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Recollecting Oxford Medicine oral history interview with Chris Adams (part 3)

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Duration: 0:59:41 | Added: 16 Sep 2020
The final part of Derek Hockaday's interview with Chris Adams, senior neurosurgeon, 26 August 2014.

Continuing from part 2. Topics discussed include: (00:00:00) Dick Guy; (00:04:45) changes with building of new John Radcliffe hospital on the Oxford Accident Service; (00:07:00) work on subretinal clotting and haemorrhages; (00:11:07) Assay at Queens Square, University College London on the spine; (00:16:42) Peter Teddy appointment; (00:20:45) pituitary work; (00:22:12) history of epilepsy surgery; (00:25:56) nursing at the John Radcliffe compared to London hospitals; (00:28:25) feelings after a operating; (00:30:32) trigeminal neuralgia; (00:35:13) publications; (00:38:00) emergency team; (00:42:33) private medicine surgery and OxDONS syndrome paper on NHS reforms; (00:49:25) anaesthetists CA worked with; comparing working as a senior house officer in Oxford to London. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:00:18-00:00:32; 00:02:00-00:02:21; 00:08:36-00:08:58; 00:20:32-00:20:44; 00:49:50-00:50:01; 00:50:19-00:52:13.

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