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Hug me daddy I hate you: the ethical challenges of a C21 business

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Duration: 0:48:56 | Added: 22 Mar 2011
Dr Mick Blowfield, Fellow of St Cross College, gives the second St Cross Special Ethics Seminar on The Ethical Challenges of 21st Century Businesses.

We enjoy a love-hate relationship with business. We expect it to behave like a sentient ethical being, but some of the demands we make of it would tax any conventional definitions of moral acceptability. The dichotomies that result are becoming even greater because of the challenges of building prosperous economies in the C21 when business confronts the prospect of resource constraints, global governance, and shifts in wealth and demography. In this seminar I explore the new ethical environment that business must not only operate within but will have a significant role in shaping and realising.

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