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Sacrifice and Modern Thought

Sacrifice is at the heart of religion. It is not surprising, then, that the 'turn to religion' we have witnessed over the past two decades has led to a renewed interest in sacrifice as well. In light of this, the Centre for Theology and Modern European Thought at the University of Oxford presents five interviews with contributors to the recently-published book Sacrifice and Modern Thought (ed. Zachhuber and Meszaros, 2013). At around 15 minutes in length, each interview provides an insight into how the modern fascination for the topic of sacrifice has evolved, and how the concept of sacrifice in turn has shaped theological debate, the literary imagination and anthropological theory. We hope you enjoy the recordings.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons 1. An Introduction to Sacrifice and Modern Thought Dr Johannes Zachhuber talks to Tim Howles about his chapter 'Modern Discourse on Sacrifice and its Theological Background’ Johannes Zachhuber, Tim Howles 27 Jan 2014
2 Creative Commons 2. Sacrifice, Self-Destructive Love and Feminism Dr Pamela Sue Anderson talks to Tim Howles about her chapter 'Sacrifice as Self-Destructive Love: Why Autonomy should still matter to Feminists' Pamela Sue Anderson, Tim Howles 27 Jan 2014
3 Creative Commons 3. Henri Hubert, Marcel Mauss and Sacrifice Dr Nick Allen talks to Tim Howles about his chapter 'Using Hubert and Mauss to think about Sacrifice' Nick Allen, Tim Howles 27 Jan 2014
4 Creative Commons 4. Human Sacrifice in the Mesoamerican Cultures Dr Laura Rival talks to Tim Howles about her chapter 'The Aztec Sacrificial Complex' Laura Rival, Tim Howles 27 Jan 2014
5 Creative Commons 5. Sacrifice in the Vedic Religions Professor Gavin Flood talks to Tim Howles about his chapter 'Sacrifice as Refusal' Gavin Flood, Tim Howles 27 Jan 2014