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The International Thought of Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Dr Faisal Devji

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Duration: 0:44:00 | Added: 21 Apr 2020
Dr Faisal Devji from the University of Oxford speaks on the international thought of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

In the first episode of the Global Thinkers of the International Discussion Series, join Dr Faisal Devji from the Faculty of History, University of Oxford, to speak on the International Thought of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Jinnah was a lawyer, a politician, and the founder of modern Pakistan. Faced with the serious problems of a young country, he tackled Pakistan’s problems with authority. He was not regarded as merely the governor-general. He was revered as the father of the nation. He worked hard until overpowered by age and disease in Karachi, the place of his birth, in 1948.

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