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Global Health

Translational research in NDM has a truly worldwide impact, with scientists and clinicians investigating epidemiology, treatment, and prevention of disease on a global scale. Our podcasts on Global Health illuminate this work, and discuss research conducted in Oxford and around the world to better understand and manage emerging and endemic diseases.

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Molecular diagnosis and bacterial genotyping Dr Janjira Thaipadungpanit from our MORU unit in Bangkok, Thailand, tells us about her research on molecular diagnosis and bacterial genotyping Janjira Thaipadungpanit 12 Apr 2017
2 Creative Commons Biomarkers for tropical diseases Dr Markus Winterbert from our MORU unit in Bangkok, Thailand, tells us about his research on biomarkers for tropical diseases Markus Winterberg 12 Apr 2017
3 Creative Commons MORU Biosafety Level 3 and melioidosis in Thailand Premjit Amornchai from our MORU unit in Bangkok, Thailand, tells us about her work as biosafety level 3 lab manager and microbioogy safety officer Premjit Amornchai 12 Apr 2017
4 Creative Commons Mapping bacterial antibiotic resistance Dr Olga Tosas-Auguet from our unit in Kenya tells us about her research on mapping bacterial antibiotic resistance Olga Tosas-Auguet 17 Feb 2017
5 Creative Commons Bacterial infections in Laos David Dance from our LOMWRU unit in Laos tells us about his research on bacterial infections in Laos, particularly melioidosis David Dance 10 Feb 2017
6 Creative Commons Outbreak, the clinical research response Dr Gail Carson is Head of ISARIC Coordinating Centre (International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium), a network of networks established in 2011 to ensure a rapid research response to outbreaks of pandemic potential. Gail Carson 14 Dec 2016
7 Creative Commons Fighting malaria in Myanmar Professor Frank Smithuis is the director of MOCRU, Myanmar Oxford Clinical Research Unit. MOCRU involves a network of 6 clinics and 650 community health workers in remote areas. Frank Smithuis 14 Dec 2016
8 Creative Commons Poor quality medicines LOMWRU researchers conduct clinical research to help improve global, regional and Lao public health. They focus on infectious diseases, and also investigate diseases of nutrition and poverty. Paul Newton 30 Nov 2016
9 Creative Commons High altitude illness Director of OUCRU-Nepal, Dr Buddha Basnyat studies high altitude illness as well as undifferentiated febrile illness in the tropics, both common but neglected problems in Nepal. Buddha Basnyat 02 Nov 2016
10 Creative Commons Infectious diseases in Indonesia Professor Kevin Baird leads our Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Kevin Baird 02 Nov 2016
11 Creative Commons Introducing Mesh: The Global Health Network's Community Engagement Webspace This webinar features introductions from Francois Van Loggerenberg, scientific lead at the Global Health Network, and community engagement consultant Georgia Bladon to the community engagement platform Mesh. Francois van Loggerenberg, Georgia Blazon 31 Oct 2016
12 Creative Commons Modelling bacterial drug resistance Professor Ben Cooper from MORU in Thailand uses mathematical modelling and statistical techniques to help understand the dynamics of infectious disease and evaluate potential control measures. Ben Cooper 01 Jul 2016
13 Creative Commons Epidemiology and malaria elimination Dr Richard Maude's work combines clinical studies, descriptive epidemiology and mathematical modelling of malaria in South and Southeast Asia. Richard Maude 01 Jul 2016
14 Why data management matters Naomi’s work focuses on supporting researchers to collect, clean and store research data. Naomi Waithira 02 Jun 2016
15 Malaria laboratory at MORU Dr Kesinee Chotivanich's laboratory provides facilities and resources to researchers, students, and collaborators who are interested in tropical diseases, with the aim to improve patients’ care. Kesinee Chotivanich 02 Jun 2016
16 Microbiology in the tropics The Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit (COMRU) is based in Siem Reap, northern Cambodia, which remains one of the poorest countries in South East Asia with extremely limited health services. Paul Turner 28 Apr 2016
17 Microbiology research in SE Asia Dr Direk Limmathurotsakul's research focuses on the epidemiology of melioidosis, a bacterial infection caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei. Direk Limmathurotsakul 28 Apr 2016
18 Tropical neonatology Dr Claudia Turner heads the clinical research program at the Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit (COMRU), in collaboration with the Angkor Hospital for Children. Claudia Turner 27 Apr 2016
19 Global health informatics Dr Chris Paton studies the use of open-source Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, online learning and mobile technology to improve healthcare delivery in low-resource settings. Chris Paton 27 Apr 2016
20 Dengue diagnosis and management With 390 million infections occuring each year, dengue is the most important mosquito-borne viral infection, and no vaccine is currently available. Bridget Wills 27 Apr 2016
21 Creative Commons The ethics of research Identifying and addressing ethical issues are key to the success of any clinical trials, particularly when working with vulnerable populations. Phaik Yeong Cheah 05 Oct 2015
22 Creative Commons Science and Society In settings with high level of poverty and over-stretched health services, researchers have even greater responsibilities to the communities and study participants. Vicki Marsh 05 Oct 2015
23 Creative Commons The economics of tropical diseases Economics and health are interlinked in many ways, as seen in the vicious cycle between poverty and ill health. Yoel Lubell 28 Jul 2015
24 Enteric fever Dr Christiane Dolecek speaks about the research on enteric fever she conducted in Vietman and Nepal Christiane Dolecek 20 May 2015
25 Pneumococcal diseases Genetics and genomics of Streptococcus pneumoniae Angela Brueggemann 10 Dec 2014
26 Better hospitals for children Oxford Health Systems Research Collaboration (OHSCAR) Mike English 10 Dec 2014
27 Health systems research Governance in practice Sassy Molyneux 10 Dec 2014
28 Creative Commons Childhood Nutrition and Immunity Dr Jay Berkley tells us about his work on childhood nutrition and immunity in East Africa. Jay Berkley 25 Sep 2012
29 Creative Commons Genomics and Global Health Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski talks about his work on global health, how genomics can help us fight infections such as malaria. Dominic Kwiatkowski 24 Nov 2011
30 Creative Commons Infectious diseases in China Dr Tao Dong tells us about her collaborations in China on infections such as HIV, flu and Hepatitis B. Tao Dong 06 Mar 2012
31 Creative Commons Rift Valley Fever Dr George Warimwe talks about his research on Rift Valley Fever. George Warimwe 31 Jul 2012
32 Creative Commons MedicineAfrica Dr Alexander Finlayson tells us how MedicineAfrica aims to bring healthcare professionals around the world in a global expert network. Alexander Finlayson 29 Apr 2013
33 Dengue Infection Dr Kerstin Luhn talks about her research on Dengue infection. Kerstin Luhn 29 May 2012
34 Rickettsial Disease Rickettsial Disease Daniel Paris 10 Dec 2014
35 Infectious diseases in South East Asia Infectious diseases in South East Asia Nick Day 10 Dec 2014
36 Microbiology in Thailand Microbiology in Thailand Stuart Blacksell 10 Dec 2014