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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons 6.1 Introduction to Primary and Secondary Qualities Part 6.1. Introduces the problem of perception (and the distinction between the world and what we perceive), along with the concepts of primary and secondary qualities. Peter Millican 30 Nov 2010
2 Creative Commons 5.2 The Traditional Analysis of Knowledge Part 5.2. Explores the idea of conscious and unconscious knowledge (should a person know that they know something or does it not matter?) and the theory of justification of propositions and beliefs. Peter Millican 29 Nov 2010
3 Creative Commons 5.1 Introduction to Knowledge Part 5.1. Looks at the problem of knowledge; how can we know what we know, three types of knowledge and A J Ayer's two conditions for knowledge. Peter Millican 29 Nov 2010