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Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics

A selection of seminars and special lectures on wide-ranging topics relating to practical ethics. The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics was established in 2002 with the support of the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education of Japan. It is an integral part of the philosophy faculty of Oxford University, one of the great centres of academic excellence in philosophical ethics.

# Episode Title Description People Date
101 Counter-terrorism and its Ethical Hazards Since the terrorist attacks by Islamic militants upon the US and UK in the early 2000s, a host of anti-terrorist measures have been introduced which raise conceptual and ethical issues that have serious implications for practical politics. Tony Coady 14 Jun 2012
102 Creative Commons Philosophical Theory and the Justification of Terrorism There is widespread belief that terrorism can never be morally justified, ut this belief is not widespread amongst philosophers; they offer a variety of justifications for some terrorist acts. Tony Coady 06 Jun 2012
103 Creative Commons St Cross Seminar: Informing Egg Donors of the Potential for Embryonic Research Schaefer is currently reading for the B.Phil in Philosophy at Oxford. His interests lie in moral philosophy, especially applied ethics, as well as political philosophy and personal identity and he has a background in research ethics. G Owen Schaefer 30 May 2012
104 Creative Commons Geoengineering: Science, politics and ethics An introduction to geoengineering, covering the broad range of issues raised by the emergence of climate engineering as a response to climate change. Clive Hamilton 23 May 2012
105 Creative Commons The Ethics of Entertainment: a case study of Popular Cinema in China and India Karanjeet de Feo-Giet's thesis focuses on contemporary Chinese and Indian entertainment films in Mandarin and Hindi and their roles in communicating ideas about identity and Asian-ness today. Karanjeet de Feo-Giet 10 May 2012
106 Creative Commons Lecture: Rumour, conspiracy theory and propaganda David Coady is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Tasmania. He is the author of What to Believe Now: Applying Epistemology to Contemporary Issues and the editor of Conspiracy Theories: The Philosophical Debate. David Coady 16 Apr 2012
107 St Cross Seminar HT12: Cooperation, altruism and cheating in micro-organisms Santorelli is a research fellow in the Zoology department, University of Oxford. He is interested in investigating the evolution of cooperative behaviors of macro and microorganisms. Lorenzo Santorelli 27 Feb 2012
108 Foundations of Rights of Access to the Benefits of Science in International Law Professor Aurora Plomer is Chair in Law and Bioethics at the University of Sheffield. Aurora Plomer 08 Feb 2012
109 Creative Commons EU ban on hESC Patents: A Threat to Science and the Rule of Law In this talk, Professor Plomer (Chair in Law and Bioethics, University of Sheffield) argues that, from a legal perspective, the EU ban on hESC patents is seriously flawed. Aurora Plomer 23 Jan 2012
110 2nd St Cross Seminar MT11: Dr Margaret Yee Whose Ethics? Six Principles and Six Guidelines determinative of a superior ethics. Note: due to a technical issue the first ten minutes of the presentation are missing. Margaret Yee 08 Dec 2011
111 Bio-ethics Bites: Onora O'Neill on Trust Onora O'Neill, formerly principal of Newnham College, Cambridge, has been thinking about the issue of 'trust': trust is vital in most areas of human interaction - but nowhere more so than in health and medicine. Onora O'Neill 01 Sep 2011
112 Creative Commons 2nd St Cross Special Ethics Seminar TT11: Museum Ethics Museum Ethics. Nick Mayhew 29 Jun 2011
113 Creative Commons Human Rights vs Religion? Professor Roger Trigg gives the St Cross Special Ethics Seminar, Trinity Term 2011. Roger Trigg 20 Jun 2011
114 Savulescu interview: Moral Enhancement Nigel Warburton interviews Julian Savulescu on the topic of moral enhancement. Nigel Warburton, Julian Savulescu 01 Jun 2011
115 Creative Commons Prioritarianism, Levelling Down and Welfare Diffusion Lecture and discussion from Professor Ingmar Persson (Gothenburg University), the discussant is Derek Parfit (Oxford). Ingmar Persson, Derek Parfit 28 Mar 2011
116 Creative Commons New Imaging Evidence for the Neural Bases of Moral Sentiments: Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour 2nd Annual Wellcome Lecture in Neuroethics, given by Professor Jorge Moll on 18th January 2011 on the subject of new evidence for Neural bases for moral sentiments. Jorge Moll 28 Mar 2011
117 Creative Commons Hug me daddy I hate you: the ethical challenges of a C21 business Dr Mick Blowfield, Fellow of St Cross College, gives the second St Cross Special Ethics Seminar on The Ethical Challenges of 21st Century Businesses. Mick Blowfield 22 Mar 2011
118 Creative Commons Good Intentions and Political Life: Against Virtue Parsimony: St Cross Special Ethics Seminar Dr Adrian Walsh delivers a St Cross College Lecture entitled Good Intentions and Political Life: Against Virtue Parsimony. Adrian Walsh 24 Jan 2011
119 Unfit for Life: Genetically Enhance Humanity of Face Extinction A St Cross Special Ethics Seminar - If we are to avoid annihilation, we must either alter our political institutions, severely restrain our technology or change our nature (22 February 2010). Julian Savulescu 03 Mar 2010
120 The Flipside of Scientific Freedom Scientists have always had to contend with the idea that their research may be misused. The problem, weighing scientific freedom of inquiry against the possibility that research could be used for harm, is known as the 'dual-use dilemma'. Tom Douglas 12 Aug 2009
121 Julian Savulescu's Monash Distinguished Alumni Julian Savulescu and the other Monash Distinguished Alumni discuss how Monash University has influenced their careers. Julian Savulescu 30 Jun 2009