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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Answers to Questions Answers to Questions posed in lectures 1 to 6 of Marianne Talbot's lecture series on critical reasoning for beginners. Marianne Talbot 20 Mar 2014
2 Creative Commons Inductive Strength: Evaluating Inductive Arguments Lecture 5 of 6 in Marianne Talbot's series on critical reasoning for beginners. Marianne Talbot 20 Mar 2014
3 Creative Commons 3.2 Responses to Hume's Famous Argument Part 3.2. Responses to and justifications of Hume's argument concerning the problem of induction. Peter Millican 08 Apr 2010
4 Creative Commons 3.1 Hume's Argument Concerning Induction Part 3.1. Briefly introduces the problem of induction: that is, the problem that it is difficult to justify claims to knowledge of the world through pure reason, i.e. without experience. Peter Millican 08 Apr 2010
5 Creative Commons What is a Good Argument? Validity and Truth Part four of a six-part series on critical reasoning. In this lecture we will learn how to evaluate arguments and how to tell whether an argument is good or bad, focusing specifically on inductive arguments. Marianne Talbot 11 Mar 2010
6 Creative Commons Different Types of Arguments The second of six lectures dealing with critical reasoning. In this lecture you will learn about the different types of arguments, in particular deductive and inductive arguments. Marianne Talbot 29 Jan 2010