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medieval history

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 TORCH Gender and Authority Research Network, Seminar 7, University of Oxford, 22 February 2017 Gender and Authority Seminar 7: Serena Alessi (British School at Rome) and Rachel Delman (University of Oxford). Music: 'Enigmatic' by bensound.com Adele Bardazzi, David Bowe, Natalya Din-Kariuki, Julia Caterina Hartley 06 Apr 2017
2 Crossing Boundaries: Medievalists in Cross-Disciplinary Conversation Launch event for the TORCH programme Oxford Medieval Studies Emma Dillon, Henrike Lähnemann, David Wallace, Chris Wickham 13 Jan 2016
3 Testimony, Error, and Reasonable Belief in Medieval Religious Epistemology Richard Cross (Notre Dame) gives a talk in the New Insights in Religious Epistemology International Conference, held in Oxford in June 2015. The commentator is Christina Van Dyke, Calvin Richard Cross, Christina Van Dyke 14 Jul 2015
4 Colloquium Week 2: Myths about the Medieval World There are some standard modern myths (e.g. "medieval people thought the earth was flat"; "they were considered old at the age of 30", etc.) which historians are always encountering in their audiences, and I will try to de-bunk some of these. Emilie Savage-Smith 05 Jun 2009