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Malaria is an endemic disease in much of the world, and is a major contributor to child and infant mortality in many countries. Our malaria podcasts describe efforts by NDM clinicians and scientists, in Oxford and around the world, to treat and prevent malaria, including vaccine development, parasitology, and improved treatment for severe malaria, with the aim to lessen the disease burden on some of the world's most vulnerable people.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons 115 years of malaria in Africa 115 years of malaria data collected in Africa gives the most detailed picture yet of where efforts to control malaria infection are being won and lost across the continent. Bob Snow 11 Oct 2017
2 Creative Commons Malaria control in Africa Professor Bob Snow from our KEMRI-Wellcome programme in Nairobi, Kenya, tells us how his research brings together epidemiological profiles and government policies to maximise malaria control programmes in Africa Bob Snow 12 Apr 2017
3 Creative Commons Malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong sub-region Dr Lorenz von Seidlein from our MORU unit in Bangkok, Thailand, tells us about his research on malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong sub-region Lorenz von Seidlein 12 Apr 2017
4 Creative Commons Optimising malaria treatment Dr Georgina Humphreys coordinates the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN) study groups by encouraging partner engagement and managing the data curation and development of publications. Georgina Humphreys 14 Dec 2016
5 Creative Commons Finding the best malaria treatments Dr Mehul Dhorda heads the Asia Regional Centre of the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance Network (WWARN). Mehul Dhorda 02 Nov 2016
6 Malaria in Kenya There is a great need for better treatments for malaria and for a preventative malaria vaccine. Philip Bejon 28 Apr 2016
7 Malaria in pregnancy In pregnant women, severe malaria is responsible for high maternal mortality, and uncomplicated malaria results in in high morbidity. Rose McGready 04 Feb 2016
8 Sharing data to fight malaria Over 250 Institutions participate in the effort of sharing data on the efficacy of antimalarial drugs, which involves standardising and re-analysing data. Philippe Guérin 02 Dec 2015
9 Creative Commons Artemisinin Resistance Artemisinins are very poweful tools in the treatment of malaria, and the emerging loss of their activity has the potential to create a major public health problem. Charlie Woodrow 05 Oct 2015
10 Creative Commons Getting the dose right Too high a dose can result in toxicity and side-effects, too low a dose can cause the illness to come back and at worse develop resistance. Joel Tarning 28 Jul 2015
11 Between research and humanitarian Between research and humanitarian Francois Nosten 10 Dec 2014
12 Creative Commons Artemisinin therapy for malaria by Professor Nick White Professor Nick White talks about the future of artemisinin and other drug therapies for malaria. Nick White 18 Jun 2013
13 Can we block malaria transmission Dr Sumi Biswas talks about the development of a vaccine aimed at the mosquito stage of the malaria parasite cycle. Sumi Biswas 07 May 2013
14 Creative Commons Malaria Vaccines Professor Adrian Hill talks about recent developments of vaccines against malaria. Adrian Hill 18 Oct 2010
15 Creative Commons Tropical Medicine in Kenya Professor Kevin Marsh tells us about his research on Tropical Medicine in Kenya. Kevin Marsh 19 Jul 2011
16 Creative Commons Malaria and Global Health Dr Climent Casals-Pascual tells us how new tools can help us diagnose and manage malaria more effectively. Climent Casals-Pascual 02 Nov 2010
17 Creative Commons The treatment of severe malaria Professor Arjen Dondorp tells us about his work on severe malaria and the development of new therapies. Arjen Dondorp 21 Feb 2012
18 Creative Commons Progress in Malaria Vaccine Research Dr Simon Draper tells us about his progress in malaria vaccine research. Simon Draper 11 Sep 2012
19 Creative Commons Malaria vaccine for P. vivax Dr Arturo Reyes-Sandoval tells us about his research on a vaccine against Plasmodium vivax. Arturo Reyes-Sandoval 19 Jun 2012