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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Of parasites, dinosaurs, and other model animals Elaine Charwat has been on a journey into the attic storerooms behind the scenes of the Museum to discover 19th-century wax models of parasites. Elaine Charwat, Mark Carnall, Péter Molnár 11 Nov 2020
2 Welcome and Introduction Shelagh Vainker, Curator of Chinese Art and Exhibition Curator, gives the first talk in the symposium. Shelagh Vainker 13 Jan 2020
3 Fashioning Africa at Brighton Museum ASC seminar by Edith Ojo (Brighton based arts freelancer) & Nicola Stylianou (MoDa, Middlesex University) Edith Ojo, Nicola Stylianou 08 Nov 2018
4 Creative Commons Aruna Bhaugeerutty on Open Museum Collections Aruna Bhaugeerutty, Manager of Digital Collections at the Ashmolean Museum, talks about the Museum’s efforts to open up its collections to a wider audience via interactive online platforms. Aruna Bhaugeerutty 09 Jul 2015
5 Creative Commons Collective Memory and Conflict Representation: War and Peace in Colombian Museums This paper studies some Colombian museums that are reflecting upon war. Andrés Pardo Rodriguez 30 Sep 2014
6 Creative Commons Designed to Kill : The Difficult Study of Military Design Design is perceived by most as a positive concept meant to improve people lives. But it is first a means to answer efficiently a specific purpose. How can we morally accept that the act of killing led to the development of an important design industry? Marie-Anne Michaux 30 Sep 2014
7 Ukiyo-e to Emoji: Museums in the Digital Age Martin Roth, director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, delivers the annual TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) open lecture at the DHOxSS 2014. Martin Roth 04 Aug 2014
8 Beyond Digital Humanities: Skills, Application and Collaboration A thought-provoking closing keynote given by Melissa Terras, University College London, at DHOxSS 2014. Melissa Terras 24 Jul 2014
9 Conclusion - taking iPads and tablets into the classroom In this film, Adrian and Helen give their personal reflections on the apps and how iPads and tablets can be best integrated into classroom art teaching as well as museum visits. Helen Ward, Adrian Brooks 23 Jul 2014
10 Brushes 3 - Creating a visual masterpiece on an iPad Brushes 3 is a dynamic, versatile drawing app with many features that you would expect to find on a sophisticated photo editing package. Adrian explains how it can benefit student work and how to get started with making your own art. Adrian Brooks 23 Jul 2014
11 123d Catch - creating 3D images with an iPad or tablet 123d Catch is a piece of 3D modelling software that allows you to create high quality, rotating 3D images on an ipad by taking a series of pictures around the object. This short video explains how to get started. Adrian Brooks, Tim Dobson, Helen Ward 23 Jul 2014
12 Pic Collage - gathering, researching and editing on a tablet This short film gives an overview of the Pic Collage app. Pic Collage allows the user to collect images, collate and edit them and then export for further work. Helen Ward explains more. Helen Ward, Adrian Brooks 23 Jul 2014
13 Introduction - iPads as a learning and research tool In this short introductory video, Helen and Adrian outline the key aims of the series of films and start to explain how iPads and tablets can effectively be used in a museum visit or in a classroom. Adrian Brooks, Helen Ward 22 Jul 2014
14 Creative Commons Mercator: The Man who Mapped the Planet Geographer, explorer, writer and broadcaster Nicholas Crane talks about the inspirations behind his book on Gerard Mercator. Nicholas Crane 02 Jul 2012
15 Creative Commons Christopher Brown and Malcom Rogers in conversation Malcolm Rogers and Dr Brown, the Director of the Ashmolean Museum, will discuss and compare their experiences of overseeing the extensive renovations of the Ashmolean Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Christopher Brown, Malcom Rogers 19 Jun 2012
16 Creative Commons Malcolm Rogers: The Art Museum in the 21st Century Malcolm Rogers (Ann and Graham Gund Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) delivers a lecture as Visiting Professor in Museums Galleries and Libraries. Malcolm Rogers 19 Jun 2012
17 Shrunken Heads at the Pitt Rivers Museum The display of shrunken heads at the Pitt Rivers Museum fascinates many visitors. In this podcast, Dr Laura Peers, curator, explains where they come from, why they were made, and the curatorial issues involved in displaying them. Laura Peers 24 Jun 2011
18 Introduction (4) to the Pitt Rivers Museum Writing cabinet and boats. Andrew McLellan, Kate White 21 Jun 2011
19 Introduction (3) to the Pitt Rivers Museum Lights and folk. Andrew McLellan, Kate White 21 Jun 2011
20 Introduction (2) to the Pitt Rivers Museum A sense of discovery. Andrew McLellan, Kate White 21 Jun 2011
21 Introduction (1) to the Pitt Rivers Museum A guide to the unique displays of this intimate museum. Andrew McLellan, Kate White 21 Jun 2011
22 The Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Natural History An introduction to the Ashmolean Museum and the Museum of Natural History. Oxford University 12 Sep 2008
23 Creative Commons Anglo-Saxon Tour - British Museum Enhanced Podcast Tour of the Anglo-Saxon exhibits on display at the British Museum by Dr S. D. Lee, Faculty of English, University of Oxford, 27th April 2007. Stuart Lee 26 Apr 2007