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Claudio Ruffman

Series featuring Claudio Ruffman

  • OPDC: Progress in Parkinson's Research.
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Overview of the OPDC Cohort day Short video highlighting the key research that was being discussed during the OPDC Cohorts day Richard Wade-Martins, Michele Hu, Tom Barber, Claudio Ruffman 05 Jul 2016
2 Alph-Synuclein - What's it all about? Dr Claudio Ruffman discusses his research into the protein, Alpha-Synuclein, which is crucial in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's Claudio Ruffman 05 Jul 2016
1 Creative Commons Neuropathology: the CSI of Parkinson's Disease The crucial role of Brain Donation to understand the mechanisms underlying Parkinson's disease Claudio Ruffman 21 May 2015