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Recollecting Oxford Medicine oral history interview with David Tibbs

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Duration: 1:01:43 | Added: 04 Oct 2021
Derek Hockaday interviews David Tibbs, vascular surgeon, 7 February 2011.

Mostly recalling the creation of the John Radcliffe Hospital. Topics discussed include: (00:00:05) coming to the Radcliffe Infirmary in 1960, division over the Radcliffe and idea of new site; (00:02:37) Medical Staff Council, (00:03:49) early planning team for the new site, 1963, with John Oddie and John Badenoch; (00:09:35) looking for architects for the John Radcliffe hospital; (00:13:08) the order of building; (00:15:25) travelling to Scandinavia with architects; (00:19:09) Rosemary Rue, John Oddie; (00:21:37) talking through the first meeting of the planning team, Sep 1963; (00:27:14) reasons for and against the new site; (00:29:53) main move to the John Radcliffe in 1980-1981, disappointments and positives; (00:38:50) building of phase 2 of the John Radcliffe, interior arrangements and medical and unit facilities; (00:47:10) surgical view of George Pickering; (00:51:45) Judith Hockaday at the John Radcliffe. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:10:26-00:10:33; 00:11:08-00:11:21; 00:25:35-00:27:14; 00:34:36-00:38:16; 00:49:22-00:51:22; 00:52:58-00:55:24 and 01:01:10-01:01:36.

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