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# Episode Title Description People Date
101 On the concept of cultural transmission. Anthropology Departmental Seminar In this Anthropology Departmental Seminar, Roy Ellen (University of Kent) discusses 'On the concept of cultural transmission' (18 February 2011). Roy Ellen 10 May 2012
102 Creative Commons Why the Internet won't get you any more friends Professor Robin Dunbar, Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, Oxford, gives a talk as part of the Keble College Creativity Lecture series. Robin Dunbar 28 Mar 2012
103 Body Arts: The Panará People Dr Elizabeth Ewart of the University's Institute of Anthropology and Jaanika Vider, a former student, discuss body adornment and identity in Amazonia,. Elizabeth Ewart, Jaanika Vider 22 Aug 2011
104 Body Arts: Feathers, Beads and Paint Professor Peter Rivière and Director of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Dr Mike O'Hanlon, discuss decorative applications of feathers, beads and paint to the body,. Peter Rivière, Mike O'Hanlon 22 Aug 2011
105 Body Arts: Scent, Pain and Exchange Professor Jeremy MacClancy of Oxford Brookes University talks to Helen Hales of the Pitt Rivers Museum about themes including scent and perfume,. Jeremy MacClancy, Helen Hales 22 Aug 2011
106 Body Arts: What is Body Art? Sixth-form artists from Cheney School search out the decorated and opinionated residents of Oxford to get their views on Body Art. Pitt Rivers Museum 15 Aug 2011
107 Creative Commons The Changing face of Art Journalism (1945-2011) Peter Aspden, Arts Writer, Financial Times, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute on 22nd June 2011. Peter Aspden 19 Jul 2011
108 Religion and the (Un)translatability of Cultures Professor Jan Assmann gives the first lecture in the Visiting Professorship in Interfaith Studies as part of the Humanitas lecture series. Jan Assmann 19 Jul 2011
109 Creative Commons The Elusive Censor: The Difficulties of Researching Soviet Censorship Thirteenth presentation of the Research Approaches to Former Soviet States: A Practical Introduction conference. Introduction by Jon Waterlow. Samantha Sherry 22 Feb 2011
110 Alanine Transaminase vs. Socio-Cultural Factors in determining body mass increase Maciej Henneberg gives a talk for the UBVO seminar series entitled 'Alanine Transaminase is a better marker than Socio-Cultural Factors for Body Mass Increase in Healthy Males: A Study of 46,000 Swiss Conscripts'. Maciej Henneberg 20 Jul 2010
111 Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Internet Games, Social Inequality and Racist Talk as Griefing This talk recaps the history of racist griefing online and link the current crisis in racial discourse in the US with this practice, exploring the implications for digital games as a transnational public sphere. Lisa Nakamura 20 Jul 2010
112 Creative Commons Treasures of Oxford - Athenian Wine Drinking Cup Sir John Boardman talks about a wine drinking cup made in Ancient Athens; he also talks about what we can learn from it about Ancient Greek culture and the kind of lifestyle the Greeks had. John Boardman 11 Mar 2010
113 Those Golden Eggs Come From Somewhere: Internet Regulation at a Crossroads A discussion of how largely well-intentioned political and legal reactions to the highest-profile risks of ICT creates a danger of perhaps killing the goose that is giving us golden eggs of innovation, decentralization, and personal empowerment. Michael Froomkin 08 Mar 2010
114 Cooperation, Norms and Conflict: Towards Simulating the Foundations of Society In order to understand social systems, it is essential to identify the circumstances under which individuals spontaneously start cooperating or developing shared behaviors, norms, and culture. Dirk Helbing 05 Mar 2010
115 Creative Commons Cornelia Sorabji: Jowett's protégée in Oxford 1889-1893 Professor Richard Sorabji (Wolfson College, Oxford) - Cornelia Sorabji: Jowett's protígíe in Oxford 1889-1893. Richard Sorabji 03 Mar 2010
116 Creative Commons Repainting Ajanta: the global impact of the Frescoes and their copies Dr Rupert Arrowsmith (UCL) - 'Repainting Ajanta: the global impact of the Frescoes and their copies.'. Rupert Arrowsmith 03 Mar 2010
117 Creative Commons Tracing Indian students at Oxford before the Second World War Dr Sumita Mukherjee (Oxford) - 'Tracing Indian Students at Oxford before the Second World War'. Sumita Mukherjee 02 Mar 2010
118 Creative Commons Indian imperial crossings and the Oxford hub Professor Elleke Boehmer (Oxford) - 'Indian imperial crossings and the Oxford hub'. Elleke Boehmer 02 Mar 2010
119 Creative Commons Michael Madhusudan Datta (1824-1873): a young Bengali poet's exam script washes up on Albion's distant shore Dr Alex Riddiford - "Michael Madhusudan Datta (1824-1873): a young Bengali poet's exam script washes up on Albion's distant shore." This reading was delivered by Anshuman Mondal. Alex Riddiford, Anshuman Mondal 02 Mar 2010
120 Creative Commons Musings of Sir Mohammad Iqbal on the Place of Muslims in late Colonial India: Letters to Edward John Thompson, 1933-1934 Professor Humayun Ansari (RHUL) - 'Musings of Sir Mohammad Iqbal on the Place of Muslims in late Colonial India: Letters to Edward John Thompson, 1933-1934'. Humayun Ansari 02 Mar 2010
121 Creative Commons Introduction and Reading Opening of exhibition by Amitav Ghosh and a reading from his In an Antique Land. Introduced by Anshuman Mondal (Brunel). Amitav Ghosh, Anshuman Mondal 02 Mar 2010