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Recollecting Oxford Medicine oral history interview with Michael Tunbridge

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Duration: 0:57:48 | Added: 16 Sep 2020
Derek Hockaday interviews Michael Tunbridge, former Director of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training, University of Oxford, 31 January 2014.

Topics discussed include: (00:00:20) first role at Oxford, 1994. (00:03:00) involvement of role in surgery and training; (00:08:35) allocation of sift money in budget; (00:09:43) management during role; (00:13:23) working with civil servants; (00:14:58) involvement in improvements in medical education; (00:19:44) influence of membership exam in British medicine; (00:25:53) comparing Northampton, Reading and London as locations for training; (00:26:46) expansion in consultant grade; (00:28:23) endocrinology qualifications recognised in EU member states; (00:30:48) relationships with regional hospital boards in Oxford; (00:33:00) discipline in the medical profession as a whole; (00:34:19) relationship with Wadham College; (00:36:12) house jobs; (00:39:27) comparisons between Newcastle and Oxford; (00:50:10) change of role of Postgraduate Dean at Oxford Medical School; (00:53:10) final reflections on career. Note the following sections of audio are redacted: 00:24:03-00:24:07; 00:40:22-00:40:25; 00:44:13-00:44:31; 50:00:00-50:11:00.

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