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Department of Pharmacology

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology is part of the Medical Sciences Division, an academic division of the University of Oxford, and is led by Professor Leonard Seymour. The Department has a major research portfolio and also teaches the principles and practice of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics to medical students during their clinical training. The Department also runs a taught residential M.Sc in Experimental Therapeutics and co-hosts (with the Department of Pharmacology) a research M.Sc course in Medicinal Chemistry for Cancer.
The Department has a strong translational focus, seeking to apply new scientific ideas and insights in state-of-the-art medicines. Transfer of new agents from preclinical to clinical testing, with carefully designed clinical protocols allows measurement of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the new agents and hypothesis-led testing of their mechanisms of action. Comprehensive clinical data can empower laboratory research in a process of iterative design and assessment of ever-improving new therapeutic agents. Clinical outcomes can also be correlated with genetic traits and polymorphisms of individual patients, helping us to predict which patients will respond best to specific drugs and thereby minimizing unnecessary treatments and maximizing patient benefit.
The Department has research groups focused on drug development for cancer, biomarkers, anticancer viruses, gene therapy, pharmacogenomics and studying adverse drug reactions and ion transport mechanisms, and has a large unit running clinical trials. It also provides advice on therapeutics to clinical staff within the Oxford hospitals, to the Health Authority, and to GPs in the Oxford region; this is done through direct contact and activities on the local Drug and Therapeutics Committee.
The Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU) is part of the department, and is a UKCRN registered trials unit undertaking clinical trials in cancer treatment. OCTRU encompasses the collaborative work of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM) and the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO).

Series associated with Department of Pharmacology

Cancer in the Developing World
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Cervical Cancer in Africa This podcast features interviews with three of the delegates at the conference on cervical cancer in Africa. They share their views about the problem of cervical cancer in Africa and discuss what the international community can do to help. Princess Nikky Onyeri, Rengaswamy Sankaranarayan, Julian Lob-Levyt 12 Feb 2010
2 Cancer Research in India Part 2 Dr Vinod Raina, co-founder of the INDOX Cancer Research Network, discusses the key achievements of INDOX and the challenges involved in doing clinical trials in India. Vinod Raina, Vanita Sharma 17 Dec 2009
3 Pathology in Africa Dr Kenneth Fleming discusses the work that Oxford University is doing to help improve pathology services in Africa. Kenneth Fleming 13 Aug 2009
4 Childhood Cancer in the Developing World Professor Tim Eden talks about the challenges faced in curing childhood cancer in the developing world. Tim Eden, Vanita Sharma 16 Jun 2009
5 Alan Milburn on Cancer in Africa In this podcast, Alan Milburn, MP for Darlington and former Secretary of State for Health, explains the importance of international support to help improve cancer care in Africa, and talks about the challenges that must to be overcome. Alan Milburn, Vanita Sharma 27 Apr 2009
6 Cancer Research in India Dr. Raghib Ali discusses cancer in India, why Oxford University became interested in this problem and how IndOx has helped to improve the standard of clinical trials in India. Raghib Ali, Vanita Sharma 05 Feb 2009
7 Cancer in Africa Professor David Kerr discusses the cancer burden in Africa, why he became interested in this problem, and how AfrOx is helping to improve the level of cancer care in Africa. David Kerr, Vanita Sharma 05 Feb 2009
8 David Kerr on Cancer Research Professor David Kerr discusses his work on colorectal cancer, the process of how new treatments are developed, the changes in the NHS that he has witnessed over his career, and how cancer care differs in developing countries. David Kerr, Vanita Sharma 05 Feb 2009