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The Fairwork Podcast: Series 1

What it’s like working in the gig economy, what it’s like being managed by algorithms, rated on every job and monitored every step of the way?

Millions of people are piecing together a living in the gig economy. From online freelancing to couriering, domestic work to beauticians, digital platforms are becoming a major means by which people are accessing paid work. The Fairwork podcast looks at the stories of people within the gig economy, exploring the intersection between precarity and technology through the lens of our five principles of fair work. We speak to workers who have made headlines with legal cases, taken part in strikes and those just quietly getting on with trying to put food on the table.

Each episode of our first series will take one Fairwork principle and explore how this area has impacted a worker’s experience. We ask the big questions, looking at the political and the personal – exploring the radical changes to our world of work through the eyes of those at its centre.

# Episode Title Description People Date
4 001: Representation - The Deliveroo Strikes In this episode we hear from Mohaan Biswas about his first-hand experience of the Deliveroo strikes in 2016 that made headlines around the world. Mohaan Biswas, Robbie Warin 06 Apr 2021
3 002: Conditions - Lockdown In this episode we here from Aziz - a pseudonym - a ridehail driver in London. We explore what it is like working during a pandemic, serving your community and keeping the country running. Robbie Warin 06 Apr 2021
2 003: Contracts - Stand Up For Your Rights This episode looks at contracts and in it we hear from Yaseen Aslam, the former Uber driver who successfully took them to court over his classification as self-employed, a ruling that has implications for gig workers around the world Yaseen Aslam, Robbie Warin, Kelle Howson 06 Apr 2021
1 004: Management - Like a Dog With a Bone This episode looks at management. What’s it like working through a platform, where the principal colleague you’re working with is your smartphone? Robbie Warin, Francis Scaife 06 Apr 2021