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Humanities Division

The Humanities Division is one of four academic divisions in the University of Oxford, bringing together the faculties of Classics; English; History; Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics; Medieval and Modern Languages; Music; Oriental Studies; Philosophy; and Theology, as well as the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art.
The Division offers world-class teaching and research, backed by the superb resources of the University’s libraries and museums, including the famous Bodleian Library, with its 11 million volumes and priceless early book and manuscript collections, and the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. Such historic resources are linked to cutting-edge agendas in research and teaching, with an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary study. Our faculties are among the largest in the world, enabling Oxford to offer an education in Arts and Humanities unparalleled in its range of subjects, from music and fine art to ancient and modern languages.

Series associated with Humanities Division

"British" World War One Poetry: An Introduction
2013 Carnegie-Uehiro-Oxford Ethics Conference: Happiness and Well-Being
A Writer's War
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art lectures
Alan Turing on Computability and Intelligence
Ancient Egyptian Poetry
Ancient History HT2015: Digital Classics
Approaching Shakespeare
Art Across the Black Diaspora: Visualizing Slavery in America
Bio-Ethics Bites
Broadcast Media
Cantemir Institute
Censorship in Literature in South Africa
Centre for the Study of the Book
Challenging the Canon
Cultural Connections: exchanging knowledge and widening participation in the Humanities
D.H. Lawrence
David Hume (2018)
Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School
Diplomacy and culture at the Ottoman Court
Edward Lear's Feelings
English at Oxford
English Graduate Conference 2012
Ethics in AI
Euthydemus - Platonic Dialogue
Exploring Humanities - The Ertegun Scholarship Programme
Faculty of Classics
Faculty of English - Introductions
Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
Fantasy Literature
From Conscience to Robots: Practical Ethics Workshops
General Linguistics Seminar
General Philosophy
General Philosophy (2018)
George Eliot
Global and Imperial History Research Seminar
Global Poverty: Philosophical Questions
Globalising and Localising the Great War seminar series, 2016-2017
Great Writers Inspire
Great Writers Inspire at Home
Greece in Crisis: Culture, Identity, Politics
Hensley Henson Lectures 2018 - Thomas Cromwell: Enterprising Reformation
Hensley Henson Lectures 2019 Art, Craft and Theology: Making Good Words
History Faculty
History of Art
History of Art Radio Hour
History of the Eighteenth Century in Ten Poems
How Epidemics End
Humanitas - Visiting Professorships at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
Hume's Central Principles
Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion
Ian Ramsey Centre: The Deist Controversy
Ian Ramsey Centre: The Great Debate
Indian Traces in Oxford
Institute for Visual Research
Interviews on Great Writers
Interviews with Philosophers
Introducing the Qur'an
Introduction to David Hume's Treatise of Human Nature Book One
John Locke Lectures in Philosophy
Journal of Practical Ethics
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
La Bella Principessa: A Leonardo Discovered
Leonard Woolf's The Village in the Jungle (1913): A Day Symposium
Les Liaisons dangereuses in 5x5
Literature and Form
Literature, Art and Oxford
Medea, a performance history: APGRD eBooks
Medieval English
Medieval German Studies
Mesoamerican Manuscripts
Metaphor: Philosophical Issues
Modern Fairies
Modern Languages Inaugural lectures
MSt English Language
Musical Abstracts
Nietzsche on Mind and Nature
Not Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Theatre
Oriental Institute
Origins of Nature
Oscar Wilde
Oxford German Exchange Series on Brexit
Oxford Humanities - Research Showcase: Global Exploration, Innovation and Influence
Oxford Spanish Literature Podcast
Oxford Writers' House Talks
Philosophical perspectives on the causes of mental illness
Philosophy - Ethics of the New Biosciences
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy Special Lectures
Photo Archives VI: The Place of Photography
Poetry with Simon Armitage
Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies
Practical Ethics Bites
Professor of Poetry
Promoting Interdisciplinary Engagement in the Digital Humanities
Reformation 2017
Regional Classics
Reid's Critique of Hume
Reimagining Ancient Greece and Rome: APGRD Podcast
Reimagining Ancient Greece and Rome: APGRD public lectures
Religious Epistemology, Contextualism, and Pragmatic Encroachment
Renegotiations of History in light of the 'Greek Crisis'
Research Approaches to Former Soviet States: A Practical Introduction
Rethinking Moral Status
Rothermere American Institute
Ruskin School of Art
Russian Ab Initio Students: Pre-Course Listening Material
Sacrifice and Modern Thought
Sade, l'inconnu? Nouvelles approaches critiques
Samuel Johnson
Science and Religious Conflict Conference
Shakespeare's first folio
Slade Lecture Series
Social Media and Faith
Spain: 1959 - 1992
Staging Shakespeare
Staying Alive: Poetry and Crisis
Stories, Spaces and Societies - Globalising and Localising the Great War
Taylor Lecture
Teaching the Codex
The Beazley Archive - Classical Art Research Centre
The Dragon and The Cross: Christianity in China
The End of Journalism
The English People at War in the Age of Henry VIII
The Fall of the Roman Empire (Bryan Ward-Perkins)
The Global History of Capitalism
The King James Bible Lecture Series
The New Madhyamaka
The Remedy
The Value of Humanities
The View from Above: Structure, Emergence, and Causation
The Zaharoff Lecture
Theology Faculty
Thinking Out Loud: leading philosophers discuss topical global issues
Tibetan Graduate Studies Seminar
Tolkien at Oxford
Transforming Nineteenth-Century Historically Informed Practice
Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
Uehiro Lectures: Practical solutions for ethical challenges
Unlocking Late Schumann
Valentine's Day at Oxford
Voltaire Foundation
War and Representation
Was there a Russian Enlightenment?
What is Tragedy?
What is Translation?
What next after your PhD? Getting published in journals and getting your first academic job
Writers in Dialogue
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Reimagining Tragedy from Africa and the Global South A podcast with Mark Fleishman and Mandla Mbothwe Mandla Mbothwe, Mark Fleishman 05 Jan 2022
2 Episode 6: Wales This episode features Boudica, a tortoise, Pegasus and Chris Martin, and that’s before we meet our panellists! Reem Ahmed, Lewys Griffiths, Ellie Williams, Katrina Kelly 17 Dec 2021
3 A People’s History of Classics Edith Hall and Henry Stead in conversation about their book, A People’s History of Classics: Class and Greco-Roman Antiquity in Britain and Ireland 1689 to 1939 Edith Hall, Henry Stead 15 Dec 2021
4 Dipti Khera on the History of Art Radio Hour Dipti Khera is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art History and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. Dipti Khera 25 Nov 2021
5 Vaccine policies and challenge trials: the ethics of relative risk in public health In this St Cross Special Ethics Seminar, Dr Sarah Chan outlines some risks arising from the deliberate infection of human participants to infectious agents for research purposes Sarah Chan 24 Nov 2021
6 Do We Need Mental Privacy? The Ethics of Mind Reading Reloaded Marcello Ienca discusses moral and legal issues surrounding the decoding – ‘mind reading’ - of brain activity Marcello Ienca 22 Nov 2021
7 History of Art Radio Hour with Lena Fritsch Lena Fritsch is the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Ashmolean Museum, where she works on exhibitions, displays and acquisitions of international art. Lena Fritsch, Geoff Batchen 16 Nov 2021
8 History of Art Radio Hour with Anthony Gardner Anthony Gardner is Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Ruskin School of Art at the University of Oxford. Anthony Gardner, Geoff Batchen 12 Nov 2021
9 Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics Katrien Devolder and Aaron Gross discuss the link between factory farm and zoonotic diseases. Aaron Gross 09 Nov 2021
10 History of Art Radio Hour with Mette Sandbye Mette Sandbye is a Professor in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Mette Sandbye, Geoff Batchen 09 Nov 2021
11 Episode 5: The North of England In this episode, we discuss Classics and employability, the tremendous breadth of the discipline, the thrill of philosophy, and how you can discover what fascinates you. Cristina Chui, Llewelyn Morgan, Amy Thompson, Katrina Kelly 01 Nov 2021
12 History of Art Radio Hour with Craig Clunas Craig Clunas (Oxford History of Art), gives a talk 13th October 2021. Craig Clunas, Geoff Batchen 01 Nov 2021
13 Virginia Berridge and the Political End of Epidemics Professor Virginia Berridge (LSHTM) and Dr Erica Charters discuss swine flu, HIV/AIDS, and the history of health policy as ways to define the political end of an epidemic. Erica Charters, Virginia Berridge 08 Oct 2021
14 Dora Vargha and Arthur Rose on Epidemics, Expectations, and Ends Kristin Heitman talks with Dora Vargha (Exeter) and Arthur Rose (Exeter) about the nature and power of narrative in forming both our expectations about epidemics and the ways that we decide when and how they have ended. Kristin Heitman, Dora Vargha, Arthur Rose 08 Oct 2021
15 Paul Kelton and Smallpox among American Indigenous Populations Professor Paul Kelton (Stony Brook) and Dr Erica Charters discuss the role of smallpox in American indigenous history and culture and how smallpox finally ended. Erica Charters, Paul Kelton 08 Oct 2021
16 Monica H. Green and Nükhet Varlık on Plague Pandemics Dr Monica H. Green (Independent Historian), Dr Nükhet Varlık (Rutgers), and Dr Erica Charters discuss how global history and the historicist sciences have shaped our understanding of plague pandemics. Erica Charters, Monica H Green, Nükhet Varlık 08 Oct 2021
17 Alberto Giubilini and Pandemic Ethics Dr. Alberto Giubilini (Oxford) and Dr. Kristin Heitman discuss ethical issues raised in efforts to balance individual freedoms and social measures to control the spread of disease. Kristin Heitman, Alberto Giubilini 08 Oct 2021
18 Margaret Pelling and the History of Cholera in England Dr Margaret Pelling (Oxford) and Dr Erica Charters discuss how historians understand disease and the myths about the end of cholera in nineteenth-century England. Erica Charters, Margaret Pelling 08 Oct 2021
19 Simukai Chigudu and the Political Life of Epidemics Dr Simukai Chigudu (Oxford) and Dr Erica Charters discuss the Zimbabwe cholera epidemic and the politics of epidemics. Erica Charters, Simukai Chigudu 08 Oct 2021
20 Lorenz Von Seidlein and Epidemiology Dr Lorenz Von Seidlen (Oxford) and Dr Erica Charters discuss epidemiological research into cholera and global programmes for cholera elimination. Erica Charters, Lorenz von Seidlein 08 Oct 2021
21 How Epidemics End: Introduction Dr Erica Charters (Oxford) and Dr Kristin Heitman (Independent Historian) discuss their research into the ending of epidemic. Erica Charters, Kristin Heitman 08 Oct 2021
22 Episode 4: Midlands In this episode, we talk about coming to Classics without any ancient languages; Bertie’s first love and how Classics took her into the world of Facebook… Alexander Moore, Eleanor Newman, Roberta Thomson, Katrina Kelly 06 Oct 2021
23 Fantasy Creatures Dr Caroline Batten and Dr Megan Cavell discuss fantastic animals in fantasy text Caroline Batten, Megan Cavell 29 Sep 2021
24 Episode 3: South West England In this episode, we discover what links Virgil to Devon, why Classics is relevant today, Justin’s love for languages, which transferable skills Classics gives you, and why, in Molly’s view, Classics and English is the best degree available in Oxford! Rebecca Armstrong, Molly Gibson-Mee, Justin Vyvyan-Jones, Katrina Kelly 20 Sep 2021
25 Episode 2: Scotland We talk about the Classics Admissions Test, growing up in Fife, Jess’ work with the Clydeside Project, things that get into a ‘fankle’ (Arlene explains all!), and how we’d love for more teachers to teach Classics in Scotland! Bill Allan, Jessica Curry, Arlene Holmes-Henderson, Katrina Kelly 13 Sep 2021
26 Is Jin Yong 'China's Tolkien'? A comparison of the Hong Kong author Jin Yong and J. R. R. Tolkien Jonathan Hui 06 Sep 2021
27 Episode 1: Northern Ireland We talk about what ‘Classics’ really means and its place in the 21st century; we discuss Greek vases, ‘Irish modesty’, provincial art, the Sogdians; and we highlight the particular barriers that Northern Irish students may face, and how to overcome them! Sarah Cullinan Herring, Jenyth Evans, Peter Stewart 31 Aug 2021
28 A Conversation with Katherine Langrish Dr Caroline Batten chats with author Katherine Langrish about her book 'From Spare Oom to War Drobe' Caroline Batten, Katherine Langrish 31 Aug 2021
29 Queer Andromeda A podcast with Hannah Greenstreet and Charlotte Vickers Hannah Greenstreet, Charlotte Vickers 20 Aug 2021
30 A Bread Factory A podcast with Patrick Wang and Michael Lippman. Patrick Wang, Mike Lippman 20 Aug 2021
31 Faith in fantasy literature A short discussion of the role of faith in fantasy literature Katherine Olley 30 Jul 2021
32 Brian McClellan A discussion of the writer Brian McClellan. Katherine Olley 30 Jul 2021
33 Arthur Rackham at Trinity College Emma Sillett, Trinity College Librarian, and Dr Caroline Batten explore the Danson Library's collection of rare Arthur Rackham fantasy illustrations. Emma Sillett, Caroline Batten 30 Jul 2021
34 C. S. Lewis and 'The Wind in the Willows' A discussion of the influence of 'The Wind in the Willows' on fantasy writers - notably C. S. Lewis Simon Horobin 29 Jul 2021
35 The Last of the Titans This talk explores the myth underlying the action in John Wyndham's `The Kraken Wakes'. Jane Bliss 27 Jul 2021
36 Creative Commons A Walk around C. S. Lewis's Oxford A biographical tour of C. S. Lewis's Oxford Simon Horobin 23 Jul 2021
37 Creative Commons William Morris and E. R. Eddison Collections at the Bodleian An interview with Rachael Marsay about the William Morris and E. R. Eddison collections at the Bodleian Library Rchael Marsay, Stuart Lee 23 Jul 2021
38 Creative Commons Elizabeth Knox A discussion of the writer Elizabeth Knox Alicia Smith 22 Jul 2021
39 The Saga of Eric the Unlucky The Saga of Eric the Unlucky examines Rider Haggard's use of medieval narrative techniques in his novel Eric Brighteyes. Jane Bliss 20 Jul 2021
40 Edward Lear and Fantasy Jasmine Jagger provides a short introduction to Edward Lear. Jasmine Jagger 18 Jul 2021
41 An Interview with Elizabeth Knox An Interview with Elizabeth Knox, author of 'The Absolute Book' Carolyne Larrington, Elizabeth Knox 13 Jul 2021
42 Ethics in AI Seminar: Responsible Research and Publication in AI Ethics in AI Seminar - presented by the Institute for Ethics in AI Peter Millican, Rosie Campbell, Carolyn Ashurst, Helena Webb 12 Jul 2021
43 Ethics in AI Colloquium with Adrienne Mayor: Gods and Robots: Myths, Machines, and Ancient Dreams of Technology Part of the Colloquium on AI Ethics series presented by the Institute of Ethics in AI. This event is also part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the future Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities. Adrienne Mayor, Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer, Armand D'Angour, John Tasioulas 12 Jul 2021
44 AI in a Democratic Culture - Presented by the Institute for Ethics in AI Launch of the Institute for Ethics in AI with Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Joshua Cohen and Hélène Landemore. Part of the Colloquium on AI Ethics series presented by the Institute for Ethics in AI Joshua Cohen, Hélène Landemore, Nigel Shadbolt 12 Jul 2021
45 A Conversation With R. F. Kuang Carolyne Larrington and Caroline Batten interview Rebecca F. Kuang. R. F. Kuang, Carolyne Larrington, Caroline Batten 08 Jul 2021
46 Werewolves in Medieval Literature vs Modern TV A discussion of werewolves in medieval and modern representations. Minjie Su 06 Jul 2021
47 Desiring Dragons: Creative and Critical Responses to the Dragon in Beowulf Laura Varnam discusses dragons in fantasy literature. Laura Varnam 06 Jul 2021
48 General Linguistics Seminar: TT21 Week 7 Formal Aspects of Underspecified Features (Professor Ron Kaplan, Stanford University) Ron Kaplan 02 Jul 2021
49 General Linguistics Seminar: TT21 Week 5 Variability in Breton gender and mutation: the impact of language decline and revitalisation on morphology (Dr Holly Kennard, University of Oxford) Holly Kennard 02 Jul 2021
50 General Linguistics Seminar: TT21 Week 3 Conversations with strangers: Explorations in the syntax of English (William Labov, University of Pennsylvania) William Labov 02 Jul 2021
51 Morte D'Arthur Murals in the Oxford Union A visual discussion of the Morte D'Arthur murals in the library of the Oxford Union. Tom Corrick, Caroline Batten 28 Jun 2021
52 Maria Dahvana Headley on Beowulf Author Maria Dahvana Headley reads from her 2018 novel The Mere Wife, is interviewed by Prof. Carolyne Larrington, and shares drafts from her 2020 translation of Beowulf. This lecture was recorded live at St John’s College, Oxford in November 2018. Carolyne Larrington, Maria Dahvana Headley, David Clark 25 Jun 2021
53 George MacDonald An introduction to the Victorian fantasist and fairy tale author George MacDonald, who convinced Lewis Carroll to publish Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, inspired C. S. Lewis' Christian writings, and may even have influenced Tolkien's Elves. Caroline Batten, Clare Mulley 25 Jun 2021
54 Old Norse in the New World: The Mythology and Politics of Immigration and Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' A talk on Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'. Heather O'Donoghue 23 Jun 2021
55 Discworld - and the Modern University A short talk introducing Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels and how they reflect the modern University. Andrew Shamel 22 Jun 2021
56 Susan Cooper A short talk on Susan Cooper. Tom Morcom 22 Jun 2021
57 Violet Needham Jane Bliss introduces listeners to the work of Violet Needham, a prolific but little-remembered children’s fantasy author, whose book 'The Woods of Windri' draws on the tropes of medieval romances in fascinating ways.ays. Jane Bliss 22 Jun 2021
58 Daoxuan and Chinese Fantasy Literature A short talk on Daoxuan and medieval Chinese fantasy. Nelson Landry 18 Jun 2021
59 Tolkien Archive and Exhibition at Bodleian (Part 2) An interview with Catherine McIlwaine on the Tolkien archive at Bodley and the exhibition of 2018 - Part 2 Catherine McIlwaine, Stuart Lee 18 Jun 2021
60 Claudia Piñeiro in Conversation The writer Claudia Piñeiro, one of the most widely acclaimed Argentine authors of recent years, talks about her work with Ben Bollig of the Spanish sub-Faculty of the University of Oxford. Claudia Piñeiro, Ben Bollig 17 Jun 2021
61 Tolkien Archive and Exhibition at Bodleian (Part 1) An interview with Catherine McIlwaine on the Tolkien archive at Bodley and the exhibition of 2018 - Part 1. Catherine McIlwaine, Stuart Lee 17 Jun 2021
62 Episode 8: Oxford Spanish Literature Podcast In episode eight, we speak to Alice Brooke (Associate Professor in Spanish) about the sonnet ‘Este, que ves, engaño colorido’, by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Alice Brooke 16 Jun 2021
63 Slade Lecture Series: Hunting in the Borderlands: Translations Material Histories of Medieval Iberia, held on Wednesday 2 June 2021, part of the Slade Professor of Fine Art, Annual Lecture Series, 2021. Jerrilynn Dodds 14 Jun 2021
64 Slade Lecture Series: The Virgin as Colonial Agent Material Histories of Medieval Iberia, held on Wednesday 26 May 2021, part of the Slade Professor of Fine Art, Annual Lecture Series, 2021. Jerrilynn Dodds 14 Jun 2021
65 Slade Lecture Series: Mudejar and Romanesque. Romanesque and Islam Material Histories of Medieval Iberia, held on Wednesday 19 May 2021, part of the Slade Professor of Fine Art, Annual Lecture Series, 2021. Jerrilynn Dodds 14 Jun 2021
66 Slade Lecture Series: Babylon in Flames Material Histories of Medieval Iberia, held on Wednesday 12 May. Part of the Slade Professor of Fine Art, Annual Lecture Series, 2021. Jerrilynn Dodds 14 Jun 2021
67 Slade Lecture Series: The Great Mosque of Cordoba as Center and Periphery Material Histories of Medieval Iberia, held on Wednesday 5 May 2021. Part of the Slade Professor of Fine Art, Annual Lecture Series, 2021. Jerrilynn Dodds 14 Jun 2021
68 Slade Lecture Series: An Agonistic History of Art Material Histories of Medieval Iberia, held on Wednesday 28 April 2021. Jerrilynn Dodds 14 Jun 2021
69 Waiver or understanding? A dilemma for autonomists about informed consent Professor Gopal Sreenivasan delivers a New St Cross Special Ethics Seminar on the topic of Informed Consent. Gopal Sreenivasan 08 Jun 2021
70 Medicine Mountains along the Himalayas: Healing, Trade, and Ecology The Greater Himalayas extend through many different kinds of community. This lecture considers several ‘medicine mountains’, particular mountains that fold society and ecology together, and explores them as a comparative category Will Tuladhar-Douglas 25 May 2021
71 Why Go on Pilgrimage? Geomancy and the Transformational Powers of Sacred Places in Tibetan Buddhism and Bon This presentation considers the association between pilgrimage and healing in Tibet through an exploration of the process whereby natural sites are imbued with meaning Charles Ramble 25 May 2021
72 Reading khrims Between the Lines: The Rise of Legality in 13th Century Central Tibet Daniel introduces us to the term khrims and loosk at the “rise of legality” in 13th century Central Tibet. Daniel Wojahn 25 May 2021
73 Fighting diseases of poverty through research: Deadly dilemmas, moral distress and misplaced responsibilities A New St Cross Special Ethics Seminar, with Professor Maureen Kelley. Maureen Kelley 24 May 2021
74 Virūpa is Virūpākṣa: Towards an Indo-Tibetan Siddha Corpus Westin Harris opens the dialogue between Tibetan, Nāth and Yoga studies centred around the figure of Virūpa Westin Lee Harris 12 May 2021
75 Buddhism and Gender Perspectives in Sikkim: Historical and Contemporary Approaches The talk explores the historical and contemporary influence of women in Sikkim from a Buddhist perspective Marlene Erschbamer 10 May 2021
76 Greek Tragedy and the Contemporary Actor A podcast with Zachary Dunbar and Stephe Harrop Zachary Dunbar, Stephe Harrop 07 May 2021
77 What is the 'Silmarillion'? This lecture is an introduction to J.R.R. Tolkien's third major work, 'The Silmarillion' (1977), and considers its lengthy development in numerous prose and verse texts over fifty years. Grace Khuri 19 Apr 2021
78 Should we feed our pets a vegan diet? Katrien Devolder and Josh Milburn discuss whether it's ethical - and possible - to feed our pets a vegan diet. Josh Milburn, Katrien Devolder 08 Apr 2021
79 Connections in the Making and Meaning of the Art of Bhutan and Tibet in the 17 th and 18 th Centuries: A Study of the Wall Paintings at Tango Monastery Pu Lan discusses her PhD project, which explores the 17th-century Monastery of Tango and how it illustrates the development of wall painting technology in Bhutan Pu Lan 31 Mar 2021
80 The Geluk Domestication of Tantra Brenton Sullivan presents his new book "Building a Religious Empire: Tibetan Buddhism, Bureaucracy, and the Rise of the Gelukpa" and discuss the third chapter, "Institutionalizing Tantra", in more detail Brenton Sullivan 31 Mar 2021
81 The Mongolian Kanjur - Should Tibetologists Care? Kirill Alekseev presents his latest research on the Mongolian Kanjur and its ramifications in Tibetan Studies Kirill Alekseev 16 Mar 2021
82 Layers of Protection: Everyday Life with Empowered Objects In her talk, Inger Vasstveit discusses “empowered objects” - small Buddhist objects that people wear on their person - in relation to the broader socio-political and cosmological environment in India Inger Vasstveit 02 Mar 2021
83 Towards a plasticity of the mind – New-ish ethical conundrums in dementia care, treatment, and research A New St Cross Special Ethics Seminar with Dr David M Lyreskog. David M Lyreskog 01 Mar 2021
84 Lines by Alice Oswald It's fifty years since the publication of From the Life and Songs of the Crow (by Ted Hughes). This is a lecture about lines and other sound barriers and how Crow flies straight through them. Alice Oswald 01 Mar 2021
85 How to prevent future pandemics Katrien Devolder and Jeff Sebo on factory farms as breeding grounds for pandemics Jeff Sebo, Katrien Devolder 17 Feb 2021
86 Greek Tragedy at the National Theatre of Prague during the Nazi occupation (1939 – 1945) Alena Sarkissian gives public lecture, subtitled 'Theatre as a space of Spiritual Contemplation', on Greek Tragedy in the Czech Republic under Nazi Occupation. Alena Sarkissian 12 Feb 2021
87 Death by Poisoning: Cautionary Narratives and Inter-Ethnic Accusations in Contemporary Sikkim Kikee Bhutia talks about the contemporary discourses around ‘othering’ in Sikkim and analyse the region’s inter-ethnic challenges Kikee Bhutia 04 Feb 2021
88 Fervent admiration and devotion: Exploring devotional literature in the collected works of the 3rd Dodrupchen Renée Ford's introduction to the devotional literature in the collected works of the 3rd Dodrupchen composed in admiration of his late teacher Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo. Renée Ford 02 Feb 2021
89 The Neuroscience of a Life Well-Lived Professor Morten L. Kringlebach explains how recent advances in neuroimaging offer an insight into hedonia and eudaimonia, and draws out implications for neuropsychiatric disorders. Morten L. Kringelbach 27 Jan 2021
90 University Classical Plays Representatives from University College London and Oxford University discuss their respective classical plays, a rich university tradition for each which has been forced to adapt significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. David Bullen, Lewis Bentley, Elena Bashkova, Zoë De Barros 17 Jan 2021
91 Classics in Communities A podcast with Arlene Holmes-Henderson and Mai Musié. Mai Musié, Arlene Holmes-Henderson 17 Jan 2021
92 Creative Commons Turing 2018/8: Searle versus Turing - Conclusion Lecture 8 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
93 Creative Commons Turing 2018/7: Blockhead, the Chinese Room, and ELIZA Lecture 7 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
94 Creative Commons Turing 2018/6: "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" - Overview of Turing's 1950 paper Lecture 6 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
95 Creative Commons Turing 2018/5: Settling Hilbert's Entscheidungsproblem, and the Halting Problem Lecture 5 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
96 Creative Commons Turing 2018/4: Enumerating the Computable Numbers, and the Universal Turing Machine Lecture 4 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
97 Creative Commons Turing 2018/3: "On Computable Numbers" - Turing's 1936 Paper Lecture 3 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
98 Creative Commons Turing 2018/2: Hilbert's Programme and Gödel's Theorem Lecture 2 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
99 Creative Commons Turing 2018/1: Types of number, Cantor, infinities, diagonal arguments Lecture 1 in Peter Millican's 2018 Turing series. Peter Millican 14 Jan 2021
100 Creative Commons The Literature of Absolute War - Transnationalism and WWII Professor Nil Santiáñez discusses absolute war, total war, and the literature of WWII with Anders Engberg-Pedersen. Anders Engberg-Pedersen, Nil Santiáñez 17 Dec 2020