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Proving the Negative (PTNPod): Swanning About in Cyber Security

Are you curious about cyber security? Super into safeguarding? Crackers about compliance? Perhaps you're just tired of making new passwords all the time...
If you are looking for new and interesting ways to think about security, this is the podcast for you. Co-hosts Arianna and Claudine talk to cyber security researchers about the difficult (and very real) problems they are trying to solve. From online hate to hacking voice assistants with nonsense words, we showcase thinkers and doers from the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford.
We use black swans as a sort of inside joke - people don't often come face to face with black swans, but they DEFINITELY exist. A lot of folks won't have to deal with a cyber security incident, but they happen! PTNPod keeps the message positive, and pro-active. Come and join us as we swan about with friends in a limited episode run for Spring 2022.

# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Creative Commons Rethinking Risk Sometimes threats come from inside the system (content warning: intimate partner violence). Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Julia Slupska 10 May 2022
4 Creative Commons The Kids aren’t OK Designing and building apps to protect children and young folk from data harms. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Anirudh Ekambaranathan 20 Apr 2022
3 Creative Commons Technospheres Political influence and the trading power of surveillance and censorship technologies. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Valentin Weber 20 Apr 2022
2 Creative Commons Networks of Hate Exploring how hate groups use, lose and abuse social media networks. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman, Fatima Zahrah 20 Apr 2022
1 Creative Commons Intro Welcome to Proving the Negative, a podcast exploring the wide wonderful world of cyber security research. Arianna Schuler Scott, Claudine Tinsman 20 Apr 2022