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Dark Matter

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Duration: 0:42:06 | Added: 04 Apr 2016
Oxford Students discuss Dark Matter.

For over three millennia, astronomers have been observing the heavens. Yet, less than one hundred years ago, observations were made suggesting the existence of a previously unknown substance, permeating the universe in vast abundance, yet invisible to even the most powerful telescope. This substance has been aptly christened 'dark matter', and though in nature it seems to be ubiquitous, all attempts to explicitly detect it have hitherto been unsuccessful. So, what is dark matter, why do we think it exists, and what has it got to do with a four-ton tank of liquid argon, two kilometres underneath Ontario?

Host: Aled Walker, 2nd year Mathematics DPhil student at Magdalen College

Guests: Peter Hatfield, a 3rd year Physics DPhil student at Lincoln College

Fran Day, a 3rd year Physics DPhil student at Magdalen College

Talitha Bromwich, a 2nd year Physics DPhil student at Magdalen College

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