator of the Arab World collections at the V&A, traces with a specialist eye the collection at the Instituto and her research there, followed by an expert roundtable on the future of the Studentship. Mariam Rosser-Owen, Carole Souter, Miriam Ali de Unzaga, Xenia Elsaesser 02 Jun 2020
69 Osma Students from the past: The stories of British novelist Inez Pearn, first woman to hold the studentship ‘35–36, and Dr Alan Forey, Osma Student ‘56–57 and '57–58 Simon Deefholts and Louisa Long, grand-daughter of Inez Pearn, talk about her time in Madrid before the Civil War as a source of inspiration for her novels. Dr Alan Forey, reader emeritus at the University of Durham, recalls his studentship in the 1950s. Simon Deefholts, Alan Forey, Louisa Long 02 Jun 2020
70 Stories of past de Osma Students and a journey through the Bodleian Archives exploring the history of the studentship Osma Student ‘93–94 Dr Bruce Taylor speaks on his experiences in Madrid and predecessors who have passed, and centenary-organiser Dr Marina Pérez de Arcos shares her archival research on the history of the first modern Spanish endowment at Oxford. Bruce Taylor, Marina Perez de Arcos 02 Jun 2020
71 An archival apprenticeship experience and a biographical profile of Guillermo de Osma Introduced by Bodley’s Librarian Richard Ovenden, Prof Duncan Wheeler speaks on his experience as a studentship holder in 2009, and art historian Guillermo de Osma shares a biographical profile of his great-granduncle. Richard Ovenden, Duncan Wheeler, Guillermo de Osma 02 Jun 2020
72 Translating Cultures in an Age of Confinement Marta Arnaldi (Oxford) in conversation with Charles Forsdick (Liverpool). Marta Arnaldi, Charles Forsdick 29 May 2020
73 Translating Illness: The Case of COVID-19 Marta Arnaldi (Principal Investigator, Translating Illness, Oxford) in conversation with author Nicola Gardini (Oxford). Marta Arnaldi, Nicola Gardini 15 May 2020
74 Maud Gonne MacBride: feminist, agitator, muse Kellogg Fellow Dr Tara Stubbs introduces us to Maud Gonne Macbride: feminist, agitator, muse. Tara Stubbs 25 Apr 2020
75 Conflict and Wellbeing Deprivation in sub-Saharan Africa Ricardo Nogales gives a talk for the Changing Character of War seminar series. Ricardo Nogales 16 Apr 2020
76 Unpacking the Refugees-Terrorism Nexus Sara Polo, University of Essex, gives a talk for the Changing Character of War seminar series. Sara Polo 16 Apr 2020
77 The Russian Understanding of War Oscar Jonsson, Stockholm Free World Forum, gives a talk for the Changing Character of War Programme. Oscar Jonsson 16 Apr 2020
78 Terrorism and Recent Developments in Human Rights Lord John Alderdice gives a talk for the Changing Character of War seminar series. John Alderdice 16 Apr 2020
79 Refugee Studies Centre: Book launch - Palestinian Refugees in International Law Book launch for the new book Palestinian Refugees in International Law by Lex Takkenberg and Francesca Albanese. Lex Takkenberg, Francesca Albanese 02 Apr 2020
80 What’s New? Emerging Disruptive Models for High-Value, Longer Term University-Industry Partnering This session identifies and explores emerging partnership models that are disrupting the way universities and businesses work together to develop high-value and mutually beneficial relationships for the longer term. Dave Bembo, Wade Brown, Karl Koster, Karen Kennedy 19 Mar 2020
81 Crowdsourcing Innovation: Changing the world one good idea at a time A high proportion of research, IP and knowledge remains ‘on the shelf’ at worst, and under-utilised at best. Rob (Crowdicity) explores why this is, and shares real-world stories of how applying open innovation and co-creation is helping to change this. Rob Wilmot 18 Mar 2020
82 Human Centred Futures: The Critical Role of the Social Sciences This session will examine the fundamental importance of social sciences research to the fourth industrial revolution. Georgia Chao, Rick Delbridge, Daniel Sui, Mike Willardson 18 Mar 2020
83 What intermediaries are for? In many countries, we have seen the rise of intermediaries that should bridge the intellectual, material and organisational divide between the worlds of science and business innovation. Do or do they not, that is the fundamental question? Kate Ronayne, Simon Andrews, Stuart Martin, Jay Walsh 18 Mar 2020
84 Are R and D Targets a Must For Innovation? R and D targets and metrics have become common place (e.g. 3% norm by EC, 2.4% norm in UK). However, what do those norms signal? What is their effect, if any? And, if such targets are deemed not relevant, what should then replace them? Emmo Meijer 18 Mar 2020
85 Tackling Wicked Problems: Partnering for Impact UC San Diego VC for Research Sandra Brown presents recommendations from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU’s) Public Impact-Focused Research (PIR) Initiative. Sandy Brown 18 Mar 2020
86 Oxford UIDP Summit 2019 Overview of the Oxford UIDP Summit 2019 Anthony Boccanfuso, Anna-Marie Greenaway, Coleen Burrus, Neeta Khurana 18 Mar 2020
87 What will it take to Educate the World - Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professor Distinguished Panel Lecture 2018 Many developing countries suffer from poorly performing educational systems that fail to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate productively in the modern economy. How can educational outcomes be improved? Richard Peto, Esther Duflo, Rachel Glennester 13 Mar 2020
88 Hizky Shoham - The Emotional Scripting of Boycotts: The Nazi-Zionist Agreement in Jewish Public Culture During the 1930s Hizky Shoham discusses the 'emotionologies' surrounding the Nazi-Zionist 'Transfer agreement.' Hizky Shoham 26 Feb 2020
89 The Saudi Arabia of Muhammad bin Salman: How Much Change? Professor Gregory Gause (Head of International Affairs Department, The Bush School of Government and Public Service) gives a talk on Saudi Arabia crown prince Muhammad bin Salman. Introduced by Dr Toby Matthiesen (St. Antony's College, Oxford. Gregory Gause 25 Feb 2020
90 Larissa Remennick - The Israeli Diaspora in Berlin: Back to Being Jewish? Larissa Remeniick discuss the origins and present condition of the new (post-2010) Israeli diaspora in Berlin Larissa Remennick 19 Feb 2020
91 Cristina Martinez Cristina Martinez, Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Neurosciences in conversation with Stanley Ulijaszek Cristina Martinez, Stanley Ulijaszek 18 Feb 2020
92 Amy Styring Archeological Scientist Amy Styring talks with Stanley Ulijaszek Amy Styring, Stanley Ulijaszek 18 Feb 2020
93 Christopher Adam Professor of Development Economics Christopher Adam in conversation with Stanley Ulijaszek Christopher Adam, Stanley Ulijaszek 18 Feb 2020
94 Creative Commons If biodiversity is the medicine, then what are its active ingredients? In this year's Haldane lecture, Professor Kathy Willis examines the newly emerging 'green health' scientific evidence-base. The lecture is introduced by the College President, Sir Tim Hitchens. Kathy Willis 18 Feb 2020
95 Book Launch - Utopia and Civilisation in the Arab Nahda Peter Hill (Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne), gives a talk on his new book, Utopia and Civilisation in the Arab Nahda. Chaired by Professor Eugene Rogan (St. Antony's College, Oxford). Peter Hill 12 Feb 2020
96 The struggle for Iraq's political field after the assassination of Qasim Sulimani, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis; the protest movement, Iraq's militias and the ruling elite Professor Toby Dodge, LSE, gives a talk for the Middle East Studies Centre seminar series. Chaired by Dr Toby Matthiesen (St. Antony's College, Oxford). Toby Dodge 07 Feb 2020
97 Lotem Perry-Hazan: Ethnic segregation in the Haredi education in Israel: Policies and practices Lotem Perry-Hazzan discusses ethnic discrimination in admissions to Haredi schools in Israel Lotem Perry-Hazzan 05 Feb 2020
98 Justice and Islamic Law: Mazalim Courts and Legal Reform Professor Jonathan Brown, Georgetown University, gives a talk for the Middle East seminar series. Chaired by Dr Usaama al-Azami (St Antony's College). Jonathan Brown, Usaama al-Azami 29 Jan 2020
99 Heather Munro: Ashkenazi Hegemony in Haredi Israeli Society and Implications for the Future Heather Monro discusses the implications of Ashkenazi Hegemony in the Israeli Haredi society. Heather Munro 28 Jan 2020
100 Iran, Iraq and the US after the Qasim Sulemani assassination Panel discussion looking at US, Iranian and Iraqi politics after the Qasim Sulemani assassination. Held in Oxford on Monday, 20th January 2020 Felix Gedney, Emma Sky, Sir Simon Mayall, Toby Matthiesen 28 Jan 2020