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# Episode Title Description People Date
101 In Her Footsteps - Erika Mancini Dr Ellie Williams interviews Associate Professor Erika Mancini, a Group Head in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, about her experiences as a woman in science. Erika Mancini, Ellie Williams 28 Oct 2014
102 Daughters of Bourguiba, Daughters of Khadija? Mythical Genealogy and the Future of the Secular and Islamic Feminisms in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia Lamia Ben Youssef (University of Alabama) gives the second talk in Panel 6: Re-ordering Society, part of The Tunisian Revolution: Origins, Course and Aftermath. Lamia Ben Youssef 27 Oct 2014
103 Creative Commons Women Poets Dr Jane Potter looks at a range of women poets who wrote during, and in the years that followed, World War One. Jane Potter 18 Sep 2014
104 Thinking with Stories: Listening in to Women’s Voices The fourth in our lecture series for Trinity Term 2014, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by Professor Marina Warner, CBE -- Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and writer of fiction, criticism and cultural history. Marina Warner 03 Sep 2014
105 Danger Speakers for our seminar on the theme of Danger have Medical and Humanities backgrounds, and will consider the following: experimentation to diminish danger; the risks of ignoring danger, danger to the self and the ideal. Marion Kibuka, Yasmin Khan, Anna Beer 12 Aug 2014
106 OxPeace 2014: Session 1a: Challenges and Opportunities for women as peace-builders in Myanmar's transistion Dr Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi gives a talk for the 2014 OxPeace conference, session 1a; 'The more things change, the more they stay the same: Challenges to peace in a transtioning Myanmar Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi 02 Jun 2014
107 Brave New World: how women can lead the way In this provocative talk that celebrates women past, present and future, Clare Shine explores what it will take for women to overcome the ties that still hold them back—and lead. The Lady White Lecture 2014 at St Johns College. Clare Shine 23 Apr 2014
108 Creative Commons Heidi Johansen-Berg: Women in Science Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg heads the Plasticity Group at the Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB). Her research focuses on how the brain changes in response to damage, learning and experience. Heidi Johansen-Berg 08 Apr 2014
109 Creative Commons Irene Tracey: Women in Science Irene Tracey gives a passionate insight into her career and how she balances work and life. As she puts it 'A scientific career is not an easy one to choose: it’s tough and competitive'. Irene Tracey 08 Apr 2014
110 Creative Commons Productive Motherhood: Women's Labour and Japan's Lowest-Low Fertility Professor Mary Brinton, Harvard University, gives a talk for the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies Seminar Series Mary Brinton 01 Apr 2014
111 Creative Commons Women’s experiences of detention Sarah Campbell (Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), UK) Sarah Campbell 31 Mar 2014
112 Creative Commons Trajectories and identities of foreign national women: Rethinking prison through the lens of gender and citizenship Raquel Matos (Catolica University) Raquel Matos 31 Mar 2014
113 Ambition for Leadership An inspirational talk on leadership given by Professor Dame Carol Black to young female science students as part of the 3rd Annual OxFest Symposium 2014 - "WHY SO SLOW? Closing the gender gap in STEM". Carol Black 18 Mar 2014
114 Creative Commons If I knew then what I know now. Being resourceful and strategic in traversing the science career landscape An inspirational careers talk given to young female science students as part of the 3rd Annual OxFest Symposium 2014 - "WHY SO SLOW? Closing the gender gap in STEM". Elizabeth Pollitzer 18 Mar 2014
115 Creative Commons Lessons learned on the way up - how to take control of your career in STEM and still have a life! Inspirational talk given to young female science students as part of the 3rd Annual OxFest Symposium 2014 - "WHY SO SLOW? Closing the gender gap in STEM" Thursday 27th February 2014 Jackie Hunter 18 Mar 2014
116 Creative Commons Career, Creativity and Confidence An inspirational talk given to young female science students by engineer Roma Agrawal as part of the OxFest Symposium 2014 - "WHY SO SLOW? Closing the gender gap in STEM", Roma Agrawal 18 Mar 2014
117 Creative Commons FMR 44 Women: the invisible detainees Research by the Women's Refugee Commission into immigration detention of women in the US explores why and how differences in treatment between men and women in detention matter. Michelle Brané, Lee Wang 03 Oct 2013
118 Creative Commons FMR 44 Detention of women: principles of equality and non-discrimination International principles of equality and non-discrimination must be applied to the UK's immigration detention system, which at present fails to meet even the minimum standards which apply in prisons. Ali McGinley 03 Oct 2013
119 Rev. Dr Charles Brock - John Milton: Revolutionary Spirit? The third in our lecture series for Hilary Term 2013, given in the temporary Chapel at Mansfield College by Emeritus Fellow and former College Chaplain Rev Dr Charles Brock, to mark the inauguration of the John Milton Fellowship at Mansfield College. Charles Brock 03 Sep 2013
120 Women and the Post-2014 Afghanistan: What is the West's Responsibility? Will women's rights inevitably deteriorate when the international forces pull out next year? Is there hope for maintaining progress and creating an equal society? Tabasum Wolayat, Kerry Healey, Frances Guy, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles 01 Jul 2013
121 Discovery of Women Professor Amartya Sen delivers a Distinguished Public Lecture on 'Discovery of Women', at Oxford. Amartya Sen 07 Jun 2013
122 Creative Commons FMR 41 Making work safe for displaced women Understanding risk factors and protection strategies allows practitioners to ensure appropriate programme design and implementation for displaced women. Dale Buscher 08 May 2013
123 Creative Commons FMR 36 Safe and suitable return for women fleeing conflict in Liberia When women migrants return, they can face daunting challenges to re-integration but can also contribute to development and transforming societies. Victoria Ijeoma Nwogu 09 Apr 2013
124 Creative Commons FMR 35 Disability in the UN cluster system The cluster system offers space for raising awareness among humanitarian actors and for putting disability on the agenda, but it impairs local and cross-cutting dynamics at field level. Adele Perry, Anne Héry 08 Apr 2013
125 Creative Commons FMR 35 Shifting community views: reducing stigma in Dadaab Among the greatest protection risks facing refugees with disabilities in Dadaab are discrimination and stigmatisation. Devon Cone 25 Mar 2013
126 Creative Commons Women in Journalism - a new kind of glass ceiling? Suzanne Franks, City University, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute of Journalism seminar series. Suzanne Franks 19 Dec 2012
127 Creative Commons Surplus Women The First World War and its impact on emigration, work and marriage. Rosemary Wall 29 Oct 2012
128 Creative Commons Postcolonial Women Writers Professor Elleke Boehmer notes the distinct lack of women writers on the Post/Colonial Writing page of the Great Writers website, and explores why this is the case. Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Davies 08 Oct 2012
129 Creative Commons The Impact of European Court of Human Rights' Decisions and Turkish Code Reforms Pertaining to the Headscarf on Islamist Women in Turkey: Enabling Emancipation or Legitimizing Discrimination? Sarah Ficher, (American University), gives a talk for the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region held on Tuesday 12 June, 2012 in St Antony's College. Sarah Ficher 20 Jul 2012
130 Creative Commons Balancing Reason and Revelation: The Status of Women in the Jurisprudence of Ayatullah Yusuf Sani'i. Concluding lecture from the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference by Saiyad Ahmad (American University Cairo). Saiyad Ahmad 13 Jun 2012
131 Creative Commons Political reconciliation as women's democratic citizenship: Women's rights-claiming around the drafting of a new constitution in Turkey Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Politicizing Women and Women's Issues by Burcu Ozcelik (University of Cambridge):. Burcu Ozcelik 13 Jun 2012
132 Creative Commons Before the 'Days of Rage': Registers of Bahraini Women's Activism Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Politicizing Women and Women's Issues by Nova Robinson (Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey). Nova Robinson 13 Jun 2012
133 Creative Commons Changing state-society relations in Morocco through family law reform: 'the state enters the home of the citizen'. Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Legal Reforms in Theory and Practice by Dörthe Engelcke (University of Oxford):. Dörthe Engelcke 13 Jun 2012
134 Creative Commons Custody regulations in the United Arab Emirates: Legal reforms and social realities. Part of the Legal Reform and Political Change Affecting Women in the MENA Region conference: Legal Reforms in Theory and Practice by Lena-Maria Möller (Max-Planck-Institute Hamburg). Lena-Maria Möller 13 Jun 2012
135 Creative Commons Special Session: The Revolution Continues: A Conversation part 3 Marwa Sharafeldin of Oxford University and Musawah describes her experience as a women's activist and the position of women in the Egyptian revolution through a series of slides. Marwa Sharafeldin 25 May 2012
136 Creative Commons Motivations for marriage and marital (un)happiness: Discourses in Japanese women's magazines Dr Barbara Holthus (Senior Research Fellow, Social Science Section, German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo) gives a talk for the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies on Thursday 16th February 2012. Barbara Holthus 12 Mar 2012
137 Building up Steam as Consumers: Women, Rice Cookers and the Consumption of Everyday Household Goods in Japan This talk investigates the story of the development of the first automatic electric rice cooker in Japan. With Helen MacNaughtan (SOAS). Helen MacNaughtan 09 Mar 2012
138 Creative Commons A body of fluids? Physiology in pre-modern western medicine Professor Helen King (Professor of Classical Studies, The Open University) delivers the 2011 McGovern Lecture. Helen King 25 Nov 2011
139 Creative Commons Votes for Women, Chastity for Men Robert Saunders gives a lecture on the Suffragette movement and the campaign for universal suffrage in Britain. Robert Saunders 13 Jul 2011
140 Creative Commons Ethnicity, Power and Kinship. Female Chiefs in Tanzania, 1870-1940 Heide Schmidt, Professor of African Studies, University of Vienna, gives a talk for the African Studies Seminar series on 16th May, 2011. Heike Schmidt 23 May 2011
141 Core Course: Women as Patrons of the Arts in Early Modern Europe This lecture forms part of series entitled 'Introduction to the History of Art', a core course taught to the first year undergraduate History of Art students. Geraldine Johnson 11 Mar 2011
142 Dept Seminar: Claudia's Life - Singular lives, Gypsy metonymy In this Anthropology Dept seminar (4 June 2010), Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco (University of St Andrews) looks at the place of women and marriage in Gypsy society and in ethnographic writings. Paloma Gay y Blasco 21 Feb 2011
143 Dept Seminar: The power of felted cloth through time and space In this Anthropology Dept seminar (19 November 2010), Dr Stephanie Bunn (University of St Andrews) examines the production and design of Eurasian felt, placing it in a domestic context. Stephanie Bunn 21 Feb 2011
144 Dept Seminar: Kerala Muslim marriage, gender, and intimacy In this Anthropology Dept Seminar (22 October 2010), Dr Caroline Osella (SOAS, London) discusses the influence of migrant husbands on Kerala Muslim marriage and female households. Caroline Osella 21 Feb 2011
145 Policy and Political Perspectives Nicola Blackwood. Member of Parliament for West Oxford and Abingdon, gives a talk on the Political aspects of female leadership and social entrepreneurship. Nicola Blackwood 31 Aug 2010
146 Creative Commons Women composers at Oxford: Cinderella (1858-1944) and other role models In the history of the University, women and music have shared a Cinderella-like status before the 20th Century. In this talk, Dr Wollenberg looks at how women composers have continued to change the face of Oxford music in new ways. Susan Wollenberg 28 Oct 2009
147 Creative Commons A Woman's place: The transformation of female power in first millennial BC Egypt A talk assessing the role of women in ancient Egypt - looking at the changes in female religious roles in ancient Egyptian society as a barometer for wider social, cultural and political transformation. Elizabeth Frood 28 Oct 2009
148 IGS Kaberry Lecture: Peace and Reconstruction in the Middle East: Where are the Women? This podcast was recorded at the International Gender Studies Centre's Kaberry Commemorative Lecture which was on Thursday 27th May 2009 at St Anne's College, University of Oxford. Maria Jaschok, Haleh Afshar 01 Jun 2009