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First World War: New Perspectives

A series of short introductory talks from experts in the field presenting new perspectives on the First World War. Produced by the University of Oxford.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Moving from War to Peace The 3rd Keynote of the War Time 2016 conference held 9-11 November 2016 Margaret MacMillan 29 Nov 2016
2 Creative Commons Time-frames of the Great War The 2nd Keynote of the War Time 2016 conference held 9-11 November 2016 John Horne 29 Nov 2016
3 Creative Commons The long and the short of it: time and strategic planning in the First World War Keynote lecture given at the War Time 2016 conference Hew Strachan 28 Nov 2016
4 Creative Commons Mancunian Crusaders? Exploring the chasm which existed between the crusading rhetoric of clergymen and the ways in which soldiers in the Manchester Regiment rationalised their involvement in the First World War. Dan Smith 10 Nov 2016
5 Creative Commons A Wordly War: Battle Experiences through the Eyes of African Cultures Examining the First World War through the lives of African soldiers and labourers. Josephine Niala 10 Nov 2016
6 Creative Commons Remembering before the End: Death and the Great War' Examining the many inventive and moving ways in which people began to mourn and commemorate their loved ones while WW1 was still ongoing and before official acts of public memory were established. Alice Kelly 10 Nov 2016
7 Creative Commons The Historian and the Centenary Important questions, problems, and challenges pertaining to the role historians and scholars will play in the centenary of the First World War. Pierre Purseigle 29 Oct 2012
8 Creative Commons Rethinking British Volunteerism in 1914: A Rush to the Colours? The British response to the outbreak of War in 1914. Catriona Pennell 29 Oct 2012
9 Creative Commons The Indian Sepoy in the First World War The role of India and the Indian Sepoy in the First World War. Santanu Das 29 Oct 2012
10 Creative Commons Surplus Women The First World War and its impact on emigration, work and marriage. Rosemary Wall 29 Oct 2012
11 Creative Commons The Better Part of Valour Combatant Courage on the Western Front. Edward Madigan 29 Oct 2012
12 Creative Commons Conflict Culture How much do we really know about the experience of the average individual soldier? Matthew Leonard 29 Oct 2012
13 Creative Commons Morality in Wartime Britain Dr Edward Madigan from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission considers the issue of morality and the role of the British clergy during the First World War. Edward Madigan 10 Dec 2012
14 Creative Commons Wartime Art and Grief German women and the aesthetics of loss portrayed through art during the First World War. Claudia Siebrecht 10 Dec 2012
15 Creative Commons Popular fiction in World War One An argument for a more nuanced assessment of the popular literature consumed by the wider public during the First World War. Jane Potter 10 Dec 2012
16 Creative Commons The Sandwich that Sabotaged Civilisation Myths and Mistakes. How a well known photograph and an infamous lunch break have shaped our memory of the Sarajevo assassination. Dr Paul Miller 10 Jan 2013
17 Creative Commons Soldiers on Leave A look at the different experiences of service leave during the First World War. Emmanuelle Cronier 20 Feb 2013
18 Creative Commons Les Permissionnaires A look at the different experiences of service leave during the First World War (in French). Emmanuelle Cronier 20 Feb 2013
19 Creative Commons Shot at Dawn How a contemporary photographer is addressing one of the conflict's most sensitive topics. Chloe Dewe Matthews 18 Jul 2013